Valentine's day outfit: inspiration for a valentine's day look.

Valentine's Day outfit: ideas for men and women

Soft and warm materials, romantic colours and elegant cuts are perfect for Valentine's Day. Many outfits can easily be adapted to suit your Valentine's Day plans - from a romantic candlelight dinner to a wintry walk. Get inspired by our date outfits for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's day look for men and women.

Outfit idea 1: Elegant outfits for women and men

Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner. Many couples plan something special, such as a visit to the theatre or an evening in a fine restaurant. Of course, dressing up is half of the fun. To style an elegant and romantic outfit, follow the tips below:

Date outfit ladies: romantic and playful midi dress.

Elegant outfits for ladies

  • Dresses: a midi- or maxi-length dress is a great choice for a stylish Valentine's Day look. Linen or wrap dresses are flattering, comfortable and suit every body type.

  • Elegant combinations: you can also create a perfect outfit for a candlelit dinner with an elegant top, for example, a chiffon blouse, a blouse with flounces or a high-quality knitted jumper r, in combination with a midi skirt or some fabric trousers.

  • Shoes: if you want to wear high heels with your date outfit despite winter temperatures and frost, you should choose shoes with a smaller and thicker heel and a non-slip sole. Ankle boots with a light block heel also support the ankle.

  • Coat: the straight lines of a blazer coat are perfect for styling an exciting androgynous look in combination with your glamorous outfit. For a feminine and more playful style, a fitted and slightly flared coat is the best choice.

  • Colours: you are very free in choosing the colour for an elegant date outfit and can choose between different nuances. Bordeaux red, emerald green, navy blue or black are not timeless classics of evening wear for nothing, as they look glamorous, confident and feminine. Cream and pastel tones such as beige, pink, or mint green, on the other hand, appear delicate and romantic.

  • Fabrics: satin, chiffon, velvet or lace are particularly glamorous materials and therefore ideal for an elegant date outfit. Garments with playful details such as lace or flounces are also suitable for a light, girly and yet elegant style.

Men's date outfit: smart combination of turtleneck sweater and jacket.

Elegant date outfits for men

  • Shirt and trousers: a pair of smart trousers or suit trousers is always a good choice to create an elegant look. You can't go wrong with a classy shirt in a muted colour.

  • Jumper instead of a shirt: if you don't want to look too overdressed t, you can use a high-quality fine-knit jumper or cardigan instead of a shirt.

  • Dress code: to avoid feeling too overdressed or uncomfortable in your Valentine's Day look, you should only wear a suit with a waistcoat and tie or bow tie if the dress code really requires it (e.g. at the opera).

  • Coat: remember that you also need a matching jacket or coat to go with your outfit. A peacoat is casual, yet elegant, however, if you want a slightly longer coat, the Chesterfield coat is a timeless classic.

  • Shoes: when choosing elegant shoes, it is worth keeping the winter weather in mind. If you wear dress shoes, they should have a firm sole and be waterproofed. Elegant, ankle-high winter models include brogue boots, jodhpur boots or chukka boots.


Consider the following… February, the temperature can still be cold, and they may even be snow in some regions. If you are planning to be outside for Valentine's Day, you should choose suitable footwear, for example, dressy ankle boots or boots with thick, non-slip soles.


Winter outfit: warm clothes for Valentine's Day.

Outfit 2: warm outdoor clothing for active couples

Do you plan to be outside on Valentine's Day? A warm outfit will let you enjoy the clear winter air on Valentine's Day with a walk, a carriage ride, or an ice-skating date. If you want to visit a cosy café or restaurant after a winter walk, a practical yet stylish outfit is the best choice. Our outfit ideas show how you can enjoy the cool February weather and still feel romantic:

Winter outfit: a knitted jumper and mini skirt with over-knee boots.

Women's Winter Date Outfits

  • Top and trousers: a soft, fine-knit jumper combined with a cosy cardigan is a good basis for a comfortable and stylish date outfit. Trousers and jeans are more casual, while fabric trousers s can make the date outfit a little more elegant.

  • Dress or skirt: dresses and skirts can also be styled for winter and are very changeable if you decide to go to a café or restaurant after your adventure. With sturdy ankle boots or (over-knee) boots, thermal tights and a thick winter jacket, you can brave any weather in skirts and dresses.

  • Fabrics: use warm or more robust materials such as knitwear, denim, bouclé or (suede) leather to be ready for cooler temperatures.

  • Coat: you can put together a casual winter outfit in no time with an oversize coat or a duffle coat. If you want to create a more feminine silhouette, wrap coats or short coats with a waist belt are a great choice.

Winter outfit: a turtleneck sweater and double-breasted jacket.

Men's Winter Date Outfits

  • Top and trousers : to put together a comfortable yet chic winter date outfit, you can, for example, combine a soft sweater or long-sleeved shirt with well-fitting trousers or regular-fit jeans. A lumberjack-style flannel shirt is also suitable for a somewhat casual outdoor look.

  • Jacket or coat: if you want to fill Valentine's Day with outdoor activities, you should put together a date outfit based on the layering principle so that you are neither too warm nor too cold. wear e.g. a long-sleeved shirt or a fine-knit jumper under a cardigan or a breathable fleece jacket. A robust winter coat or a casual corduroy or denim jacket will round off your outfit.

  • Shoes: depending on the weather on Valentine's Day, you should wear warmer shoes with your winter Valentine’s day outfit, such as trainers, Chelsea boots or hiking shoes. Your shoes must have a robust and non-slip sole to give you sufficient support for all outdoor activities.


Don't forget...

outdoor clothing is essential for many winter sports. If you want to go skiing, ice skating or go on a long winter walk on Valentine's Day, then warm, water-repellent, and breathable outdoor clothing is the best choice - even if it may seem less romantic at a first glance.


Casual date outfits for a cosy Valentine's Day.

Outfit 3: for a cosy night in

You don't have to spend Valentine’s Day out and about. You can enjoy a few cosy hours together at home. Whether you are planning a candlelight dinner, reminiscing through some photo albums, or perhaps a fun game night - you can find a comfortable and casual outfit for the occasion.

  • Our clothes can affect our mood and self-confidence, so it's better to dress nicely and feel good. A well-fitting, neat outfit shows that you're trying to make the day special.

  • Dressing in comfy clothes will make you feel cosy. A high-quality, colour-coordinated loungewear set can be a good choice if you want to spend a cosy evening together.

  • It's important that your date outfit is comfortable and that you feel good in it - after all, you should be comfortable in your own home. Try some wide-cut trousers instead of tight jeans or a figure-hugging knitted dress instead of a tight mini-skirt.

  • It is best to choose warm and soft fabrics. Soft materials such as wool, cashmere and chenille will help to keep you warm.


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Con­clu­sion: out­fits for Valen­tine's Day for every taste

It doesn’t matter whether you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a fine restaurant or whether a cosy night in on the sofa is enough for you – Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to create romantic outfits that will enchant your partner.

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