Easter gifts: homemade Easter baskets.

Creative ideas for making Easter baskets & gifts

A homemade Easter basket is the perfect place to store treasures from your Easter egg hunt or for wrapping a nice gift in. DIY Easter baskets are not expensive and they are very quick to make, cheap, and they look simply amazing. We have put together two different DIY ideas for Easter baskets with detailed instructions. We have also put together some ideas for children’s Easter gifts.

Creative ideas on how to make an Easter basket

Creatively wrapped gifts are fun to make and also to give away. Whether you’re putting together an Easter nest for your children or creating a basket as a gift box for family and friends, you can let your imagination run wild and create lovely and unique pieces of art.

Making your own origami Easter basket

The “Origami Easter Basket” is an amazing craft idea and it can easily be made last minute. You will only need a few things to make this modern looking Easter basket.

These are the materials you will need to make an origami Easter basket:

  • A3 size craft paper

  • A pair of scissors & glue


You can use an A4 sheet if you would like to make a smaller Easter basket. Don’t choose paper that is too thick as it will be difficult to fold.

How to make an origami Easter basket:

  1. Take a square sheet or cut an A3 sheet into squares. Fold it twice diagonally, then again like a book and finally once with the bottom edge against the top edge. You should end up with a star-shaped fold in the middle.

  2. Next, fold the sheet so that the two ends of the vertical centre line touch. It should look like a rhombus on both sides. Now press the two outer tips towards the centre to form a triangle.

3. Fold the tip of the triangle once up towards the middle of the long side. Then fold the tip back again. Now fold the corner up to the crease that you have just made.

4. Next, take the top layer of the right corner. Look for the edge of the smaller triangle and use it to fold the right corner towards the middle. Repeat this step with the left corner and then unfold them again.

5. Turn the triangle over and repeat step 4 on this side as well.

6. Now unfold the entire triangle. There should be many squares shaped creases in the middle of the sheet. Take the smallest one and carefully fold it upwards. You should now be able to see small triangular pockets at all four corners.

Easter nest – an origami Easter basket.

7. Fold the protruding pockets towards the middle and interlock the tips. Next, fold the protruding triangle inwards and secure it with glue if necessary.

8. Finally, use some bits of cut out paper to make the ears and glue them to the inside of the basket. You can find a template for the bunny ears in our Easter craft guide. Now your homemade Easter basket is ready to go!


If you like origami, you can find another origami craft ideas for Easter in the following article ‘Easter cards’.

Making an Easter gift bag

Our gift bag is a great way to wrap gifts. Whether with a cute Easter bunny or a sweet little baby chick this Easter nest is quick to make and it can also be easily customised. The gift wrapping is suitable for souvenirs, sweets and dyed Easter eggs.

Making an Easter nest - wrapping gifts for your family in an Easter gift bag.

You will need the following materials to make an Easter gift bag:

  • A paper bag

  • Patterned paper

  • White, yellow, orange and pink craft paper

  • A black pen

  • A pair of scissors & glue

  • Ribbon, clips and other decorative items

Step-by-step guide on how to make an Easter gift bag:

  1. Start with the paper bag and the craft paper. Use the bag as a stencil and draw around it with a pencil. Now measure 3 mm inside from the edge and draw a second smaller rectangle. Cut this out and stick it onto the paper bag.

  2. Use the white craft paper for the ‘Easter bunny’ shape and the yellow craft paper for the ‘Easter chick’ shape. You can find both templates for the Easter bunny and the chick in our Easter craft sheet. Trace the pattern and cut out the shapes.

Easter craft template - these are the materials you will need to make some Easter gift bags.

3. Glue the head that you have cut out from the template onto the craft paper and add the facial features. For the bunny cut out 2 circles and 2 ovals from the pink craft paper, which you can then use for the cheeks and inner parts of the ears. You can use the orange craft paper to make a beak for the chick.

4. Now all that's missing are the eyes and a cute nose. Carefully paint these on to finish off your homemade Easter gift bags.

Easter gift ideas for children

In addition to the colourful eggs and delicious sweets, the nest should also have a couple of small Easter gifts for children. Below we have put together a small list of Easter gift ideas for boys and girls.

  • Easter themed biscuit cutters

  • An Easter themed puzzle

  • A new card game for the whole family

  • A board game for the whole family

  • A science kit

  • A construction kit

  • An audiobook


Easter, like Christmas, is a family celebration and offers many crafting opportunities to do with the children.

Tip: Creatively wrapping small Easter gifts

T-shirts, trousers, socks and scarves can easily be wrapped in a child-friendly way. New clothes will become a highlight for children with this wrapping.

By following our step-by-step wrapping guide below, you can make an Easter bunny out of a t-shirt or jumper.

  1. Start with the t-shirt or jumper that you would like to wrap. Fold in both sleeves and then roll the garment diagonally into a long, narrow roll. For rectangular items, such as scarves or towels, fold them into a triangle and then roll them up from the long side to the tip of the triangle.

  2. Now take both ends and put them together. Wrap an elastic band around the bottom third of the folded item of clothing.

  3. Now fold the longer end back towards the body of the Easter bunny and put another elastic band around the entire bunny at about the same height as the first band. This forms the head.

  4. Pull the two ends upwards to form little ears. Lastly, add some googly eyes and a bow to cover the elastic bands.

Conclusion: Making Easter baskets for your small Easter gifts

Let your imagination run wild and get creative by making a homemade Easter basket for an Easter nest for your children or fill it with some small gifts for your family or friends.Creatively wrapping gifts is not only fun, but it will also get you into the Easter spirit.

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