Valentine’s Day – a couple surprising each other with a Valentine’s Day gift.

The origin and traditions of Valentine's Day

February is all about love. Valentine's Day offers couples the opportunity to celebrate their love, give each other small gifts and to do something together. However, how did Valentine's Day actually originate? We will answer this question, but we will also show you some great Valentine's Day traditions. If you're looking for some inspiration for Valentine's Day you'll find lots of unusual gift and card ideas as well as some fun activities.

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What is Valentine’s Day all about?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of February each year. It is seen as a special day for couples to spend some time together.

Where does Valentine's Day originate from?

According to the famous tradition, Valentine's Day goes back to St. Valentine. To this day it is still disputed who St. Valentine actually was. The most common theory is that he was a Roman priest who is said to have performed Christian weddings despite Claudius II's imperial ban. However, he sacrificed his life for the spirit of love.

St Valentine is regarded as the patron saint of love. In his memory, in 469 Pope Gelasius I dedicated a day to him. From this day on the 14th of February is celebrated as St Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day was documented for the first time as the day of love in the 14th century. At that time, the upper class sent each other little love letters. It was not until the 18th century that Valentine's Day was celebrated by people in the way it is today and couples gave each other flowers and greetings card as a sign of their love.


Did you know …

… Valentine's Day also has a pagan origin? During spring, the mating season begins for a lot of birds and many plants start to bloom to mark the end of winter. In many cultures the awakening of spring was equated and celebrated with the awakening of love.


A couple hugging each other on Valentine’s Day.

An overview of Valentine’s Day traditions

Valentine’s Day is famous for being the only day in the year that is dedicated to love. Below you will find some typical Valentine’s Day traditions, which have become popular in Europe:

  • Cards with a personal message: cards with a personal message and special promises were not only popular in the Middle Ages. Even today you can continue this Valentine’s Day tradition by sending your partner a handwritten card.

  • Exchanging small gifts as tokens of love: this is a great way to demonstrate your love to your partner as they will know you have thought about them. Traditional Valentine’s Day gifts such as flowers or chocolates are always popular choices.

  • Spending time together: lots of couples enjoy going for a nice meal together or going for a walk on Valentine's Day. If the weather isn’t very good then a cosy night in is a perfect choice. The most important thing is to make time for each other.


Past Valentine’s Day traditions:

During the Middle Ages people believed that women should marry the first man they saw on Valentine's Day. Therefore, early on the morning of Valentine's Day lots of young men went out to bring flowers to their sweethearts.


Are you still looking for ideas and inspiration for Valentine's Day? Below you'll find some great gift ideas for him and her, step-by-step guides on creating your own individual Valentine’s Day cards and also some great date ideas. Plus, we'll give you tips on putting the perfect Valentine's Day outfit together!

Valentine’s Day outfits: great outfit ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Smart Valentine’s Day date outfits

Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day in the comfort of your own home, going to a restaurant or planning a winter walk, you can put the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit together. We will give you some great outfit ideas so that you will have the perfect outfit for any occasion and they will also really wow your partner. Getting the perfect look for Valentine’s Day is having a mix of fabulous colours and soft fabrics. Our article will show you various men’s and women’s outfit ideas ranging from elegant evening wear to warm layered looks for winter, which are perfect for wearing for indoors and outdoors.

Valentine’s Day outfit ideas
Valentine’s Day gifts for women- a selection of gifts for Valentine's Day.

Great Valentine’s Day gifts and creative individual DIY gifts for women

Giving small gifts are a very old Valentine’s Day tradition. Are you looking for something a little more than just a bouquet of flowers this year or something extra special? In the following article there are four fantastic original Valentine's Day gifts for women. Our step-by-step guides will help you to create an extraordinary Valentine's Day gift that has that extra wow factor.

Valentine’s Day gifts for women
Valentine’s Day gifts for men – a selection of handcrafted gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Great Valentine’s Day gifts and creative individual DIY gifts for men

It isn’t always easy to find the perfect gift for a man. Why not get creative this Valentine’s Day and give your partner a really special gift. In the following article we will show you four fantastic gift ideas for men that you can easily make yourself. Get inspired and create a truly special and unique this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day gifts for men
Valentine's Day Cards – a selection of different Valentine's Day cards on a table.

Creative ideas for making your own individual Valentine's Day Card

Romance is an integral part of Valentine's Day. You can demonstrate how much your partner means to you by giving small gifts or a personal message in an individually designed Valentine’s Day card. An individually designed Valentine's Day card is a lovely gesture and a great way to show your partner how much time and effort you've put into creating something special and unique for them. Get inspired by our four creative Valentine’s Day card ideas and send your partner a lovely card with a personal message.

Four creative ideas for Valentine’s Day cards
Valentine’s Day date ideas: a couple having a candlelit dinner.

Valentine’s Day date ideas

Do you need some inspiration for a fantastic date this Valentine’s Day? Each year a lot of couples ask themselves how they can celebrate Valentine's Day and make it something really memorable. There are so many ways you can enjoy spending time together such as having a romantic candlelit dinner or going on a short break somewhere. In the following article you will find some inspiration and ideas for a cosy night in, outdoor activities as well as ideas on going on a short break for Valentine's Day. We will also give you some helpful tips on organising the perfect day together so that it will be something memorable.   

Valentine’s Day dates


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