Happy guests at a baby shower party.

The 10 Best Baby Shower Games

It does take much more than a group of good friends, some delicious food, and great gifts to create a fun vibe. Still, a party only gets better when some fun games are added to the mix. And as expected, these games are focused on the soon-to-arrive offspring.

Baby Show­er Game 1 – Guess the Bel­ly Size

After at least 7 months, the mum-to-be's tummy should be nice and big and round. But how big is it? Hand out paper and pens to the guests and ask them to estimate the circumference of her belly. It's harder than you think, and some guesses will be way off the mark! When everyone has submitted their guesses, measure the tummy and whoever guessed the closest wins.

What do you need to play?

  • Pens and paper

  • Measuring tape

Tip: When choosing games, keep in mind what games the mum-to-be might prefer and don’t choose games that are too silly or degrading.

A baby shower game based on ‘Categories’.

Baby Shower Game 2 - Baby ‘Categories’

The popular children's classic game ‘Categories’ can easily be modified for a baby shower. Instead of the familiar categories, the baby version revolves around baby themes. This can be done with:

  • Baby names (from Anthony to Zoe)

  • Baby clothes (e.g. hats, bibs, bodysuits, ...)

  • Baby toys (e.g. rattle, grasping ring, bath book, ...)

  • Baby care products (e.g. baby powder, wet wipes, nappy cream, ...)

  • Developmental milestones (e.g. crawling, teething, talking, ...)

Finally, you can add any category you like, just use your imagination.

To keep the game on track, you might want to set some rules. For example, you could limit the baby names to English names or only allow words from the Oxford dictionary.

Otherwise, the baby-themed ‘Categories’ works just like its well-known role model. Points are awarded as follows:

  • 5 points per category if at least one other player has the same answer

  • 10 points per category if the answer was unique

  • 20 points per category if only one player found the answer

The player with the most points wins!

What do you need for this baby shower game?

  • Enough printouts of our game template – alternatively, blank sheets of paper

  • A pen for each player

  • An egg timer or mobile phone with a timer

Download the game template PDF

Painting baby clothes at a baby shower.

Baby Shower Game 3 – Painting Bodysuits and Bibs

This baby shower game is not only lots of fun, but the players will also create a souvenir for both mother and baby. You will need some plain baby clothes, preferably in white or light pastel shades. Plenty of baby clothes are suitable for painting: bodysuits, bibs, and caps, for example. Buy different sized baby clothes so that the new mum can enjoy your artwork for a longer time. It's best to buy enough clothes so there are some spares - experience shows that one or two creative attempts go wrong at the first attempt.

Textile markers and glitter pens are available in a wide range of colours. Textile markers are as easy as felt-tip pens to use. There are also environmentally friendly textile crayons or wax-based textile markers. These contain a high proportion of natural beeswax and work well on cotton fabrics. Detailed instructions will come with the pens.

Make sure that there is enough sturdy cardboard to place between each layer of baby clothes. This will prevent the colour from bleeding through. Once everything is ready, it’s time to let loose and get creative with the colourful pens and create some cute works of art. Once everyone has finished, let the clothes dry for at least 6 hours and then iron inside out.

You can hang all the painted bodysuits to dry on a garland so that everyone can enjoy the artwork during the rest of the party. Depending on which textile pens are used, the DIY baby suits can usually be washed inside out at up to 40 degrees. Please follow the exact instructions on the packaging.What do you need for this baby shower game?

  • Plain light-coloured baby clothes in different sizes

  • Textile markers

  • Sufficient space

  • Sturdy cardboard

  • An iron


Don't forget...

Don't forget to capture all the fun with some photos. If you have an instant camera, you can give the snapshots to the party guests as souvenirs.


Baby Show­er Game 4 – Don’t Say ‘Baby’!

Baby showers all have one thing in common – they are all themed around a baby. This baby shower game is sure to bring lots of fun as people slip up or create funny situations because the word ‘baby’ is banned from now on! Give each guest three wooden clothes pegs when they arrive that attach to the front of their clothes. Whenever someone is caught saying the word ‘baby’ they have to give a clothes peg to the person who caught them. The person who has collected the most clothes pegs at the end of the party wins!

