Easter brunch – laying the table with table decorations for Easter.

Homemade Easter table decorations

Easter is the festival of the resurrection and the beginning of spring. It’s usually celebrated by the whole family with a large feast together on Easter Sunday. We have put together some modern ideas for table decorations and stylish DIY decorations to really get you in the mood for spring.

Homemade Easter decorations – creating a spring themed centrepiece

The centrepiece is, as the name suggests will be the highlight on your Easter themed decorated table. The stylishly decorated egg carton really brings together the two themes of Easter and the beginning of spring. This will help to get your guests in the mood for the occasion.

Easter brunch - the centrepiece is always the centre of attention when it comes to table decorations.

You will need the following Materials to make a ‘Spring themed table centrepiece’:

  • Egg carton

  • Eggshells

  • Quail eggs

  • Spring flowers

  • Soil

  • Candle wax (soy or paraffin wax) and wicks


When making your Easter decorations, make sure that the centrepiece is the right size for your table. For a small table any egg cartons with space for 4 to 6 eggs will be big enough.

How to create a spring themed table centrepiece:

You can be as creative as you like whilst designing your table centrepiece. Try using white, brown or brightly coloured eggs to add an extra touch of colour. You can also scatter small twigs or place them around the eggs. You could also add some colour to the egg carton. Pastel shades like soft green or light pink are perfect for an Easter theme.

To make some little candles in an eggshell start by melting the candle wax in hot water. While the wax is melting, measure and cut the wick generously so it is long enough to be knotted around a toothpick. Place the toothpick over the top of the egg so the wick sits in the centre. Lastly, simply pour the hot wax into the eggshell and leave it to set. You can place some soil and plants in the remaining eggshells.

Easter decorations – a fantastic modern decoration idea that will stand out.

Easter decorations – spring themed decorative jar

This stylishly spring themed decorated glass is a contemporary Easter design that’s easy to make at home. Like the centrepiece you can let your imagination run wild, for example, add some moss to the bottom of the jar and then make a nest out of small twigs and a bit of wire. You can finish it off by adding some quail eggs, a few feathers or flowers.

There are no limits when it comes to getting creative. You could plant a few spring flowers in the glass, add a colourful egg or use a candle. You can then either use the spring themed decorative jar as a table decoration or use it to decorate your living room.

Easter decorations  - you can either put place cards or little messages inside the cress egg heads.

Easter themed place cards

Easter themed place cards are a great way to finish off decorating your table for Easter. The little cress egg headsare a great decoration idea. They are easy to make as all you will need are some eggshells. Collect a few eggshells in the weeks leading up to Easter and fill them with some soil and then gently press them down.

Then sow the cress seeds and carefully water them. Make sure you keep the soil moist. Sow the cress at least 4 days before Easter to make sure that they are overgrown for a more natural look.

Natural-looking wooden balls go really well with the spring and Easter theme. It’s quick and easy to make an egg cup for the cress egg heads from the small wooden balls. This DIY decoration is also the perfect activity to do with your children. All you need to do is thread a piece of ribbon through the beads and then add a bow to finish.

Tip: You could type the name tags on a computer and then print them out instead of handwriting them. You could also add some stickers to make them look very trendy. These are ideal for table place cards.

Make your own Easter decorations – making wooden bunnies with your children.

Easter decorations – make your own Easter bunnies out of wooden balls

In addition to the very simple and stylish wooden bead egg cups, there are other creative ideas you can do using natural wooden balls. One idea is cuddly Easter bunnies, for which you need some wooden balls in two different sizes. Make sure the smaller wooden ball has a hole drilled through and the larger one has at least one hole drilled through it.

You will need some felt and string. Cut two oval shapes with pointy ends out of the felt and attach them together. Double up the string, pop the bunny ears through the loop in the string and then pull the string through the ball. Keep pulling the string through until the felt ears are lined up against the hole on the ball. The ears should be facing upwards. Now knot the string at the bottom and add some hot glue into the hole of the second ball. Push the knotted end of the string into the second ball.

Easter table decorations - cute Easter bunnies make great little presents.

Knot the end of the string several times to make it more secure. Knotting the string several times creates a thick and sturdy section that can be threaded more easily into the opening of the second ball. Finally, all you need is a little fluffy tail made using a pompom and voilà your Easter bunny is finished.

Conclusion: individually designed Easter themed table decorations

Natural materials make great table decorations as they look elegant and they will give your room a springlike look. You can use flowers, moss, small twigs and eggs in all shapes and colours to decorate your table for Easter. These Easter table decorations will wow your guests and get them into the Easter spirit.

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