Silver wedding decoration ideas: a decorated table for a silver wedding anniversary.

25th wedding anniversary decorations: ideas and inspiration for room and table decorations

The perfect silver wedding decoration adds that extra touch to your big anniversary and rounds off the overall experience. Your guests are going to remember the attention to detail on the table decorations and the beautifully arranged silver wedding wreath. If you're looking for ideas for your party decorations, you'll find inspiration here for stylish silver wedding anniversary decorations as well as ideas for the room design and a fantastic DIY idea for a silver wedding wreath.

Sil­ver wed­ding an­niver­sary dec­o­ra­tions: ideas and tips on dec­o­ra­tions and plan­ning

Once you've found the right venue and sent out your invitations you can start thinking about your silver wedding anniversary decorations. Some venues already offer ready-made decorations, which you can then add your own personal touches to. However, if you are celebrating at home or in a restaurant and would like to decorate yourself you can think about a decoration concept in advance and then buy or create the decorations yourself. These tips can help you plan and design some stylish 25th wedding anniversary decorations:

Silver wedding table decoration: silver 25 decoration stands on a table.
  • Decide in advance what style you like. Should it be a more natural, playful decoration or do you want it to look a bit more glamorous for your special day?

  • Choose harmonious colours. If silver is to be the main colour for the occasion, muted colours are recommended. Alternatively, you can combine silver with red and bring two colours together that represent your love.

  • Choosing the right tableware. The tableware should match the occasion and the rest of the decorative elements. If you are celebrating at home, you can borrow tableware for your party.

  • If you want to get creative and make your own 25th wedding anniversary decorations, you should plan and buy the materials in good time. This will save you stress and you can enjoy getting creative.

  • Remember in addition to the table with the guests, bar tables, gift tables and buffet tables, which may also need to be decorated.

  • Some decorative elements (such as chair covers, candlesticks, or lighting) and furniture (such as chairs, a bar, or tables) can be hired for the party. This is more sustainable and it saves you from buying extra things.

Below you will find our silver wedding decoration ideas, which you can either copy or adapt to your party. For our 25th wedding anniversary decorations, we worked with muted, natural colours that let the silver shine as the main colour. The decorations are deliberately minimalist and therefore look modern and festive at the same time. We will now show you the details and the craft ideas we used.

Silver wedding anniversary decoration ideas: close-up of a table setting.

Ideas for silver wedding anniversary decorations: place settings, flower arrangements and extra loving details

The table setting is usually the centre of your celebration. It's not only where people eat, but also where they talk and laugh together. Silver plates would make great decorations and are well suited for the occasion. Simple white dinner plates placed on top and silver cutlery rounds off the place setting. For the napkins, you can either use white paper napkins or as a sustainable and festive alternative cloth napkins. Attach a eucalyptus branch and a silver ribbon to the napkins, which gives the table decoration a natural look.

Silver wedding anniversary decoration: glass and silver vases with white roses.

Add a touch of vintage style to your silver wedding decorations with small flower arrangements in different vases scattered around the table. We chose white roses with baby's breath to match the decoration. Flowers that stand for love, loyalty, and affection also work well, for example ranunculi, tulips, violets, peonies, succulents or sunflowers. Many of these flowers may grow in your back garden.

A lovely detail is to scatter decoration on the table. You can use either silver and white hearts or silver confetti. If you have a paper punch, cut out the decoration from silver and white paper and make them yourself.


Did you know that...

You can easily add some charm to your silver wedding table decorations by making your own silver vases. Simply paint or spray old vases or beautifully decorated bottles in silver and make something new out of something old.


Silver wedding anniversary decorations: craft materials for DIY name cards.

Silver wedding anniversary decoration craft idea 1: DIY name cards

Homemade name cards look great and help your guests to find their seats. These make it easier to organise the seating arrangements and to add additional information such as table numbers or the menu card.

Materials for the DIY name cards for a silver wedding anniversary decoration:

  • Variety of corks

  • Sharp knife

  • Cutting board

Silver wedding decoration: homemade name cards.

