Silver wedding invitation: homemade invitations.

Silver wedding invitation ideas: 4 great DIY craft ideas

25 years of marriage needs a proper celebration! Many couples plan a big party with family and friends to celebrate this great milestone together. So that all your guests can prepare for the event and mark it in their calendars, it is worth sending out personalised silver wedding invitation cards. To make your invitation card more memorable, we have gathered various ideas here on how you can easily make your own silver wedding invitations. We also give you some tips on what to include in the invitation card and by when you should send them out.

Make your own nos­tal­gic sil­ver wed­ding in­vi­ta­tion

The closer the silver wedding anniversary gets, the more the couple thinks back to their wedding day. To remind all guests of this beautiful day, it is a good idea to include a wedding photo on the invitations. We'll show you how to do this in our first craft idea.

Craft materials for the silver wedding invitation with a nostalgic charm.

Materials for the silver wedding invitations:

  • Silver construction paper

  • Tracing paper or transparent design paper

  • Thin satin ribbon

  • Sealing wax (as pellets or with wick)

  • A sheet of baking paper

  • A tea light or lighter

  • Scissors & glue

  • A printed wedding photo

  • Engraved wax seal stamp of your choice (e.g. with a 25, your initials or a heart)

  • dried flowers or baby's breath

 Silver wedding invitations: Invitation card with a wedding photo of the happy couple.

Instructions for a nostalgic silver wedding invitation:

1. First, fold the silver craft paper in the middle to get your blank card, in which you can later write the invitation text.

2. Next, take your wedding photo and glue it in the middle of the front of your card.

3. Now, make the band of your silver wedding invitation from transparent paper. Decide for yourself how wide it should be and whether it should cover the photo to add a little surprise effect. The band should be long enough to overlap the back of your card.

4. Place the band around your card and tape it neatly at the back.

5. Take the satin ribbon and wrap it twice around your card so that the ribbons cross at the front. You can either tie the ends together on the back or glue them neatly together.

6. Before you add the finishing touches to your silver wedding invitation, slide a piece of baking paper under the satin ribbon. This will prevent the seal from sticking to the ribbon.

7. Now, place your dried flowers and drip some sealing wax onto the stems and ribbon. Press your wax seal stamp into the wax and wait until it has cooled down a little, then remove the stamp. That’s it – your silver wedding invitation card is finished and can be sent in a matching envelope!


Bedenke, dass...

You can also use a wax seal stamp for the envelope and your silver wedding decoration.


Sim­ple sil­ver wed­ding in­vi­ta­tion cards: a clas­sic with a mod­ern twist

This eye-catching silver wedding invitation is beautiful and lovingly designed and it is sure to enchant your guests. It's very easy to make and you're likely to have the materials at home or you can get them quickly from any craft shop. This way, you can start making your DIY silver wedding invitations straight away.

Craft materials for a homemade silver wedding invitation with lace.

Materials for the unique silver wedding invitation card:

  • Kraft paper

  • Paper lace coasters

  • Satin ribbon in two different colours and thicknesses

  • scissors & glue

  • Optional: Stamp with your initials

Tip: For a more elegant effect, you can either buy a silver lace coaster or paint a white coaster silver. The white or silver lace looks great if your card is in a dark colour.

 Unique silver wedding invitation card: an invitation with lace decoration.

Instructions for the unique silver wedding invitation:

1. Fold the sheet of kraft paper in half. This will form the base for your silver wedding invitation.

2. Place your lace coaster on the top left corner of your card. Once you’re happy with how it looks, trim the cut-out and stick it onto your card.

3. Next, wrap the satin ribbon once around the front of your invitation card and glue it neatly over your lace ornament. Repeat with the second thinner satin ribbon.

4. Cut a piece of the wider satin ribbon, tie a pretty bow and glue it over the spot where you joined the satin ribbons.

5. Finally, write or stamp your initials in the bottom right-hand corner of your card. You can also add a small quote if you wish. Now your card is ready to send.

Make your own sil­ver wed­ding in­vi­ta­tion: fun con­fet­ti in­vi­ta­tion

If you would like to send a fun and unique silver wedding invitation, you might like this idea. Your guests can also throw the confetti at the party. This idea for a silver wedding invitation is very quick and easy to make.

