Silver wedding anniversary gifts: creative arts and crafts gift ideas for a silver wedding anniversary.

25th wedding anniversary gifts: creative ideas for homemade gifts and greeting cards

After you've been invited to a silver wedding anniversary party, you're certainly wondering what gifts you could give the happy couple. Finding the right gift for milestone wedding anniversaries can be a bit tricky because over the years the happy couple have received a lot of gifts. If you are looking for unusual silver wedding anniversary gifts, our four creative and unique 25th anniversary gift ideas can help you: from last-minute homemade anniversary gifts to wrapping up money to give as a gift. We will also show you two craft ideas for handmade 25th wedding anniversary cards that will add a nice touch to your gift. We'll also show you some lovely silver wedding anniversary meaningful messages and wishes in case you still need some inspiration on what to write on the card.

Giving money as a gift for a silver wedding anniversary: creative origami butterflies wrapping

Many couples are happy to receive money as a gift for their silver wedding anniversary. Below you will find an easy-to-make craft idea for wrapping money in a unique and creative way. In addition, the happy couple can also keep the vase from your gift to use as decoration or as a lantern.

Materials needed for a money origami butterfly:

  • a large vase

  • banknotes

  • thin silver wire

  • tissue paper

  • a paper plate or piece of cardboard

  • a piece of cord

  • scissors & hot glue

Geldgeschenk zur Silberhochzeit: Anleitung zum Geldschein falten.

Geldgeschenk zur Silberhochzeit kreativ verpacken – so geht’s:

1. First, start by making origami butterflies out of your banknotes. Your origami butterflies either consists of two separate banknotes or one banknote and a piece of tissue paper. Depending on how much money you would like to give the couple as a gift will determine how many butterflies you can put into the vase.

Start by folding the upper half of your origami butterfly. Fold the top left and bottom left corners of your banknote towards the middle. Now repeat the same step on the other side of the banknote. Then, accordion-fold the banknote. The next step is to fold it in the middle. Now the upper half of your butterfly is finished.

Take a separate banknote to create the lower half of your origami butterfly. Alternatively, you can use a rectangular piece of tissue paper . Simply accordion-fold the banknote and fold it in the middle Lastly wrap a thin piece of wire around both parts of your butterfly to attach both pieces together. 

 Giving money as a gift for a silver wedding anniversary: making a lid for the vase.

2. Now take a round piece of cardboard or a paper plate. Cut out the cardboard so that it covers the opening of the vase.

To make it easier for the recipients to remove the lid and to then admire your wonderful gift, you can attach a cord to the top of the lid with hot glue.

25th wedding anniversary gifts: creative wrapping for giving money as a gift for a silver wedding anniversary.

3. Now take several pieces of wire and wrap them around the money butterflies. Glue the wire to the bottom side of the lid. This creates the illusion that the butterflies are fluttering around in the vase. 

4. The last step is decorating the vase. For example, you could add nice anniversary wishes on the bottom or an inscription on the outside of the vase. You could also decorate the vase with small pebbles, twigs or moss.

Tip: If you know that the happy couple share a hobby, you can use this as inspiration for a thoughtful and unique silver wedding anniversary gift. For sporty couples, you could give them matching running clothes or hiking gear. Couples that love to go dancing would maybe appreciate a gift card for evening wear.

Silver wedding anniversary gift ideas for groups: “Wishing tree” in a silver pot

This gift idea is ideally suited to groups, and it is also a great idea as a last-minute silver wedding anniversary gift. You can get everything you need for this gift idea at a DIY shop, garden centre or at a craft shop. The little wishing tree passes on your silver wedding anniversary wishes and it is great gift for the happy couple, which reminds them of the milestone they have reached.

Unique silver wedding anniversary gifts: the wishing tree is a great idea for a silver wedding anniversary gift.

Materials needed to make a unique silver wedding anniversary gift:

  • small fruit tree or olive tree or an indoor bonsai if you are on a budget)

  • silver pot

  • strips of construction paper (either coloured or plain)

  • pens

  • ribbons

  • banknotes for tying up (optional)

You could give the happy couple a small fruit tree if they have their own garden. Alternatively, choose an indoor plant, like a money plant (pachira aquatica) or an orange tree. For smaller, spaces a bonsai tree would be suitable. You can present the tree as a gift by putting it into a silver pot and then if you like you can decorate it. Write your silver wedding anniversary wishes on small strips of paper and carefully attach them to the tree. Now your unique 25th wedding anniversary gift is finished and ready to be given to the happy couple!


Did you know that...

You could also give high-quality, more sustainable clothing or accessories as a silver wedding anniversary gift. For example, cashmere scarves in matching colours could be an original and yet sustainable 25th anniversary gift for couples.


Last-minute 25th wedding anniversary gift: wine gift basket

If you're searching for a last-minute silver wedding anniversary gift, then this is the perfect gift idea for you. It is quick and easy to make and who doesn't like a romantic dinner for two with a good bottle of wine and complementary snacks?

Here is what you need for a last minute 25th wedding anniversary gift:

  • a good bottle of wine (possibly one from the year of their wedding)

  • two beautiful wine glasses

  • complementary snacks (chocolate, nuts, grapes and/or cheese)

  • glass paint pens (optional)

  • a wooden box or gift box

  • tissue paper (alternatively, you can also use scarves or neckerchiefs as decoration)

  • construction paper

  • long wooden skewers

  • string

  • scissors & hot glue

Tip: Alternatively, you can put together a lovely wellness gift box for the happy couple. Fragrant bath oils, soft bathrobesfluffy slippers and don’t forget a cosy blanket.

