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Our industry needs to change at a broader level, and that change starts with us.

At C&A we have a clear purpose: we inspire you every day to look, feel and do good. We want to offer our consumers high-quality, affordable, and stylish clothes that are manufactured in a more sustainable way.

We believe that business can be a force for good. Thus, sustainability plays an important role in our One C&A Growth Plan. To contribute positively and reduce negative impacts, we are pursuing a comprehensive sustainability strategy, in which we have clearly defined environmental and social goals. To reach those goals, we are also building alliances, work closely with industry partners and start-ups. We are convinced that operating in an open, transparent, and collaborative way will contribute to positive change and help our customers making more informed choices.

Our Sustainability Strategy

Our three strategic sustainability objectives are Renew & Restore, Innovate & Lead and Unite & Inspire. They form the foundation for our activities, which aim to minimize our environmental impact, push for more sustainable materials and circular fashion, and ensure decent working conditions and transparency.

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Sustainability Reports

Sustainability Reports

With our Sustainability Reports we aim to foster transparency around our progress. By giving insights into both, our successes and our challenges, we make transparent where we are and where we want to go. In the reports we share detailed information about ambitious goals, our performance as well as projects and collaborations with innovative industry partners and start-ups.

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Sustainability Reports

Sustainability Management

Our Global Sustainability Team works closely with other functions across the business to advance at C&A brand level, whilst recognizing ownership of locally relevant plans by the retail market teams.

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Sustainability Reports

Our Suppliers’ Factory List

We are committed to a high level of transparency and traceability in our supply chain. Over many years we developed relationships of trust with our suppliers. Building on that, we work closely with our suppliers to ensure our products achieve our quality expectations and are made in a way that is in line with our environmental and labor standards and industry best practices.

Our public disclosure on our supplier’s factories covers 100 % of all active cut & sew factories, printing and embroidery units, laundries, and dye houses.

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