Instructions on how to make homemade name cards:

You can make our DIY name cards for your silver wedding table decoration in no time at all. All you have to do is collect or buy some corks. To create a strong base, cut the bottom of the cork straight across. Then slightly cut the top with a sharp knife so that you can clamp the name card between them. That’s it! It’s ready to use.

Tip: If you make two or three cork holders, you can use them to place larger signs such as a copy of the menu, signs for the gift table or small signposts.

Silver Wedding Table Decoration: craft materials for a silver tealight holder.

Silver wedding anniversary decorations craft idea 2: silver tea light holders

The right lighting can create an unforgettable atmosphere. Small lights on the tables are great for a romantic atmosphere. With our DIY idea you can make perfect tea light holders for your silver wedding celebration.

Materials for the tealight holders as silver wedding table decorations:

  • Application milk

  • Silver leaf

  • paintbrush

  • Glass tea light holders

Silver wedding decoration ideas: silver tea light holder on the festive table.

Instructions on making an effective silver wedding table decoration:

This craft idea creates a lovely table decoration for your silver wedding from simple and/or old tea light holders. Simply coat the bottom third of the tea light holder with metal foil adhesive and leave it to dry for about 20 minutes. Next, apply the silver leaf with a brush and gently press it on. That’s it! Your silver tea light holders are now ready to decorate your tables.

Silver wedding table decoration: craft materials for flower pins.

Silver wedding anniversary decoration idea 3: sweet flower pins

You can use this cute decoration to decorate your table, but it is also perfect for decorating your garden or a front door. The small silver flower pins will give your guests a warm welcome and it serves as a signpost or it can contain a sweet message. You can get everything you need for the flower pin at any craft shop.

Materials for the silver wedding flower pin:

  • Silver paper coasters (or in white to be painted/sprayed silver)

  • Wooden sticks

  • White construction paper

  • Pens

  • Glue & scissors

Silver wedding anniversary decoration: glass and silver vases with white roses.

Instructions on how to make homemade flower pins:

This cute silver wedding decoration is very easy to make. Simply glue two silver coasters together and insert a wooden stick between them. Then cut out a circle from your craft paper and write a lovely message on it. Finally, glue the circle to the centre of your flower stick and it's now ready to be used as a silver wedding decoration.

Silver wedding anniversary decoration: craft materials for the silver wedding door wreath.

Silver wedding anniversary decoration craft idea 4: a silver wedding wreath

This playful, beautiful silver wedding wreath is a pretty decoration for your venue or even a front door. It is a modern interpretation of the traditional silver wedding wreath made out of pine branches. This is supposed to symbolise the couple's eternal fidelity and keep evil spirits away. You can stick to the traditional fir branches or try our more modern version.

Materials for the silver wedding wreath:

  • Metal ring or embroidery hoop

  • Thin floral wire

  • Leafy branches (eucalyptus or fir greenery)

  • Baby's breath & a rose blossom

  • Ribbon & thin string

  • Construction paper & pen

Silver wedding wreath: homemade silver wedding door wreath.

Instructions on how to make a silver wedding wreath:

Think about how you want your silver wedding wreath to look beforehand and experiment with arranging the leaves and flowers until you like it. When you are happy, attach each branch to the ring by wrapping them with the floral wire. You can also tie the twigs between the leaves so that the plants fit snugly around your ring. Tie a ribbon at the top to hang up your door wreath. A small cut-out pendant with a 25 symbolises your milestone. When you are done, your silver wedding wreath is ready to decorate your front door.


Bear in mind that...

Beautiful garlands, silver balloons and fairy lights are great for decorating the room for your silver wedding anniversary. In the garden, you can also work with enchanting lanterns or torches.


Con­clu­sion: 25th wed­ding an­niver­sary dec­o­ra­tions are easy to make your­self

With the help of our craft ideas, you can create your own silver wedding table decorations in no time at all. Of course, you can adapt and modify the ideas from our article to make them match your silver wedding anniversary celebration. We hope you have lots of fun planning, crafting, and decorating!

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