Colourful cupcakes at a baby shower.

Delicious Baby Shower Food

The mum-to-be and all the girls have been invited, the baby shower decorations have been bought and some great games have been planned: All you need now for a successful party is a delicious cake, some snacks, and drinks. With specially decorated and themed baby shower snacks, the food will not only be delicious but also look fantastic.

Baby show­er cake

Every good baby shower has a gorgeous baby shower cake. There are countless flavours and decorations for baby shower cakes. You can order a professionally decorated cake from your local bakery or put together a small cake buffet with your friends. Want to surprise the soon-to-be-mum with a baby shower cake? No problem, with this little tutorial you'll amaze all your friends.

Cake with flowers in shades of pink.

What do you need for the flowery baby shower cake?

  • Ready-made cake layers: These are available in large supermarkets with chocolate or vanilla flavour.

  • Dessert sauces: You can get a wide range of these too, from raspberry sauce to chocolate.

  • Berries: Depending on the season, fresh or from the freezer.

  • Cream cheese: see recipe

  • Fresh flowers: make sure not to use any poisonous plant species.

  • Cake spatula

  • Whisk

  • Nice cake plate

Recipe for cream cheese

Making the cream cheese for the baby shower cake is quick and simple. In a large bowl, mix 400 g double cream cheese, 80 g sugar, 1 sachet of vanilla sugar, and 2 tbsp lemon juice. In a second bowl, whip 250 g of whipped cream with 2 sachets of cream thickener until it becomes stiff. Then carefully fold the cream into the cream cheese mix with a cake spatula – and you are done. Add food colouring to match the theme colours of the party.


Bear in mind that...

The colour and decoration of the food should match the baby shower’s theme.


Dec­o­rat­ing the baby show­er cake

Wash the fresh berries or defrost the frozen berries and drain them in a colander. Prepare the cream cheese and then put a third of the cream in the fridge. You will need this to cover the cake later. Now the creative part of the cake art begins. First place a cake base on your cake plate. Then alternate layers of cream, berries, sauces, and cake layers. Make sure that you put a cake layer at the top to make it easier for you to decorate the cake.

Put the cake in the fridge for 1 hour so that the layers set together. Next, cover the cake with the remaining cream from the fridge. Don't worry if the cream is not even. The beautiful flowers will make the cake look fantastic even with a wild texture. Cut the heads off the flowers and arrange the flowers, petals, and plant leaves around the cake. For that extra bit of baby-themed decoration add some baby dummies or figurines for the perfect cake. We show you how in the article Baby shower decorations.

If you're not sure which flowers are allowed near food, here is a list of edible flowers for you:

  • Roses

  • Carnations

  • Pansies

  • Daisies

  • Camomile

  • Hibiscus

  • Lavender

  • Lilacs

  • Chrysanthemums

  • and much more …

Baby show­er cup­cakes

Cupcakes and muffins have been very popular for many years. They are quick and easy to make and can be decorated almost any way you please.  Baby shower cupcakes can be served instead of or in addition to the baby shower cake.

The cupcake uses a muffin for a base, on which you spread cream cheese. For baby shower cupcakes, you can choose any recipe to suit the taste of the mum-to-be. The following vanilla cupcake recipe is the perfect base and can be jazzed up with almost any spice, such as cinnamon, lavender or lemon.

Decorated baby shower cupcakes.

For the base of the baby shower vanilla cupcake, you will need:

  • 200 g flour

  • 160 g sugar

  • 200 g soft butter

  • 4 eggs

  • 2 tsp baking powder

  • The pulp of a vanilla pod or 1 pinch of ground vanilla

  • A pinch of salt

  • 12 muffin tins

  • 1 muffin tray

  • A hand mixer

Preheat the oven to 180 °C. In a large bowl, gradually combine all the ingredients, mixing the batter with the whisk of a hand mixer until creamy. You can simply place metal muffin tins on a baking tray. Soft paper cases are best placed in a muffin tin. Divide the mix between the muffin cups and bake for about 20 minutes. Use a skewer to check if your muffins are cooked properly: Insert a (metal or bamboo) skewer into the centre of one muffin.  The skewer will come out clean if the muffins are baked through - if you want your muffins to be extra moist, small crumbs of batter (but no liquid!) should still stick to the skewer.

