Mother's Day idea: a little boy presents his mum with a bouquet for Mother's Day.

Mother's Day ideas: what can you do on Mother's Day?

Good planning is essential for Mother's Day celebrations to be memorable and for mum to be able to sit back and relax without worry. From a little ‘time out’ for her special day to a family outing, there are many ways to celebrate this special day. Here you can read about the activities that make Mother's Day a special occasion and how to make the planning smooth.

Mother's Day ideas: Mum gets a homemade card.

Table of contents

  • Planning Mother's Day: Tips for preparation

  • Mother's Day idea 1: Organise a pamper day

  • Mother's Day idea 2: Plan a Mother's Day outing

  • Mother's Day idea 3: Allow time out

  • Mother's Day idea 4: Celebrate in several generations

How to plan the per­fect Moth­er's Day

Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to show appreciation from the heart to a very special person. Whether you're looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift for your mum or helping your kids make a Mother's Day card, everything should be planned well to ensure the gifts are ready for the big day. We have collected some of the most important planning tips to celebrate Mother's Day in a special way:

  • When preparing, make sure that the mum doesn't find out about the special plans for the day or the gifts. That way the surprise will be perfect.

  • Involve your children in the planning: Even young children enjoy making or preparing something for their mum. Even if the result may not be perfect, it will certainly put a smile on mum's face.

  • You don't have to fill the day with activities and outings when mum might prefer to spend a few quiet hours at home and just relax.


Don't forget...

Even though Mother's Day is not celebrated the same way as birthday or Christmas parties, it is still important to start planning and preparing well in advance. Although there are also great ideas for last-minute Mother's Day gifts, if you want to prepare a gift together with your children or make something for mum, you should take enough time. The preparation will be less stressful and a much nicer experience for your children.


Moth­er's Day idea 1: Or­gan­ise a pam­per day for mum

Raising children is a full-time job that parents naturally master every day with a lot of love and patience. Mother's Day celebration is the ideal opportunity to appreciate mothers and give something back to them: The most valuable gift can be time to relax. You can create a beautiful ‘wellness day’ for mum in no time at all:

  • Every mother will be happy about this simple luxury: sleeping in and starting the morning relaxed. Even if your children can't wait to present you with handpicked flowers or homemade cards, you should let mum start the morning slowly. If your children are already awake early, just snuggle up in bed together again.

Mother's Day ideas: Family serves mum breakfast in bed.
  • The way to a mother's heart is through her stomach: on Mother's Day, every mum is guaranteed to be happy just to sit down at a table filled with food. When preparing breakfast together, even small children will enjoy helping and preparing different treats and decorating the table with some fresh flowers. In the afternoon, you can also add a delicious Mother's Day cake to the menu.

  • Organise a film evening together, where mum gets to decide on the TV programme. Make sure it's a real cinema night: switch off the lights, make some popcorn and put your feet up.

  • What could be better than rounding off Mother's Day with a wellness evening? A cup of tea, a good book and a hot bubble bath can do wonders to leave the stress of everyday life behind. Surely mum will also be happy about a special wellness package with bathing suits, a nourishing face mask and fragrant lotion. With new comfortable loungewear and a cosy blanket, the relaxation in the evening is then complete.

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Bear in mind that...

Mother's Day is primarily meant to celebrate and appreciate mum. But the day is also an important experience for children, and they should enjoy it. If you want to do some handicrafts together, that's a great idea. If mum and child/children are more excited about a family outing, that's also an option. The important thing is to create your own traditions.


Moth­er's Day idea 2: Plan a Moth­er's Day out­ing with the whole fam­i­ly

What can you do for Mother's Day? There's a reason why small family outings are one of the most popular ideas for Mother's Day: if the sun is shining and it stays dry, the early summer/spring weather on Mother's Day could be perfect for a family outing. Since Mother's Day is only a single holiday, local excursions and activities are best, saving you long travel times and allowing you to take full advantage of the day. Here are some ideas:

Family outing for Mother's Day: Family has a picnic in the park.
  • Organise a cosy picnic in the park. Just pack a big blanket and some healthy treats and find a nice spot in a local park. You can spend a few quiet minutes together while your children have plenty of space to run around.

  • A bike ride is a good idea - especially with older children. It allows you to explore nature at your own pace and to stop at picturesque places. At the same time, your children can let off steam, which can be the perfect way to spend a quiet evening afterwards.

  • If you're looking for a little adventure on Mother's Day, you can also plan a special Mother's Day outing - a boat trip, a ride in a real horse-drawn carriage, or a flight in a hot air balloon are guaranteed to be memorable experiences for young and old alike.


Don't forget...

The first Mother's Day with your baby is a very special experience for new parents. In your new busy everyday life it's easy to forget the date for Mother's Day. Set a reminder on your phone 2 weeks in advance, so you will have time to prepare.


Mother's Day idea: Mother spends time with her friends.

Mother's Day idea 3: Allow mum some well-deserved time off

Parents are there for their children every day, sharing every laugh, drying every tear, and dealing with the big and small problems of everyday life. A little time-out can often be the greatest gift. While dad or grandparents look after the children all day, mum gets the day for herself - for example, to meet up with friends and do something together or spend time with her hobby in peace and quiet.

A fantastic first Mother's Day gift is to give the new mum a few hours in which she can concentrate completely on herself and gather new strength. It is important for parents to take on household tasks and childcare together and share responsibilities throughout the year. Supporting and relieving each other should ideally be a matter of course when being parents. On her special day, however, you can relieve mum of her share of chores for a change, so she can enjoy herself carefree.

Mother's Day ideas: Daughter, mother and grandmother celebrate Mother's Day together.

Mother's Day idea 4: Invite grandmothers to Mother's Day too

A mother never stops being a mother, even when the children are long grown up and out of the house. So that you can also celebrate your mothers as adults with children of your own, you can make your day together a shared experience for several generations. You can make Mother's Day a wonderful family outing and celebrate grandmothers as well as mothers. You not only consciously take time to appreciate each other, but you also strengthen your family bond. Mum is also happy to spend quality time with her own mother.


Would you like to spend a pleasant day together and give mum a chance to relax and unwind? Or would you like to go on a family outing together? How you want to celebrate Mother's Day is entirely up to you - just create your own family traditions that will stay with you for years to come. Even the simplest Mother's Day ideas are sure to put a smile on mum's face if they come from the heart.

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