Silver wedding anniversary outfits: an elderly couple in formal wear   together at the beach.

What to wear to a 25th wedding anniversary party: outfit ideas for the happy couple & guests

25 years of marriage is an important milestone and worth celebrating with family and friends. Once a date has been set for the celebration, both the couple and the wedding guests might ask themselves: “What should I wear to a 25th wedding anniversary party?” The outfit for the silver wedding anniversary should be appropriate for the occasion, flattering and match the person’s personality.

How do you find the right outfit for a silver wedding anniversary? In this article, we'll give you tips on how to put together the perfect look for a silver wedding anniversary and share outfit ideas for men, women and children.

Sil­ver wed­ding an­niver­sary dress­es & more: 25th wed­ding an­niver­sary out­fits for the bride

Choosing a dress for a silver wedding anniversary is exciting. There are various ways to put together the perfect outfit: some brides are looking for second-hand wedding dresses or are wearing their own wedding dress again for their silver wedding anniversary. Other brides want to get a completely new outfit for the special occasion. To find the perfect look, various aspects are important: the style, the cut and the colour combination.

Here’s how to find the ideal look for a silver wedding anniversary:

Choose a style

The first step is to think about whether you would prefer a more feminine, classic, casual or extravagant look. Depending on your preference, you can customise your silver wedding anniversary outfit accordingly. For example, if you like to show off your curves, a feminine dress would be the ideal choice for your silver wedding anniversary outfit. Do you prefer a classier look? How about a chic trouser suit? This combination is an absolute classic and exudes elegance and self-confidence. A fancy skirt suit is also a good alternative.

If you’re more of a casual type, a modern alternative could be figure-flattering paper bag trousers with an elegant blouse. This way you are not overdressed, but still look very smart and elegant. If you love a creative and eye-catching style of dress, a jumpsuit, a bold and vibrant blouse or eye-catching accessories (e.g. a hat) can make your silver wedding anniversary outfit stand out even more.

Find­ing styles that suit your body shape

Depending on what type of figure you have will determine which styles will suit you the best. We've put together some of the most important facts to help you learn how to dress well depending on what figure you have.

  • Inverted Triangle Body Shape: this body shape is characterised by broad shoulders and a narrow waist. We recommend choosing a subtle V-neck top for your silver wedding anniversary outfit and pairing it with a statement skirt. If you choose a dress for your silver wedding anniversary, the skirt should flare out below the hip. A full skirt will balance out your proportions beautifully.

  • Rectangle Body Shape: women with this body shape often have a straighter build. This allows you to really play with different cuts, shapes and it also allows you to add some more details to your outfit such as: ruffles, flounces or belts.

  • Hourglass Body Shape: you will most likely have an hourglass shape if your hip and bust measurements are nearly the same and you have a well-defined waist. You could wear a form-fitting silver wedding anniversary dress, if you want to accentuate your curves. A high-waisted pencil skirt would also really suit this body shape.

  • Pear Body Shape: if you have a pear body shape, your shoulders are narrower than your hips and thighs and your waist is well-defined. Therefore, you should choose an outfit that draws attention to your waist and balances out your figure. For example, A-line dresses with striking details such as embroidery or sequins along the neckline are a good choice.

  • Round Body Shape: women with this body shape usually have slimmer arms and legs, but a curvier body. Our recommendation for a flattering silver wedding anniversary outfit would be an empire dress with a high waistline. This silhouette elegantly conceals your stomach and makes you look taller.

Com­bin­ing colours

You can of course choose classic light colours such as white or cream for your silver wedding anniversary outfit. In general, you can choose any colour you like, as long as you feel comfortable. Colours such as purple, navy blue, teal or burgundy are particularly popular choices for silver wedding anniversary dresses.


Don't forget...

To complete your silver wedding anniversary look, you also need comfortable shoes, matching make-up and an elegant hairstyle. Add a chic handbag and your favourite jewellery: and just like that, your silver wedding anniversary outfit is complete.


What to wear to a 25th wedding anniversary party: an elderly couple in formalwear posing for a picture.

Silver wedding anniversary outfits for the groom

For a classic and elegant outfit, the groom should choose a well-fitting suit or dinner jacket. This fashionable look is ideal for a silver wedding anniversary and exudes elegance and sophistication. The colour combination can range from darker shades such as navy blue to lighter shades such as beige or cream.

Here is what you should think about when looking for the perfect wedding suit:

  • Sleeve length: the right sleeve length ensures that roughly half of an inch of the shirt cuff is visible: if the entire cuff is covered, the sleeve is too long. If the whole cuff is exposed, the sleeve is too long.