For the cream topping, you can use the same recipe as for the baby shower cake. You can quickly learn how to make decorative cream cheese frosting with a piping bag. If you don't have a piping bag at hand, simply fill the cream into a freezer bag and cut off one of the bottom corners.

Tip: If you hollow out the cupcake slightly with a small spoon, you can fill extra frosting or fruit into your cupcakes.

Then place small baby-themed sugar figures, real flowers, or painted baby designs on the cupcake cream. You can find out how to make your own colour-coordinated baby decorations in the article on baby party decorations. You can also make little signs out of pretty paper and toothpicks and decorate the cupcakes with kind words or witty sayings for the baby shower. Put the cupcakes in the fridge until the baby shower so that the cream stays firm.

Can­dy bar snacks

Every person with a sweet tooth will love this idea. The candy bar is the sweet version of the traditional buffet.

The secret to making a great baby shower candy bar is using beautiful storage jars, cake platters, bowls, and étagère. As the food is usually made with bright colours, neutral-coloured items such as glass and ceramics are ideal for tableware. The cake forms the centre of the baby shower candy bar with the drinks on one side and snacks on the other. Make sure that the taller trays are at the back and the small bowls are at the front. A few decorated jam and baby food jars will make great cutlery and napkins jars.

A candy bar baby shower party.

Some delicious baby shower snack ideas:

  • Small marshmallows

  • Popcorn (sweet or salty)

  • Small chocolate confectioneries (with white and pink sugar coating)

  • Filled chocolates

  • Baby shower cake and cupcakes

  • Fruit skewers

  • Meringue kisses

  • Raffaelos

Baby show­er drinks

Toasting the mum-to-be is part of the celebrations. So that the mum-to-be doesn't have to drink water while everyone toasts with Prosecco, you can create a delicious, alcohol-free cocktail for everyone. And for those who want a little more sparkle, a DIY Prosecco bar is perfect.


Make sure that...

Make sure there are some interesting alcohol-free alternatives for the pregnant party goers, so they can join in the fun.


Mocktails - pink lemonade with berries and flowers served in a baby bottle.

Baby shower cocktails served in a baby bottle

How about a little non-alcoholic cocktail to get everyone in the mood and ready for the baby shower games?

For these baby shower cocktails you'll need the following:

  • 1 baby bottle per guest

  • Decorative straws

  • Raspberries or blueberries

  • Wild berry lemonade or pink tonic

  • Elderberry syrup

  • Edible flower petals (see baby shower cake list)

  • Wooden skewers

Prepare your own ice cubes the night before and let them freeze overnight. Fill an ice cube mould with water and then dip another flower into each cube. Chill the syrup and lemonade as well. Just before the party, fill each baby bottle with 2 ice cubes, 1 teaspoon of elderberry syrup, a few berries, and some lemonade. Skewer 3 berries with a wooden skewer and then place them in the bottle together with a nice straw. Your mocktails are ready to serve.

Tip: Instead of cocktails, you can also offer some exotic coffee drinks and flavoured teas to match the baby shower cake.

Prosecco bar with fresh berries at a baby shower.

Baby shower Prosecco bar

Sparkling wine and punch are the classic toasting drinks, but for a baby shower, we can make it a little more colourful.

The Prosecco bar needs one thing above all: sparkling wine, Prosecco, or champagne. And for all pregnant or breastfeeding guests: sparkling water, various juices, or lemonade. Put the bottles in the fridge the night before. If you want to display the bottles on the candy bar, make sure they stay nice and cold. Fill a large aluminium tub or, to keep with the baby theme, a baby bathtub with ice cubes and put the bottles in.

Write a shopping list in advance. Fresh fruit and herbs are best cut in the morning and kept cool until the party starts. Frozen fruit adds some extra freshness to the drink but is difficult to keep cold at the Prosecco bar. Portion servings into small bowls and serve with matching small spoons.

Examples of some delicious herbs for the Prosecco are:

  • Mint

  • Basil

  • Sage

  • Lavender

The best thing about the DIY Prosecco bar is the creations that come from it. The more variety you offer the baby shower guests, the more exotic the drinks become. Be creative and hold a vote for the best drink at the end!

Make shopping lists and bookmark recipes during the planning of the baby shower. Things tend to get hectic just before the party and good planning helps you to keep things in control and make fewer mistakes. With a nice combination of delicious recipes and colour-coordinated decorations, your baby shower will be a great success!

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