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Valentine's Day ideas: activities and date ideas for indoors and outdoors

If you are asking yourself what to do this Valentine’s Day, then read our article below as we have collected lots of creative ideas for Valentine’s Day . From a cosy evening at home, romantic outdoor ventures, or traditional Valentine's Day activities, you're sure to find an idea here that's perfect for you. Plus, we will give you some tips on how to make sure your Valentine’s Day date runs smoothly.

Valen­tine's Day date ideas for a cosy night in

When it's cold and dark outside, there's nothing better than a cosy night in. This is the perfect opportunity to lights some candles and cuddle up under a cosy blanket. If you still lack an idea for the right activities, you can get inspired by our date ideas below:

  • Film night or a series marathon: take the whole evening off to enjoy your favourite film or a new series. Prepare some delicious snacks, order a nice takeaway and some drinks and settle in the for night.

  • Picnic in the cushion castle: why have a picnic in the cold? Just build a cosy den out of blankets and cushions and enjoy one at home. Add a few red roses and some appetisers and it will be an unforgettable Valentine's Day date.

  • Cook a tasty meal: as an alternative to going to a restaurant, why not make a romantic candlelight dinner at home? You can either cook a surprise dinner for your partner or enjoy cooking together.

  • Organise a fun games night: get all your favourite games ready and plan a fun games night. If you want, you can even plan it together with friends as a double Valentine's Day date.

  • Enjoy a romantic chocolate fondue: all you need for a romantic date is candlelight and melted chocolate.

  • Host a home wine tasting: go on a culinary journey together with a selection of your own wines. Just get a few highly-rated wines or even a ready-made wine tasting pack. Match some cheeses, crackers and grapes for the perfect way to round off the evening.

  • Plan a nostalgia night together: reminisce over old photos together. Bring photos from previous dates and parties as well as childhood photos. If you like to be creative, you can also buy a joint photo book and keep all your photos in one place.


Romance Tip:

For the perfect start to Valentine's Day, surprise your partner with a romantic breakfast in bed.


Valen­tine's Day out­door ven­tures and ac­tiv­i­ties

If you enjoy being outdoors, then you can plan something extra special on Valentine’s Day. If the weather looks good, there are many Valentine's Day ventures you can do. Here are some date ideas for a nice day out in the fresh air:

  • Fun in the snow: if there is snow outside, then why not enjoy it? You could go skiing or snowboarding together or reminisce about your childhood days by going tobogganing, having a snowball fight or building a snowman.

Valentine's Day ideas – a couple strolling through a city together.
  • Romantic city break: if you're planning a change of scenery, a Valentine’s Day city break could be perfect. There are bound to be beautiful cities nearby that you can explore together.

  • Stargazing: a unique Valentine's Day date idea is to have a romantic picnic under the stars. Bring some warm drinks in an insulated flask and warm blankets to get cosy under the stars.

  • Take a stroll together: what could be more romantic than strolling hand-in-hand through winter landscapes?

  • Fun scavenger hunt: create a treasure hunt by hiding little treasures that lead your Valentine’s date to a little treasure. This Valentine's Day idea is also great for double dates.

  • Bar hopping: spend an evening on the town, going from bar to bar, sampling cocktails, listening to great music or dancing the night away. This Valentine's Day idea is great for couples who like to be spontaneous.

  • Photo booth hunt: how about going on a city tour while taking lots of fun photos at the same time? Go in search of photo booths and take funny photos together that will forever remind you of this special Valentine's Day. Frame the photos or display them on the wall by pegging them to a piece of string.


Don't forget ...

You need the right warm clothes for outdoor activities in the cold. Several thin layers are much more effective at keeping you warm in cold temperatures. If you are planning an outdoor Valentine's Day activity, you should let your partner know in advance so that they can dress in warm clothing.


Un­usu­al Valen­tine's Day ideas for an un­for­get­table day

If you want this year’s Valentine's Day to be a memorable one, you need an unusual Valentine's Day idea. You should organise and book these activities well in advance so that everything goes according to plan on the big day. These Valentine's Day date ideas can inspire you to find a special activity:

  • Relaxing Spa Day: pack your dressing gowns and dedicate the whole day to complete relaxation. Book a partner massage for the two of you and then indulge in the spa and/or sauna. Everyday worries will fade away and you will embark on a journey of relaxation together.

  • Fairy tale carriage ride: spend the day feeling like you are in a fairy tale by booking a carriage ride. Create a romantic atmosphere with some warm blankets and a hot drink.

Valentine's Day date ideas – a couple enjoy ice skating together.
  • Active Valentine’s Day: if you prefer to be active, there are many activities you can try together, for example, visit a climbing hall or a trampoline park. If you want something more romantic, you can also go ice skating or horse riding.

  • Unusual short break: if you are planning a Valentine's Day activity that lasts more than one day, then a short break could be an option for you. Try a stay in an unusual holiday home, for example, an igloo, a tree house or a lighthouse. Another option is to rent a camper van and plan a small road trip.

  • High in the sky: floating high above the clouds will be an unforgettable experience. You can surprise your partner with a flight in a hot air balloon or perhaps a glider. If you're brave a parachute jump is sure to be unforgettable.

  • Start a joint hobby: take a course together and start a joint hobby that you can share for a long time, for example, a cooking or pottery class. Dance lessons are also a romantic Valentine's Day idea.

  • Attend an event: check online or in the newspaper to see if there are any special events happening near you on Valentine's Day. Visiting the theatre or watching a concert can be a great Valentine's Day idea. A comedy/cabaret show or a musical also promise a wonderful evening.


Did you know ...

You could recreate your first date as a romantic Valentine's Day idea? Just organise everything exactly as you did on your first date and bring back all the wonderful memories.


Quick check­list for the per­fect Valen­tine's Day date

We have put together some tips to make your Valentine's Day date a success:

  • Put your smartphone away and focus on your partner.

  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast when planning outdoor activities.

  • Make restaurant reservations or book an event or course well in advance, as many popular places are busy on Valentine's Day.

  • If you're planning a cosy night in create a playlist for a romantic atmosphere. A scented candle or essential oils can also create a romantic atmosphere.

The most important point on the checklist, however, is that you have fun together on Valentine's Day and plan an outing or activity that you both enjoy.

Con­clu­sion: How to find the right Valen­tine's Day idea

It's best to plan Valentine's Day a few weeks in advance to give yourself enough time to organise it. This gives you enough time to book a table at a restaurant or even plan a short mini-break. If you need a last-minute idea, you can organise a cosy night in cwith little planning. No matter what you plan, the important thing is that you enjoy your time together and have a great day out.

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