Outfits for a pear body shape: women with a pear body shape have larger hips and bottom.

The perfect outfits for a pear body shape

Flared hips are an inseparable part of a feminine curvy figure. Curvy women with a pear shaped body typically have wider hips and broader thighs, but at the same time they have a slimmer upper body. The perfect outfits for a pear figure therefore aim to show off your feminine curves to their best advantage and focus on your assets. Wearing the right clothes and accessories will help to visually balance out your body and this will draw more attention to your upper body. In this article you can find out more about what you should keep in mind when choosing an outfit for a pear body shape.

Outfit tips for a pear shaped body

Women who have a curvy pear figure have a slimmer upper body in comparison to their lower body. They generally have larger hips and bottom and this area of the body appears curvier which is why this body type is often compared to a pear.

Due to their asymmetrical figure, curvy women with a pear figure often wear different dress sizes for tops and bottoms, which is especially noticeable when buying trousers or a bikini. To help make you look more balanced, you could follow some general fashion tips for a pear shaped body regardless of the outfit:

  • Light, colourful and patterned tops will make your upper body stand out.

  • Dark coloured trousers can make your hips and thighs look slimmer.

  • Slightly flared skirts and trousers will give you a great balanced look.

  • Close-fitting tops and dresses will draw attention to your wider waist.

  • Accessories such as quirky earrings or patterned scarves will stand out and draw attention to your upper body.


Below the waist you should opt for flowing and monochrome fabrics. Jersey, light cotton and linen will highlight your curves. Layered tops or clothes made out of a thicker, heavier fabric (e. g. knit) are also a great choice.

Outfits for a pear shape body: straight cut trousers flatter a pear shape body.

Tops for a pear body shape

If the widest part of your body is below the waist, you can balance your figure wonderfully by making your upper body stand out. By wearing the right fit, colours and fabrics, you'll have a balanced look in no time at all.

Bright colours, shiny and flowing fabrics accentuate your upper body, whilst ruffles on shirts, blouses and tunics add more volume above the waist. However, make sure that they are only in the shoulder or bust area and not around your hips. Women who have a pear shape body should not wear tops, shirts, blouses and tunics that go down to their waist or are close-fitting at the bottom. This would make your hip area appear larger than it is. Too short tops, on the other hand can make you appear quite small and round.

In addition to patterns, a neckline inevitably draws the attention to your upper body. Not only a deep V-neck, but also a waterfall neckline are great for getting a balanced look. In addition, highlighting your upper body such as your shoulders will give you a great look. Fluffy sleeves, cut outs on the shoulders or wide necklines will make your shoulders stand out. Clothes with a submarine or Carmen neckline are perfect for this.

Outfits with waist tops, blazers, jackets or coats can give you an hourglass shape. However, you should not wear anything too tight around the middle of your body such as a wide waist belt. This is not only uncomfortable, but it will also make the area around your hips appear larger due to the strong contrast.

Wrap dresses and A line dresses will accentuate your waist.

Skirts and dresses for a pear body shape

Wide hips are not only a characteristic of a curvy female figure, but they are also the most typical feature of a pear shaped body. By following a few simple outfit tricks you can turn this into an asset that will make you feel confident.

You should choose items of clothing that are close-fitting around the waist but are loose fitting below the midriff. A line dresses are made for women with a pear shaped body because they are closer fitting around the chest and fall loosely below the waist. Wrap dresses are very suited to curvy women with a pear shaped body. The slightly higher waistline of Empire line dressescan also be flattering. Dresses with a completely straight cut will cover the slimmer parts on your body, which will make you appear bigger.

Flowing and soft fabrics are particularly suitable as they make your curves stand out, but they are not too over the top. Avoid puffy tulip and balloon skirts that add volume below the midriff. The popular A line skirts are also a good choice as they fall loosely over wide hips and broader thighs which will give you a great shape.

Jeans for a pear shaped body: lose-fitting trousers conceal wide hips and broader thighs.

Trousers for a pear body shape

Make sure to choose trousers that are close-fitting but have a wider cut so that they fall loosely over your curves. To get a striking look you can opt for bright and colourful tops, but you should choose trousers with simpler styles or darker colours. If you're looking for the perfect pair of jeans make sure that they are a bit stretchy. The stretchy material in the jeans provides more comfort and a more comfortable fit for a pear shaped body.

In general, trousers with a high waistband are suitable for drawing attention to your narrow waist. However, very tight trousers and hipsters would draw attention to the widest part of your body and could make you appear wider. Trousers that are closer fitting and have slightly flared legs are more flattering. Marlene and Palazzo trousers are popular wide leg trouser styles, both of which are loose-fitting and usually have a high waistband. While Marlene trousers often have a slightly narrower waist, Palazzo trousers are usually cut a little wider at the waist. This way, you don't have to hide your curves and you will have a well balanced look.


Small, curvy women with a pear shaped body often have the impression that their figure looks a bit round. By wearing shoes that match your skirt or dress or that have a bit of a heel you will automatically appear taller.

Dos and don’ts: Style tips for a pear shaped body


  • Colourful or patterned tops draw attention to your upper body.

  • Trousers in muted colours with wide cuts will help to conceal wider hips.

  • Flared skirts and A line dresses will help to create a balanced look.

  • Waist tops or wrap dresses emphasise the narrow waist and give you a flattering look.


  • Tight or very long tops can make you appear bigger as they draw attention to the widest part of your body.

  • Short or very tight trousers emphasise flared hips and broader thighs.

  • Skirts and trousers with striking patterns draw attention to the lower half of your body.

  • Skirts such as tulip or balloon skirts add volume to the lower half of your body.

Conclusion: outfit tips for getting the perfect look with a pear shaped body

The pear body shape is characterised by an asymmetrical relationship between hips and shoulders. As with any body type there are things to keep in mind when putting an outfit together. It is important to always consider your curves as an asset. You can get a balanced look by choosing the right clothes for your body shape. A line skirts and dresses, slightly flared trousers or tops with quirky patterns and sophisticated cuts are ideal for creating a more balanced look between your slender upper body and your wider lower body. You can create a great look that accentuates your chic sides and can make your lower body appear slimmer.

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