Easter craft ideas – creative craft ideas to keep children occupied during the Easter holidays.

Fantastic Easter craft ideas for the whole family

Easter is a great time for getting creative as well as designing and crafting new things.Making crafts with lots of bright colours at Easter time is great fun for young and old alike. There is so much choice such as dyeing Easter eggs, making decorations or filling Easter nests. Children particularly enjoy being creative and crafting. We have put together a few simple but creative DIY Easter craft ideas that you can do with your children.

You will find Easter themed designs and templates for our craft ideas on our craft sheet.

Easy Easter crafts - you only need a couple of things for our Easter craft ideas.


Easy Easter crafts: Making decorative Easter eggs out of salt dough

Salt dough is a staple craft material. It is versatile, quick and offers many design possibilities. We will show you how to make some stylish eggs out of salt dough. This craft idea is great fun for children. These decorative Easter eggs look great on a bouquet or in an Easter nest.

Easter craft ideas - decorations items for a salt dough Easter bouquet.

What you will need for salt dough Easter eggs:

  • 2 cups of flour

  • 1 cup of salt

  • 1 cup of water

  • Paper doily and/or crocheted cotton lace and/or old clothes with embroidery

  • Stamps, figures, etc.

  • A needle

  • Some string

Tip: Alternatively, you can use air-dry clay.


You can make many things out of salt dough. For example, you can make Easter bunny figures, egg shape cups or tea light holders.


  1. Start by kneading the flour, salt, and water into an elastic dough. For very young children it is recommended to do this in advance.

  2. Roll out the dough until it is about ½ cm thick.

  3. Take the paper doily, cotton lace or a piece of fabric and carefully press it into the dough. You can also make figurines and stamps out of the dough.

  4. Next, you need either an egg template (you can find one on our craft template) or an Easter egg cutter. Cut out as many eggs as possible. Collect the leftover dough and repeat the last steps until you have used up all the dough.

  5. Use the needle to poke a hole in the top of the Easter egg. Later you will need to thread a string through to hang it up.

DIY Easter crafts for children - homemade Easter bouquet with Easter themed pendants.

6. Place your eggs on a baking tray and leave them to dry for about an hour at 50°C for a convection/fan oven or at 60°C for a conventional oven. Wedge a wooden spoon in the oven door so that the air can circulate. Then close the oven and bake the egg-shaped pendants for about 50 minutes at 120°C in a convection/fan oven or at 130°C in a conventional oven. If you have a little more time, you can leave your eggs to air-dry for 2 days.

7. Let the eggs cool and then paint them with watercolours or scrape over the pattern with a wax crayon. Thread in the string to finish off your homemade Easter egg pendants.

Easy Easter crafts: Making hand-shaped animals

These fun hand-shaped animals are lots of fun to make and are also quick, easy, and great fun for young children. You can make a garland, turn them into creative Easter cards or use the colourful Easter animals as gift tags. You can also decorate the animals to your heart’s content using glitter, bows, feathers and so much more.

Making Easter bunnies - you can make Easter animals out of cute handprints.

You will need the following materials:

  • Yellow, orange, white, pink & black craft paper

  • Plastic googly eyes

  • Cotton wool

  • A small pompom or felt ball

  • A pair of scissors and glue


The older your child is, the more they will be able to do on their own. Try to motivate them to do it on their own and offer them some help when they need it.

Easy Easter crafts: 1. Making little chicks

  1. Start by taking a sheet of yellow craft paper. Use your child’s hand as a template and draw around it and then cut it out.

  2. Draw a small triangular beak and two small chick feet on the orange craft paper and cut them out.

  3. Glue a pair of googly eyes on the top part of the palm, add the beak and glue the legs on the back so they stick out and show on the front.

