Easter brunch - Set a table with table decorations for Easter.

Easter menu - DIY decoration and Easter recipes

Easter is the festival of the resurrection and the beginning of spring. It’s usually celebrated by the whole family with a large feast together on Easter Sunday. We have put together some modern ideas for table decorations and stylish DIY decorations to really get you in the mood for spring. We also give you Easter dinner ideas and show you a great recipe to follow.

Easter decorations - natural table decorations go great with Easter.


  • Easter Decoration – The Spring Centrepiece

  • Easter Decoration – The Spring Jar

  • Place cards for the Easter dinner

  • Easter bunnies made of wooden balls

  • Easter menu – Easter recipes and ideas

Easter decoration - Spring table decoration

Natural materials for table decorations look elegant and give a nice feeling of springtime. Early flowers, moss, small twigs and eggs in all shapes and colours are essential for Easter decorations. We give you some ideas for DIY decorations that will set the scene perfectly for your Easter menu.

Easter brunch - the centrepiece is the heart of the table decoration.

DIY Easter decorations - the spring centrepiece

Natural materials for table decorations look elegant and give a nice feeling of springtime. Early flowers, moss, small twigs and eggs in all shapes and colours are essential for Easter decorations. We give you some ideas for DIY decorations that will set the scene perfectly for your Easter menu.

Materials for the Easter decoration ‘Spring centrepiece’:

  • Egg carton

  • Eggshells

  • Quail eggs

  • Spring flowers

  • Soil

  • Candle wax (soy or paraffin wax) and wicks


Bear in mind that...

When making your Easter decorations, make sure that the centrepiece is the right size for your table. For a small table, egg cartons with space for 4 to 6 eggs will be plenty.


How to make it:

For the centrepiece of the table decoration, you can be as creative as you like. Try using white, brown or brightly coloured eggs to add an extra touch of colour. You can also scatter small twigs or weave them around the eggs. You could even add some colour to the egg carton too. Pastel shades like soft green or light pink are perfect for an Easter theme.

To make the cute little candles in the eggshell, melt the candle wax in hot water. While the wax is melting, measure and cut the wick generously so it is long enough to be knotted around a toothpick. Place the toothpick over the top of the egg so the wick sits in the centre. Lastly, simply pour the hot wax into the eggshell and let it set. You can place some soil and plants in the remaining eggs.

Easter decoration - the modern decoration idea that sets the stage perfectly.

Easter decoration – spring glass

The stylish spring glass is a contemporary Easter design that’s easy to make at home. Like the centrepiece, you can let your imagination run wild, for example, add some moss to the bottom of the jar and then make a cute nest out of small twigs and a bit of wire. You can top off the whole thing with quail eggs, a few feathers or flowers.

There are no limits to what you can do. You could plant a few spring flowers in the glass, add a colourful egg or use a candle. You can then either use the spring jar as a table decoration or use it to decorate your living room.

Easter food - you can place name cards or little messages in the cress egg.

Sweet place cards for Easter dinner

To top off your table decoration, matching table place names are a must. The little cress eggs make a cute decoration idea. To make them yourself, all you need are some eggshells. Collect a few in the weeks leading up to Easter. Fill the eggshells with a little soil and press them down lightly. Then sow the cress seeds and carefully water them. Make sure you keep the soil moist. Sow the cress at least 4 days before Easter to make sure that they are overgrown for a more natural look.

Natural-looking wooden balls fit perfectly with the spring and Easter theme. It’s quick and easy to make an egg cup for the cress eggs from the small wooden balls. This DIY decoration is also a perfect project to do with your children. All you need to do is tread a piece of ribbon through the beads. Then add a nice bow to finish.


Did you know that...

You can use a label printer instead of handwriting the name tags. The cool stickers are very trendy and are great for table place cards.


Make your own Easter decorations – make some wooden bunnies with your children.

Easter decoration – make your own cute Easter bunnies from wooden balls

In addition to the very simple and stylish wooden bead egg cups, there are other creative ideas you can do using natural wooden balls. One idea is cuddly Easter bunnies, for which you need wooden balls of two different sizes. Make sure the smaller wooden ball has a hole drilled through and the larger one has at least one hole drilled in it.

Easter table decorations - the cute bunnies are great as a small present.

You will need some felt and string. Cut two oval shapes with pointy ends out of the felt and attach them together. Double up the string, pop the bunny ears through the loop in the string and then pull the string through the ball. Keep pulling the string through until the felt ears are tight up against the hole in the ball. The ears should stand upwards. Now knot the string at the bottom and add some hot glue into the hole of the second ball. Push the knotted end of the string into the second ball. Knot the end of the string several times to make it more secure. Knotting the string several times creates a thick and sturdy section that can be threaded more easily into the opening of the second ball. Finally, all you need is a cute fluffy tail made from a pompom and the Easter bunny is ready.


Did you know that...

For a creative surprise at your Easter dinner, you can hide little rolled-up messages in an emptied-out egg. Your guests will have to break the egg to read the message. Ideas for fun Easter sayings can be found in the article ‘DIY Easter cards’.


The Easter menu - recipes and ideas for Easter dinner

Once the table decorations are in place, it’s time to think about the menu. There are many traditions surrounding Easter meals that you can take into account when planning.

Here we have written an overview of traditional dishes for the various holidays:

  • Good Friday: On Good Friday, a fish dish is prepared. Salmon, red bream, cod and trout are popular choices for Good Friday. You can serve it with pasta or with a delicious herb batter.

  • Easter Sunday: Easter Sunday usually begins with a lavish brunch. The family gets together and eats the painted eggs and the goodies that were baked on Holy Saturday. Roast lamb and hare are served for lunch or dinner.

Modern, light dishes are recommended on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. At the end of Lent on Easter Sunday and Monday, more substantial dishes are served.

Easter recipes – Easter dessert coconut-mango cream

After a hearty main course, a light Easter dessert is a great addition to your menu. A light dessert in a jar is a modern, quick to prepare dessert. Our coconut-mango cream is a fluffy and sweet final course of your menu, which evokes feelings of the coming summer days.

Easter dessert - A light dessert to end the Easter menu.

These are the ingredients you need for the Easter dessert ‘Coconut Mango Cream’:

  • 200g sour cream (or yoghurt for a lighter alternative)

  • 100g cream cheese

  • 100g low-fat quark

  • 30g icing sugar

  • 30g coconut flakes

  • 1 vanilla pod (or vanilla sugar)

  • 2 ripe mangoes

  • 1 lemon

The ingredients for the dessert are designed for 4 200ml dessert glasses.

How to prepare the Easter dessert:

1. Put sour cream, cream cheese, low-fat quark, icing sugar and the coconut flakes in a bowl. Then add the pulp of the scraped vanilla pod.

2. Whisk the ingredients together until smooth and divide evenly between the jars.

3. Peel the mango and remove the pulp from the stone. Then puree the pulp with the juice of the lemon and pour it over the coconut cream in the dessert glasses.

You can sprinkle coconut flakes over on top and chill it in the fridge until you are ready to eat it.

Tip: If you like it a little more colour, you can arrange the dessert in layers. We wish you bon appétit and a very happy Easter.

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