  • Shoulder width: The shoulders should be flat and smooth, but the jacket shouldn’t be too close-fitting, as it will feel quite tight.

  • Chest size: you should be able to fasten  your jacket without any issues. The fabric shouldn't strain or wrinkle and the lapels shouldn’t be sticking out from your jacket.

  • Trouser length: the hem of your trousers should rest on top of your shoe. This creates a small wrinkle in the shin area, which is called a “trouser break”. A slight trouser break is usually considered ideal, but there are also more modern styles with a slightly higher hem resulting in “no break”.

The most important rule when looking for the perfect suit is that you feel comfortable and confident in it. If you prefer a more casual style, you could also combine suit trousers with a simple white dress shirt. Dark jeans with a suit jacket or a nice shirt are also a good option for your silver wedding anniversary outfit.

Tip: With a few simple tricks, the groom’s suit can also be coordinated with the bride’s outfit. All you need is a tie, bow tie, a boutonnière or a pocket square in a matching colour to create a matching look.

What to wear to a 25th wedding anniversary party: tips and inspiration for guests

If you are going to be attending a silver wedding anniversary party here are a few rules to keep in mind, so that you don’t accidently commit a fashion faux pas:

Dress code: what you should wear to a 25th wedding anniversary party as a guest

  • We recommend that you inquire about the bride’s chosen colour combination in advance. The bride’s dress colour is usually taboo for the rest of the guests.

  • Make sure that your silver wedding anniversary outfit does not draw any attention away from the bride. It is therefore advisable to choose a look that is not too revealing, too extravagant or too flashy.

Sil­ver wed­ding an­niver­sary out­fit ideas for men: what to wear when at­tend­ing a sil­ver wed­ding an­niver­sary as a guest

Suits are also a popular choice for wedding guests. Not only are they a timeless classic, but they can also be combined in many ways. For formal dress codes, muted colours such as dark blue or grey are particularly suitable. Black is also a good option and it always looks very classy. For more casual dress codes, you can combine a dress shirt with elegant casual trousers such as chinos. Dark jeans combined with a blazer can also create a stylish look.

If you want to create the perfect outfit, you should not underestimate the importance of accessories. If you like wearing a tie, you can either choose classic colours and patterns or why not try out a new colour combination and modernise your look. Alternatively, you could also wear a bow tie. They are available in a wide range of shapes, colours and patterns, which allows you to add t a more personal touch to your outfit. High-quality leather dress shoes will help to finish off your look.

Sil­ver wed­ding an­niver­sary out­fit ideas for women: what to wear when at­tend­ing a sil­ver wed­ding an­niver­sary as a guest

Wedding anniversary parties are the ideal opportunity to show off your finest clothes. If you already know about the chosen colour combination and the dress code, you can start planning your outfit.

Are you searching for a dress that suits your figure perfectly? Our style guide can help you find the perfect dress. One of the classic dress shapes is the A-line dress. It flatters most body types and is available in various styles, lengths and colours.

If you prefer a more casual style, a jumpsuit might be the right choice for you. Jumpsuits are uncomplicated, modern and can quickly be turned into a stylish party outfit. Depending on the dress code, wedding guests can also wear elegant trousers and pair them with a silk blouse. Before attending the silver wedding anniversary party, complete your outfit with some classy accessories, high heels and a clutch. Tip: In general, pastel shades and muted colours are ideal choices for wedding guests. We advise against bright colours such as red or neon, as they draw too much attention away from the happy couple.

For­mal­wear for chil­dren

Many children love to dress up for special occasions: when choosing the right outfit for your children, make sure that they are comfortable and that their outfits give them enough room to move about in. As with adults, children's clothing should match the dress code of the wedding anniversary celebration and be appropriate for the season. Many girls like to wear fancy dresses (e.g., with ruffles and glitter), while boys are proud to wear a suit like their dad.

Con­clu­sion: the per­fect out­fit for a sil­ver wed­ding an­niver­sary

To find the right outfit for your silver wedding anniversary celebration, you should simply choose an outfit that suits your style and makes you feel confident. While a classic suit is always an elegant choice for the groom, the bride can wear a chic dress or a stylish blouse that suits her body shape. A dress code can help you to pick the perfect silver wedding anniversary outfit.  Using the dress code as a guideline, guests can choose appropriate clothing and create a unique look, which also fits their personal taste. The most important rule is guests should never draw any attention away from the happy couple.

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