Easy Easter crafts: 2. Making an easter bunny

  1. To make an Easter bunny, you will need another piece of craft paper that matches the colour of the bunny. This doesn’t always have to be the classic white, grey or brown because in a child's imagination a bunny can be any colour. Get your child to make the peace sign with their hand (a clenched fist with their index and middle fingers sticking out) and draw around it together. Next, cut out the ‘rabbit’s head’.

  2. Draw two oblong ovals on a piece of pink craft paper that will fit into the Easter bunny’s ears. Carefully cut them out and glue them on.

  3. Now place two googly eyes in the middle of the head and pop a pompom or a felt ball underneath to make a nose. Draw a mouth and some whiskers and you’ve got your Easter bunny.

Easy Easter crafts: 3. Making an Easter lamb with your children

  1. Start with a sheet of black craft paper for the Easter lamb. Outline your child’s hand again and turn the shape around so that the fingers are pointing downwards.

  2. In our craft sheet, you will find a template for a lamb’s head. Print this out and use it as a template on a piece of black craft card and then carefully cut it out.

  3. Next, glue the head onto the furthest finger to the right. You now have the basic shape for your Easter lamb with a head and four legs.

  4. Glue small cotton wool pieces onto the palm of the hand. You can fluff the cotton wool up a bit to make the lamb even fluffier. Finally, all you need to do is stick on the two googly eyes.


When handling glue and knives make sure that your child doesn’t injure themselves.Make sure to offer your child help when you see that they are struggling with the more difficult steps.Ensure yousupervise your child closely when they are crafting.

Easy Easter crafts: Making Easter figures out of jam jars

Jam jars are not only environmentally friendly and practical, but they are also great for DIY projects. We have put together a fantastic craft idea for making some Easter bunnies out of jam jars. You can either use them as decorations or fill them with sweets and gifts and give them away to family and friends.

Easter craft ideas for children – making Easter bunnies out of jam jars.

This is what you need to make a jam jar Easter bunny:

  • Jam jar

  • Chalk paint for glass

  • Black marker pen

  • Oven modelling clay in different colours

  • Hot glue or nail glue


  1. Start off by thoroughly cleaning the jam jar. Then paint it with some glass chalk paint in your favourite colour. Now put it aside to let it dry. The glass may need a second coat after the paint has dried.

  2. Next, prepare the ears for the bunny. Knead the oven dough and once its soft roll it out until it is about 0.5cm thick. Use a pin to draw 2 bunny ears. You can also use our Easter craft template for this. Then trace the shape with a knife to cut out the two ears.

  3. To create a colour contrast, repeat step 2, but make the second pair of ears 3-5mm smaller than the first ones.

  4. Now place the smaller inner ear on top of the larger ear and press them together. Roll some smaller balls of clay, flatten them and place them on the rabbit’s inner ear. You can also bend the ears a little bit to create a natural look.

  5. Roll a small round nose and a bow out of the clay. Roll the clay out thinner and cut out a rectangle. Now carefully press the centres of the longer sides together to create the folds in the bow. Next roll a thin strip of clay around the middle and cut it off.

Easy Easter crafts ideas for children – the Easter jars are great for hiding sweets in.

6. All you need to for the Easter chick is to mould a yellow beak and cut out two little wings.

7. When all the dough pieces are ready to be baked follow the baking instructions as described above.

8. Paint a cute bunny face with whiskers on the front of the jar and glue the pieces of clay on with a hot glue gun or a nail glue.


You can also create amazing marbled effects with two different colours of clay. Choose a light and dark colour and roll them separately into long strips and then twist them together. For a light marbling effect use a main colour and then just a smaller amount of a contrasting colour.

Conclusion: Easter craft ideas for children

Our three creative craft ideas for children are great fun. The Easter holidays are the perfect opportunity to make some colourful decorations or small Easter gifts with your children. The Easter craft ideas will help to add the finishing touches to your Easter table decorations whilst getting the whole family into the Easter spirit. Give our three creative craft ideas a go over the Easter holidays, which are guaranteed to be lots of fun for the whole family!

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