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Baby Shower - Everything You Need to Know

The journey of having your own baby is a wonderful thing. As the bump grows rounder and rounder and the due date gets closer and closer it will soon be the perfect time for a baby shower.

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Where does the baby show­er tra­di­tion come from?

Many people may think that modern baby showers originated in the USA as they are enthusiastically celebrated there. However, while the term ‘baby shower’ is quite recent, the traditions of celebrating pregnancy and woman becoming mothers come from ancient civilisations.

In ancient India, the Vedic Seemantham ritual was celebrated in honour of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. She is considered the goddess of wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Pregnant women are respected and honoured as they are considered the embodiment of Lakshmi. They were given dried fruits, delicacies, and other gifts to nurture the growth of the baby. The ritual was performed on the 7th month of pregnancy when it was thought that the baby’s ears could perceive sounds. Rhythmically repeated mantras are a central aspect of the Seemantham ritual. Even today, different versions of this ritual are celebrated in different regions of India. For example, in northern India, the tradition of Godh Bharai welcomes women as new mothers and asks for a healthy and successful birth.

The modern baby shower originated during the 1950’s baby boom in the USA. The purpose of the celebration was (and still is) to give the mother-to-be much-needed baby items. The name baby shower comes from ‘showering the mother with gifts and love’. Nowadays, many American women hold very elaborate baby showers with professional and lavish decorations.

In Europe, holding larger baby showers is becoming more popular. It’s not surprising as holding a baby shower is a great opportunity to spend a nice afternoon with all your friends. The modern baby shower is no longer just for women; dads-to-be and good friends are also welcome to join in the fun. A well-planned, professionally decorated baby shower is just one way of celebrating this exciting time. The party should be adapted to what the mum-to-be would like. True to the motto ‘Anything goes’, anything the mum and her guests will enjoy is OK at a baby shower.


Don't forget...

Set the budget early in the baby shower planning process. It will help decide what is possible for the party.


Pregnant woman welcomes guests at her baby shower.

Organising a baby shower

The baby shower traditionally takes place from the 25th week of pregnancy. It is usually organised by the best friend, sister, or mother of the expectant mother. There are a lot of things to think about. Timing, location, invitations are just the tip of the iceberg. Read here how to organise the perfect baby shower. Also, this handy checklist will give you some ideas on how to organise a baby shower.

Baby shower organisation
Decoration for a successful baby shower.

Baby shower decorations

The first step in decorating for a baby shower is to decide on a theme that will dictate the style of the room, table, and invitations. If you know that the baby will be a girl, your baby shower can be decorated in girly soft pink and white. For a boy, the dominant colours would be different shades of blue. You can also choose a completely different theme, for example, an outdoor summer party with lots of flowers etc. Once you've decided on a theme, it's time to prepare and decorate. In this article, you will find lots of tips and inspiration for your baby shower decorations.

Decorating for a baby shower
Unwrapping gifts at a baby shower.

Baby shower gifts

Gifts are, of course, a must for a baby shower. Traditionally, the mum-to-be is given useful items such as clothesequipment, and accessories for the baby shower. It's not just the gift that counts - it's also important how it's given. Whether it's an extravagant nappy cake, some cute bodysuit cupcakes, or a gift basket: in this article, you'll find lots of inspiration and tips for the perfect baby shower gift.


Did you know that...

A baby uses around 3,000 nappies in the first year, so a nappy gift is something useful for young parents.


Gifts for a baby shower
Baby shower game ideas.

Entertaining baby shower games

Many baby-themed games are played at baby showers. These usually take a little preparation but will bring a lot of fun to your baby party. Some of them are variations of popular classics with a baby-themed twist that adds a whole new dynamic. In this article, we introduce 10 of the most popular baby shower games and give you some useful tips on how to prepare for and play them.

Tip: Baby shower games are a lot of fun. Don't forget to take photos! If you own an instant camera, your guests can take the memorable snapshots home immediately after the party.

Baby shower games
Prepared food as a buffet for the baby shower.

Preparing food for the baby shower

What would a party be without good food? Anything that tastes good and is fun is allowed at a baby shower. You could, for example, create a buffet entirely from the favourite dishes of the mum-to-be. But there are also typical foods and finger foods that are part of the baby shower theme. In this article, you'll find lots of ideas for baby shower food - from candy bars and delicious non-alcoholic cocktails to step-by-step guides for baby shower cakes. With our recipes, you will be able to create fantastic food for the party.

Food for a baby shower



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