Girl gives her mum a bouquet and a card she made herself for Mother's Day.

Mother's Day: Origin and traditions of the family holiday

Mother's Day is an important part of family life: young children especially love to surprise their mothers with homemade gifts and shower them with lots of affection and attention. Together with their fathers, children make cards and small gifts that make mum's eyes light up. But even children who are already grown up want to celebrate their mother appropriately on this important day. In this guide, we therefore not only explain the Mother's Day origins but also give tips for craft projects and gift ideas that come from the heart.

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Mother's Day - origins and meaning: Where does Mother's Day come from?

The origins of Mother's Day can be traced far back in history. Some researchers already see the origins of Mother's Day in the ritual worship of mother deities such as Rhea or Kybele in ancient times.

Two small children congratulate their mother with a card and a bouquet.

Another possible origin of Mother's Day is seen in medieval England, where on "Mothering Sunday" the "Mother Church" (i.e. the church where one was baptised) was to be visited. This holiday evolved into a day when servants were given the day off to visit their mother and go to church together. Secular Mother's Day is still celebrated in the UK today on the same date - the fourth Sunday in Lent.

Modern Mother's Day, as celebrated in many other Western countries, originated in the United States, and was shaped there by the women's rights movement. As early as 1914, Mother's Day was declared a bank holiday in the USA, and it was decided that Mother’s Day should fall on the second Sunday in May. Countries in Europe adopted Mother’s Day at different times ranging from a few centuries ago to early last centenary.

Father and daughter bring their mother breakfast in bed on Mother's Day.

When is Mother's Day?

Mother's Day is a holiday that is celebrated worldwide, but not all countries celebrate it on the same date. Most European countries celebrate Mother’s Day between February and May.


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Flowers are one of the most popular gifts for Mother's Day. The classic gift generates 100 to 200 million euros in sales for the flower trade every year, surpassed only by Valentine's Day.


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Mother's Day idea: Little boy presents his mum with a bouquet for Mother's Day.

Mother's Day ideas: How to plan a beautiful Mother's Day

It's up to you whether you want to spend Mother's Day in a cosy atmosphere and pamper your mum, or whether you prefer to go on a family outing. The most important thing on Mother's Day is that mum can sit back and relax and that everything is organised for her. To find the right ideas for Mother's Day, dad should of course give the children a hand. We show you here which activities are fun and easy for a fantastic Mother's Day.

Planning Mother's Day


Bear in mind that...

Mother's Day is a popular day for shared activities with mum. Therefore, many destinations may be very busy. Especially if you are planning an activity where places are limited (e.g. a visit to a restaurant), you should think about making a reservation well in advance.


Make a Mother's Day gift – Mother's Day gifts lie on a table.

Mother's Day crafts: Creative ideas for kids and toddlers

Children love to surprise their mothers on Mother's Day with arty gifts. The first creative attempts at handicrafts are guaranteed to put a smile on mum's face and at the same time make a great souvenir. Younger children need a little help with handicrafts and are happy to let dad help them. If you are still looking for inspiration for unique craft ideas for Mother's Day, you will find various ideas from craft ideas for the little ones to clever DIY ideas and loving keepsakes in our article:

Craft ideas for Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day – Send greetings with homemade Mother's Day cards.

Mother's Day Cards: Homemade Greeting Cards for Mother's Day

A homemade card is a classic gift for Mother's Day and the ideal complement for a small gift. The card also offers enough space to say a few kind words to mum. While smaller children like to do crafts for mum together with their dad or grandparents, older children can let off creative steam by themselves. We give you some craft ideas in different levels of difficulty so that everyone from toddlers to adults can create the right Mother's Day card.

Homemade Mother's Day Cards
A daughter congratulates her mother on Mother's Day.

Quick gift ideas for Mother's Day: How to find the perfect last-minute Mother's Day gift

While children enjoy craft ideas for Mother's Day, adults usually look for other ways to give their mother a special treat on her day of honour. If you are looking for alternatives to the classic bouquet or uncomplicated DIY ideas, you will find various ideas for creative, sustainable, or intangible last-minute Mother's Day gifts in our article.

Last minute Mother's Day gifts


Bear in mind that...

Until children are old enough to understand the significance of Mother's Day, the presents and surprises fall to dad. Keepsake gifts such as hand or footprints of the baby or a professional family photoshoot are fantastic ideas for first-time mothers' days.


Mother's Day cake: Simple cake with fruit and chocolate icing.

Baking for Mother's Day: recipe idea for a delicious Mother's Day cake

A homemade cake is guaranteed to sweeten mum's special day. We have a sugary sweet recipe that will give mum a fantastic treat. Our step-by-step baking instructions will help even inexperienced bakers to create a delicious Mother's Day cake. Of course, children should be supported and supervised by their dad or grandparents.

Homemade Mother's Day Cake


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