Unique decorations for a handmade silver wedding anniversary gift: paper flowers made from tissue paper.

How to make a last-minute silver wedding anniversary gift: 

1. Arrange the wine bottle, the glasses and the complementary food in the gift basket/box. To add a personal touch, select a vintage wine from the year the couple got married. If you have a little more time, you can also have the wine glasses engraved or decorate them yourself with a glass paint pen.

2. To create the paper flowers, accordion-fold the tissue paper and secure it by wrapping a thin string around the middle. Now, pull the tissue paper apart on both sides and then carefully fold it upwards (away from the string). When you have folded all layers upwards, you will then have a decorative flower that you can attach to your gift basket with the rest of the string.

Last-minute silver wedding anniversary gift: a wrapped gift basket for the happy couple.

3. You can add a small garland to finish off your gift. To do this, connect the two wooden skewers with a thin string. Then, use the construction paper to cut out several small diamond-shaped pennants. Fold them in the middle and enclose the string between the two halves. Use a dab of hot glue to attach the pennant to the chain. Lastly, put the wooden skewers in your box - and your quick last-minute silver wedding anniversary gift is ready to go!

Tip: If you also want to decorate the wine bottle, you can use these instructions and attach a tag to the bottle with a small silver wedding anniversary message. Here is a lovely example of what you could maybe write on the tag for the 25th wedding anniversary: “Your marriage is like a fine wine - it gets better with time. Wishing you both all the best for the many years to come.“

DIY 25th wedding anniversary gift: 25 years filled with happy memories

After 25 years of marriage a couple will have a lot of wonderful memories to look back on. If you want to give a truly memorable gift, you can gather pictures and memorabilia and put them into a photo album or scrapbook. This silver wedding anniversary gift becomes particularly special and meaningful if you ask friends and relatives about their favourite shared memories, funny anecdotes, holiday photos or pictures of family gatherings. Here’s how to create a photo album with pictures that the happy couple might not have themselves.

Handmade silver wedding anniversary gift: finished photo book.

Materials needed for a handmade silver wedding anniversary gift:

  • blank photo book or scrap book

  • different pens or pencils

  • washi tape and stickers

  • decorative scrapbook paper

  • pictures of the happy couple throughout their marriage

  • ruler, scissors and glue

You can be as creative as you like when designing the scrapbook/photo book. Decorate the individual pages with photos, wishes and little messages or quotes. This way, you'll create a unique silver wedding anniversary gift that the happy couple will still be having a look through for many years to come.

25th wedding anniversary cards: craft ideas & silver wedding anniversary wishes

The perfect gift should also include a silver wedding anniversary card, in which you can send your best wishes to the couple by writing down a few kind words. Your greetings card is especially meaningful if you create it from scratch. Below you will find two easy craft ideas for silver wedding anniversary cards as well as suitable silver wedding anniversary quotes that you could use for your card.

DIY 25th wedding anniversary cards: celebrate 25 years of marriage

25 years of marriage is an important milestone. You can create a quick and easy silver wedding anniversary card that will add a finishing touch to any gift. 

Materials needed for a 25th wedding anniversary card:

  • construction paper

  • silver paper hearts

  • double-sided adhesive pads

  • fineliner or a pencil

Silver wedding anniversary card: DIY greetings card with a 25 made out of paper hearts.

Here is how to make a 25th wedding anniversary card:

1. Start by folding the paper once in the middle. This is the outline for your greetings card.

2. Next, write the number “25” large enough so that it fills the page. Now, glue the silver paper hearts along the lines of the number 25 using adhesive pads.

3. Use a fineliner to write the names of the couple or some silver wedding anniversary wishes. Now your 25th wedding anniversary card is finished!

Homemade silver wedding anniversary card: puzzle pieces

After 25 years of marriage, the couple usually complete each other just like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. To bring this beautiful image to life, you can make this silver wedding anniversary card in no time at all. The card is easy to make and you will most probably already have most of the materials at home.

Materials needed for a silver wedding anniversary card with puzzle pieces:

  • black and white construction paper

  • cardboard

  • confetti hearts or small beads

  • pencil

  • scissors & adhesive pads

  • 2 puzzle pieces

Silver wedding anniversary cards: greetings card with puzzle pieces.

Here is how to make a silver wedding anniversary greetings card with two puzzle pieces:

1. Take the two puzzle pieces and trace one piece on white construction paper and one piece on black construction paper. In case the puzzle pieces are too small, you can retrace the puzzle pieces to the necessary size.

2. Now cut the cardboard to the desired size to get the basis for your card. You can now attach your puzzle pieces to the front with adhesive pads and decorate them r with beads or confetti hearts.

25th wedding anniversary wishes for a silver wedding greetings card

A special and meaningful silver wedding anniversary message can complete your gift or greetings card. This is a great way to pass on your best wishes to the happy couple. Below, you'll find a couple of examples of 25th wedding anniversary wishes and meaningful messages that could be used for the greetings card.

Love has no age, it is constantly reborn.

(Blaise Pascal)

Love is not about staring at each other, but staring off in the same direction.

(Antoine de Saint Exupéry)

Marriage is, and will always be, the most important journey of discovery that a man could ever do.

(Sören Kierkegaard)