Craft materials needed for the fun silver wedding invitations.

Materials for the fun silver wedding anniversary invitation:

  • Handwritten or printed invitation card

  • White and silver craft paper

  • Transparent paper or ready-made transparent bags

  • (Heart-shaped) confetti or dried flowers

  • Scissors & glue

  • Black marker pen if necessary

 Fun silver wedding invitation: homemade invitation with confetti hearts.

Instructions for the fun confetti silver wedding invitations:

1. For this craft idea you need a ready-made invitation card, which you can make yourself or have printed. Either put the invitation in a ready-made transparent bag or make one yourself out of transparent paper. You can use these instructions.

2. Fill the bag with silver or coloured hearts. Alternatively, you can use dried flowers. Once the bag is filled, fold over the top and glue it in place.

3. Next, measure the silver paper so that it is 1 cm longer than your bag at the top and reaches the bottom third of your bag at the bottom. Cut the paper to size and don't forget to cut out a small triangle at the bottom so that your swallow-tailed pennant has two tails.

4. You can use the silver pennant as a template to make the white one. To do this, simply measure 0.5 cm from the left, right and bottom edges towards the centre and cut out the smaller version. Next, write your names, the date of the party and/or a fun quote on the pennant.

5. Stick the white pennant on top of the silver one and attach both to the folded flap of your bag. Then fold the pennant forward once so that it adorns the front of your bag. Your silver wedding invitation is ready to be sent.

A clas­sic sil­ver wed­ding in­vi­ta­tion: hearts for the fes­tive oc­ca­sion

What expresses the love and bond of 25 years of marriage better than cute hearts? This is a classic variation of a silver wedding invitation card that you can modify and personalise.

Craft materials for the classic silver wedding invitation.

Materials for a classic silver wedding invitation:

  • Coloured craft paper

  • Design paper with lettering or fun patterns

  • Ribbon

  • Decorative pieces such as pearls or flowers

  • Adhesive pads

  • Scissors, glue & punch (if needed)

 Silver wedding invitation ideas: finished invitation card with hearts.

Instructions for this silver wedding invitation:

1. First, fold the coloured craft paper in half to create a blank card.

2. Then take the design paper and measure it so that it is about 5 - 10 mm smaller all around than the front of your invitation card.

3. Next, cut the ribbon so that you can place it over the front of the design paper and glue the ends flat to the back of the design paper. It looks nice if you cut the ribbon generously to lay it crosswise on the front.

4. Decorate the design paper as you wish. Small beads and punched-out hearts work well here and you can stick them onto the design paper with adhesive pads for a great 3D effect.

5. Finally, attach the design paper to the centre of the front of your card. After that, you only need to add the text and the important information to the inside of your silver wedding invitation.


Bear in mind that...

It is worth making at least one more card than you need so that you have a nice souvenir. It also allows you to quickly send out an extra invitation to your silver wedding in case you forget someone.


DIY Silver wedding invitations: a person writing an invitation.

Checklist for your DIY silver wedding invitation

What do I have to write in the invitation and when do I have to send out the invitations by? These are questions that many couples ask themselves when they are in the process of planning their big 25th wedding anniversary celebration. We have put together a checklist of what information should not be missing in your silver wedding invitation:

  • Date & time

  • Place & address of the celebration location

  • Gift list or contact person for questions about gifts

  • Notes on the dress code

  • Possibly a request to contribute to the evening programme.

  • Possibly list accommodation options for the guests

  • Request for RSVP by a certain date

To make sure you don't forget anyone, it is worth keeping a list of guests as well as a list of RSVPs. You can keep track of everything and follow up if you haven't received a reply yet. It is best to send out your invitation to the silver wedding as early as possible so that everyone can keep the date free or take time off. Your invitation should be in your guests' mailbox at least eight weeks before the event.

Con­clu­sion: quick­ly make and send your own sil­ver wed­ding in­vi­ta­tions

A homemade invitation to your silver wedding anniversary not only matches the festive setting of your anniversary, but it is also a great memento of this event. With just a few materials, you can create an impressive invitation card in no time at all, which you can design and decorate in any way you like. With the help of these ideas, your guests will be really looking forward to celebrating this special day with you.

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