Daughter congratulates her mother on Mother's Day.

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts: Creative ideas & DIY projects

Traditionally, mothers are given small gifts on their special day as a token of love and gratitude. While children can make, paint, and design greeting cards and small gifts to please their mothers, adults usually have to come up with something else. In this article, we list Mother's Day gift ideas for every taste and give tips for last-minute Mother's Day gifts.

Adult daughter gives her mother a Mother's Day gift.

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  • Sustainable last-minute Mother's Day gifts

  • Shared activities for a Mother's Day gift

  • Quick DIY Mother's Day gifts

Sus­tain­able Moth­er's Day gifts: ideas for quick zero-waste gifts

Fancy gift wrapping with lots of plastic and glitter may be nice to look at, but it's not exactly sustainable. If you want to give your mum a gift that comes from the heart and is as sustainable as possible at the same time, here are some ideas for you:

  • Use the Mother's Day gift to do something good. Is there a good cause that is close to your mother's heart? Then a donation or (animal) sponsorship in her name can be a nice gift.

  • Does your mother like to garden? Then give her some local organic seeds to add some colour to her vegetable patch.

  • A bouquet for Mother's Day is an absolute classic - but make sure they are fair trade flowers. A nice last-minute Mother's Day gift that doesn't require cut flowers is a tree sponsorship.

  • If your mother is interested in fashion, she will be happy about a new, high-quality piece of clothing. Clothing made from sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, is a great gift that your mother will enjoy for a long time. Timeless patterns such as polka dots or checks are recommended.

If your mum has been interested in sustainable living for a while, but perhaps hasn't found the right starting point, your Mother's Day gifts can be the perfect starter set for a zero-waste lifestyle. Read on for two more detailed ideas for sustainable Mother's Day gifts.

Sustainable cosmetics box as a Mother's Day gift.

Homemade zero-waste cosmetic kit as a Mother's Day gift

A beauty set with shower gel and body lotion from the drugstore is probably one of the most popular last-minute Mother's Day gifts. You can make this gift more unique, high-quality, and sustainable if you put it together yourself. It's best to choose sustainable products or natural cosmetics. For example, you can put the following in your sustainable beauty gift basket:

  • A solid bar of soap

  • Solid shower gel or shampoo

  • Solid deodorant

  • Bamboo toothbrush

  • loofah sponge

  • Reusable make-up remover pads

  • Organic face oil

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If you want your Mother's Day gift to be particularly unique, you can get creative and make homemade soap or a bath additive, for example. If you have children, these DIY gift ideas are great to make together.


Sus­tain­able Moth­er's Day treats

If you know your mum loves to snack, you can give her something sweet for Mother's Day. A tasting box with a variety of sustainable and fair-trade sweets is a great idea. If you want to get a little more creative, you can give a homemade cake mix in a jar. Again, make sure you use sustainable baking ingredients.

A last-minute idea for Mother's Day: Homemade baking mix in a preserving jar.

Here's how to do it:

  • Weigh out the ingredients in the correct quantity and fill a large, clean jar using a funnel.

  • Make sure to layer coarse ingredients on top of fine ingredients.

  • For greater colour contrast, you can use dark sugar, e.g. raw cane sugar.

Your baking mix should contain a homemade recipe that you have written out yourself - that way your mum will know which ingredients need to be added fresh. Homemade baking mixes work best when the recipe consists mainly of dry ingredients and only a few other ingredients (e.g. eggs, butter) need to be added afterwards.


Bear in mind that...

Once you've found the perfect Mother's Day gift, you'll want to present it lovingly. You don't necessarily have to use wrapping paper, which creates a lot of paper waste. Depending on what you're giving, reusable gift bags can be a good option. Alternatively, you can wrap smaller Mother's Day gifts in a scarf ("furoshiki"). We show you how to do this in our article "Creative gift wrapping". It's best to choose a high-quality scarf or a bandana that your mother would like to wear - this way the wrapping itself becomes a gift.


Giv­ing time away for Moth­er's Day: last-minute Moth­er's Day gifts that come from the heart

It's never too late to learn something new. When all the children are out of the house, your mum may have time and energy to find new hobbies and leisure activities. So, for example, vouchers for activities and excursions can often be just the right choice. It's even nicer if you can spend time together and discover something new. The following Mother's Day gift ideas are guaranteed to please:

Mother and son spend time together and eat homemade cake.
  • Flower arranging workshop: If the classic bouquet for Mother's Day is not original enough for you, you can find a good compromise with a flower tying workshop. Especially if your mother loves flowers and decorating, the floral workshop is an ideal Mother's Day gift.

  • Cooking class: A cooking class is the most fun if it can open up new culinary worlds. Why not get to know a few vegan dishes or a foreign cuisine (e.g. dishes from Thailand, Mexico or Ethiopia) together?

  • Wellness day: There's nothing better for Mother's Day than giving your mum a well-deserved break where she can concentrate on herself. The last-minute Mother's Day gift could be a spa day with a relaxing massage and sauna visit, a visit to the hairdresser, or a manicure. This is something you can judge for yourself.


Don't forget...

If you would like to buy a more valuable Mother's Day gift, you can also join forces with your siblings and invest in something that your mother will enjoy for a long time. This could be a tech gadget like an e-reader, or a piece of clothing made from an exclusive material like cashmere.


Last-minute Moth­er's Day gifts: 3 great DIY ideas

Before you know it, Mother's Day will be just around the corner. If you haven't kept track of the exact date for Mother's Day, you may be caught off guard by the upcoming special day. Don't worry there are plenty of Mother's Day gift ideas that require little preparation and will still put a smile on your mum's face:

Fra­grant DIY Scent­ed Sa­chets

A DIY sachet is easy to put together. With a small linen or jute bag, a colourful ribbon and fragrant herbs or flowers, you can create a fragrant Mother's Day gift quickly and easily. A lavender sachet can be placed under the pillow to help you sleep or as a natural moth repellent for the wardrobe.

Quick home­made Moth­er's Day gift: Dec­o­rate a choco­late box

You can turn a simple chocolate box into a sweet gift that comes from the heart in no time at all. All you need is a box of individually wrapped chocolates or chocolate bars and a few stickers or homemade pendants on which you can write little messages of thanks or love to your mum.

Mother's Day gift idea: Mother receives a photo album as a gift from her daughters.

Create unusual DIY photo gifts for Mother's Day

Your parents' house is full of family and childhood photos of you and your siblings, capturing both everyday and special moments. If you want to send your mum on a real trip down memory lane, you can collect the best shots and create a special album - an absolute Mother's Day classic, but a little more time-consuming.

You can also create unique Mother's Day gifts from individual photos: A fun idea, for example, is to recreate a childhood photo of you or your siblings as adults - in the same place and the same pose.

Alternatively, you can make bookmarks from photos of your mother's children and grandchildren: Simply attach the photo to a piece of cardboard and cut it out along the contours. Then all that is left to do is make a hole in the picture at a suitable spot, thread a string through it and protect the picture with adhesive foil if necessary. Of course, photos that show you, your siblings, or your children in a stretched-out position work well.


If you want to give your mother an unusual gift for Mother's Day, you don't have to go to great expense. The simplest gifts are often the ones your mum will enjoy the most. Particularly shared activities where you can create new memories, as well as homemade and sustainable gifts that she will enjoy for a long time, are an absolute highlight for Mother's Day.

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