Happy Easter: Sending Easter wishes in a homemade Easter card.

Easter wishes & creative ideas for Easter cards

Family and friends will always appreciate loving messages at Easter time. You can make some fabulous individual homemade cards or why not get your children involved in this fun activity. This is the opportunity to get creative and show off your attention to detail. Below you will find some creative ideas for Easter cards as well as a step-by-step guide on how to make them. In this article you will also find some inspiration for Easter wishes or adding an Easter themed poem to your card.

Making Easter cards – 3 great DIY ideas

Sending Easter cards with messages and wishes has been a tradition for over 100 years. An Easter card is a great way to send a personal message to friends, family or work colleagues. To make sure your card is extra special here are three DIY ideas for unique Easter cards that you can make yourself or with your children. It’s the perfect opportunity to let off some creative steam and have lots of fun together.

How to make an Easter egg garland card

This colourful, quick and easy to make card with an egg garland is truly an Easter delight, which will amaze both young and old alike. In just a few simple steps you can send your best Easter wishes to your family and friends.

Easter cards: Colourful Easter eggs are a classic Easter design.

You will need the following:

  • 2 sheets of craft paper in A4 size

  • Coloured design paper with different patterns

  • A string and a needle

  • Alphabet rubber stamps or a fine point pen

  • A pair of scissors and glue


  1. Start by measuring out a 14 cm x 28 cm rectangle on a piece of craft paper.

  2. Cut out the rectangle and fold it once in the middle. This will form the base for your card.

  3. Nexttake the second sheet of craft paper and measure out a 14cm x 14cm square and then finally carefully cut it out.

  4. Now, using the design paper, draw an egg about 4 cm long or use our template sheet. Cut out the egg and use it as a template to cut out 4 to 5 more Easter eggs.

  5. Place the eggs on a solid surface such as on a piece of wood or in an egg carton and poke a hole in the top of the egg with a needle.

  6. Thread your string through the holes to make an Easter egg garland.

  7. Now take your 14cm square and glue the two ends of the string in the upper part so that the garland has a nice curve on the front.

  8. Stamp or write ‘Happy Easter’ on your card underneath the garland and finally glue the square onto the front of your folded card. You can now add a personal message to your card and then it is ready to be sent off.


You can vary the design of the Easter egg garland on your card to a preferred taste. For example, you could use colourful sugar paper as a base or change the size and shape of the card as you wish.

Send your Easter wishes in an origami Easter bunny card

This creative Easter card is the perfect choice for any origami fans. If you can’t get enough of the cute origami bunny, you can use it as a table decoration or for an Easter themed bouquet.

Making Easter cards: Quick and easy to make paper Easter bunny.

You will need the following:

  • Origami paper (or a square, thin piece of craft paper measuring 15 cm x 15 cm).

  • An A4 sheet of craft paper

  • Thin paper or tissue paper or felt

  • Narrow ribbon or a bow

  • A ballpoint pen

  • A pair of scissors & glue


  1. Start by making a triangle out of the origami paper by folding opposite tips towards each other.

  2. Place the triangle with the point facing upwards. Make a crease by folding it in the middle and touching the bottom right corner to the bottom left. Now unfold it leaving a visible crease in the middle

  3. Fold the long bottom edge up by about 2cm so it looks like a paper hat.

  4. Take the bottom right corner and fold it up to the top of the triangle. Repeat this step with the bottom left corner.

5. Next, fold the bottom tip of the square upwards and turn your origami bunny.

6. Now fold the upper tip inwards and your Easter bunny is nearly finished. It’s now time to draw a face.

7. After you have drawn a face, cut two small circles out of the thin paper, tissue paper, or felt and glue them onto the face. Your Easter bunny now has little chubby cheeks.

8. Lastly, fold the cardboard in half to make a card. Glue your cute origami bunny onto the card and decorate it with a bow.


The Easter season is a great time to make crafts such as cards, Easter nests or decorations with children.

Bouquet of flowers Easter card

This DIY card is a little more challenging to make, but it will look great. There are lots of ways to customise these cards and you can really get creative, for example, by changing the card colour, the background or the flowers.

DIY Easter card: An Easter card with a beautiful tulip bouquet motif.

You will need the following:

  • White, green, red, yellow and pink A4 sugar paper

  • Textured paper or white sugar paper

  • Double-sided 3D adhesive pads

  • Ribbon

  • Ballpoint pen or a thin felt tip pen

  • A pair of scissors and glue stick


  1. First cut out all the individual parts. To make seven flowers you will need 21 drop-shaped petals. Each flower needs to have the same coloured petals. You can find a template for the petals on our craft template. You will also need at least 11 thin, narrow stems. These should be about as long as an A5 sheet of paper.

  2. Choose any colour A4 sheet of craft card and fold it in half. This A4 craft card will form the base of your card. Next, fold the A4 textured paper in half to make an A5 size. Now measure 5 mm from the edge on each side and cut them off. Next glue the textured paper to the front of the blank Easter card.

  3. Attach the stems you made earlier to the bottom third of the card. Make sure you only glue the stems at the bottom. Trim some of the stems so that they are uneven and they look more natural.

  4. Next glue 3 petals together to form a flower, then place the finished flower on the stems. To create a 3D effect it is best to use double-sided 3D adhesive pads.

  5. Move a few stems that do not have flowers on them to make the bouquet look more realistic.

  6. There are a couple of ways you can write your Easter wishes. You could either handwrite them or you could print your Easter wishes onto a piece of white craft card. Next, draw a curved frame around your ‘Happy Easter’ and cut it out (you can find a template for the frame on our craft sheet). Your text should be no longer than 7 cm including the frame.

Easter wishes - decorate your card with an individual saying.

7. Draw an identical frame on a sheet of red cardboard but this time make it 4 to 6 mm wider and higher than the previous one. Next, stick the red frame onto the end of the flower stems and then the white frame with the text in the middle.

8. Finally add the finishing touches by making a bow out of ribbon and then stick it above the text on the stems of the tulips.


‘Happy Easter’ is traditionally wished on Easter Sunday or Monday. It’s best to send your card off in plenty of time to ensure that it arrives on time.

Adding a thoughtful Easter message

Whilst writing your Easter wishes make sure to think of a creative way to pass on your best wishes. One way to do this is to share some of your Easter traditions. Every family celebrates Easter differently and you can give a small insight into how you celebrate Easter. Alternatively, you could add a witty Easter saying or an Easter themed poem. Here are a couple of examples of Easter poems:

Once I saw the Easter Bunny
Come hop, hop, hop.
So I cried “Dear Bunny,
Will you stop, stop, stop?”
I ran to the window
To say “How do you do?”
But he shook his fluffy tail,
And said, “Happy Easter to you!”

The tulips in the garden
Are wearing yellow hats;
The Pussy willows by the brook
Have fur like any cats’.
The bee is honey hunting;
The robins chirp is gay;
And all the world is singing,
“Oh, Happy Easter day”

If you are writing a card for children, you should choose short and funny messages. Here are a couple of examples of funny “Happy Easter” sayings for children:

Peace and chocolate to all on this amazing long weekend – have a nice Easter!

Why did the Easter egg hide? Because he was a little chicken! Happy Easter from the Easter Bunny!

Conclusion: creative design ideas for Easter cards

Accompany your small Easter gift with a homemade Easter card. Get into the Easter spirit by filling your homemade Easter nest with a few colourful Easter eggs, a chocolate surprise and a small gift. Now all you have to do is get your pair of scissors and some glue and get started!

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