All that’s needed is:

  • 3 wooden clothes pegs per guest

Baby shower game Price check.

Baby Shower Game 5 – Price Check

This baby shower game is a real challenge, especially for the non-mums among the group. Pack baskets full of baby gifts and care products. Each basket should contain at least 6 different things so that the game is not too easy. The baskets should be easy to see. The game is to guess what the value of each basket is. Whoever is closest gets to keep the basket and its contents. Of course, most party guests give their winnings to the mum-to-be.

What do you need for this baby shower game?

  • Small baskets or gift boxes

  • Baby products (e.g. care products, small toys, pacifiers, ...)

  • Baby clothes (e.g. caps, bodysuits, socks, ...)

Baby Show­er Game 6 – Birth­day Cards

With this touching baby shower game, the guests can send the newborn baby birthday greetings for the years to come. Simply hand out plain folded cards with envelopes. Before you hand out the cards, write the birthdays on the envelope, for example, 1st to 18th birthday. Each guest creates a birthday greeting card and writes nice wishes and kind words to the child. The cards are then kept safe and then given to the birthday child every year on his or her special day.

What do you need for this baby shower game?

  • 18 plain folded greeting cards with envelopes

  • Pens

  • Decorations, such as stickers or glitter


Make sure that...

Prepare the baby shower games in advance and pack everything you need for each game safely together. Then when you play the game you will have everything at hand.


Baby shower game with nappy messages.

Baby Shower Game 7 – Nappy Messages

With the nappy messages, you give the parents-to-be comfort in the ‘darkest hour’. All you need are some nappies, some thick felt tip pens, and some nice ideas. The guests write little sayings, drawings, and encouraging words on the back of the nappies. With these lovingly inscribed nappies, waking up at night and changing nappies will be just a little bit nicer.

What do you need for this baby shower game?

  • A pack of nappies

  • Thick felt tip pens

Baby Show­er Game 8 – Nap­py Chang­ing Game

Nappy changing becomes one of the main activities after the baby is born. So it's a great time to practice! Each player is blindfolded and puts a cloth nappy around a balloon. This must be fixed with a safety pin so that the nappy fits well – all without bursting the balloon. Each player who masters this task receives a small prize. Alternatively, you can time players and the quickest wins.

What do you need for this nappy changing contest?

Guessing baby food flavours at a baby shower.

Baby Shower Game 9 – Guess the Baby Food

Papaya apple banana, apricot elderflower, peas with sweet potato....

The different flavours of baby food are virtually endless. But who can guess them? Buy a variety of baby food flavours for this game. You can either blindfold the players and do a blind tasting or simply tape over the labels. Let the players compete against each other and guess the flavours. Delicious fun!

What do you need for this baby shower game?

  • A variety of flavours of baby food

  • Blindfold or sticky labels

  • Spoons

Baby Show­er Game 10 – Baby Bin­go

Traditionally, mums-to-be receive lots of presents at their baby shower. To make unwrapping fun for everyone, you can make a baby bingo game out of it. Each guest gets a bingo slip with 5 by 5 squares. Before the presents are opened, each player fills in the squares with typical baby gifts. To play fairly, the players must not write their own gift down.

Whenever mum-to-be opens a gift that matches one of the squares on a bingo card, it is marked with a cross. There are special baby-themed stickers that could be used, however, a simple circle or tick off also works. The first person to have a full row of five on the card wins. Horizontal, vertical and diagonal rows count.

What do you need for this baby shower game?

Download the bingo cards PDF

Prizes for the Baby Show­er Games

It’s a good idea to have lots of small, fun prizes ready for the winners of these games.

Here are a few ideas for your baby shower game prizes:

  • Small bags of sweets

  • Voucher for a coffee break with the mum-to-be

  • Small care products such as nail varnish, hand cream, bath oils

  • Small bottles of Prosecco

  • High-quality packets of tea

Whichever way you design the baby shower games; the fun should always be at the forefront along with giving the mum-to-be a great time.

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