Easter gifts for children: a young girl collecting Easter eggs in a garden.

Easter gifts for children: how to find the perfect Easter gift for younger and older children as well as teenagers

At Easter, children turn into little detectives as they are on the lookout for Easter gifts at home or in the garden. The Easter gifts have carefully been hidden by their parents. There are other gift ideas that are ideal for children at Easter besides chocolate eggs. This article will give you an overview of great gift ideas for Easter gifts. There are also gift ideas for both big and small gifts, which can be given as a gift to younger and older children as well as teenagers.

Easter gifts for children: tips and traditions

Easter has a long tradition and various origins, which date back to ancient times, the Jewish Passover and it also has links to Christianity. One of the main themes at Easter is saying goodbye to winter and welcoming the new life which can been seen by plants and trees in spring. You can find out more about the origins of Easter in our article "Easter crafts and egg hunts - Where do Easter traditions come from".

At Easter lots of parents, grandparents or relatives like to surprise children with an Easter nest. In the nest there are not only colourful Easter eggs, but sometimes there are also lovingly wrapped gifts. When the weather is good then the gifts and Easter eggs are hidden somewhere outside, but in case it is snowing or raining then they are hidden around the house. When you are hiding the gifts make sure to take the age of the child into account. Make sure that the different hiding places are easier for younger children to find. If you notice that your child is having difficulties trying to find the Easter eggs and gifts, you can try and give them a couple of little hints. For older children you can use trickier hiding places.

The best Easter gifts for younger children aged 2 and over

Are you looking to surprise your child with a great gift for Easter? Then it’s best to get a gift based on their early development. This way, your gift will not only be fun, but it will also help your child to develop different skills.

Small Easter gifts for children: toddler playing with spade and bucket in a sandbox.

Gift ideas for outdoors

At Easter people are already starting to look forward to summer, which isn’t too far away. Therefore, it is the perfect occasion to give children some toys that they can play with in the garden. Small Easter gifts for children include egg-shaped pavement chalk, a soft ball or a new toy for the sandbox. If you would like to give your child a bigger gift for Easter then a swing set, trampoline or a wendy house would be ideal. Make sure to always check with the child’s parents first before buying larger gifts as they may need to clarify safety issues or available space. It is also recommended to discuss the costs before purchasing larger gifts. If a gift is quite expensive then a couple of family members could help out by chipping in.

If you would like to help your child develop their motor skills then gifts such as: scooters, tricycles and running bikes would be ideal. If the child enjoys being outside in the garden, then age-appropriate gardening tools are a great idea.


When young children are outside at any time of the year it is important that they are protected against the sun rays. A gift idea for younger children would be a new pair of sunglasses or a cap that they can then wear when they are outside to protect them from the sun.

Small Easter gifts for indoors

What goes better with Easter than colourful eggs? A great Easter gift for children would be a colouring set which they could use to colour in eggs. Not only will it help children to improve their creative skills, but once the egg is finished it can be hung up as a decoration. Another great gift idea would be picture books, where children can immerse themselves in new worlds with exciting stories about Easter. For younger children an Easter themed puzzle is also a great gift idea. Puzzles help young children to improve their concentration and observation skills. It is recommended to get younger children who are between the ages of two and three a puzzle with up to 20 pieces. Children from the age of four can do puzzles with up to 60 pieces.

Helpful Easter gift ideas

Lots of younger children will be getting ready for their first day at nursery. A great gift idea would be something they could take with them to nursery such as lunch box and a water bottle or a brand new backpack. You could also get them some nice clothes and put it in their Easter nest. You should ask their parents if you are not too sure about which size clothes they will need.


Easter gift bags are a great way for wrapping up Easter gifts. You can easily make your own Easter gift bags by following our tutorial guide.

The best Easter gifts for children aged between 6 and 10

To get the perfect gift for your child, you should get them something that they are interested in.

Easter gift ideas for outside

A magnifying glass or binoculars would be an ideal Easter gift for younger children as they enjoy exploring the world around them. They can use them to get a closer look at insects, plants and their surroundings. For children who enjoy pretending to be a spy a walkie-talkie would be the perfect gift. Playground equipment and ride on cars can are a lot of fun other great Easter gift ideas for outdoors would be a new bike, stilts, outdoor games. A bell or a bicycle helmet can also be given as a matching gift.

If your children enjoy being outside in the garden, then flower seeds or bulbs would be a great gift for them. Cress seeds are particularly popular as they grow quite quickly, and children can quickly see their hard work pay off. By growing their own plants, they can learn to take responsibility and improve their gardening skills.

Small Easter gifts for indoors

Creative children have a lot of fun with colourful Easter stickers, colouring books or Easter egg scratch pictures. Those who prefer to close their eyes and immerse themselves in fantasy worlds can be thrilled with an audio book. Easter themed biscuit cutters are ideal for children who enjoy baking. This is a great gift idea for your next baking afternoon.

Easter gifts for schoolchildren: some clothes and accessories from Paw Patrol and Frozen.

Useful Easter gifts for older children

Older children enjoy wearing clothes with their favourite cartoon characters on them as well as having a cool look for school. A new jumper especially in spring is an ideal Easter gift for boys and girls. To finish off their new outfit you can get them a new watch, which will help your children to keep track of time.

The best Easter gifts for teenagers

When choosing an Easter gift for teenagers make sure to choose carefully. Teenagers know what is currently trendy and what has gone out of fashion. To make sure you get the perfect gift you can find some gift ideas for Easter here.

Gift ideas for outside

A lot of teenagers are into sports like football, table tennis, badminton or basketball. You could get them something sport related as a gift for Easter. If they would like to improve their balance and coordination skills, then a wakeboards or rollerblades would be a great gift choice. If you would like to get them a larger gift, then you can get them a hoverboard or an e-scooter.

Gift ideas for inside

Indoor plants make great decorations for a bedroom, and they also contribute towards better air quality. Bluetooth speakers can also be stylish and practical at the same time, allowing teenagers to listen to their music anywhere. For those who prefer to sit back and enjoy a good book maybe a novel by their favourite author would be the ideal gift for Easter.

Easter gifts for teenagers: a group of friends watching a film together at the cinema.

Other Easter gift ideas for teenagers:

  • board games, such as Cluedo, Phase 10 or Exit games

  • electronic accessories such as a USB-Stick or a powerbank

  • memorabilia, for example clothes from Disney

  • vouchers, for the cinema or for their favourite shop

Conclusion: How to find the perfect Easter gift for children

At Easter, children look forward to opening the gifts in their Easter nest. The gifts don’t need to be expensive or big as small gifts can also be great fun. When choosing a gift for your children make sure to choose something that they are interested in. In addition, the age of the child should also be taken into account. You can use more difficult hiding places for older children, but make sure they aren’t too tricky for younger children. This will guarantee that your next Easter gift hunt will be a success.




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