Baby gift ideas in a neutral design.

Gifts for Newborns

DIY ideas for baby gifts

What do you give to celebrate a birth?  This is the question of all questions when someone you know gives birth. The baby gift should be unique and practical and it’s much better if it is homemade.

In our illustrated DIY baby gift tutorials, we show you step-by-step how you can make great gifts for new parents. Our gift ideas offer plenty of space for you to add your own ideas and choose your own useful little baby gifts – so you can customize the gift to the needs and preferences of the new parents.

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DIY newborn gifts for girls in soft shades of pink.

Baby gifts for boys and girls

Gifts for newborns can be made for both boys and girls, of course.

baby gift for girls can be decorated in the classic shades of pink and pastel. When choosing girls’ baby clothes for the gift, look for things like caps with delicate lace appliqués or bodysuits with heart or rose patterns as they work well. Matching pink and red ribbons and bows will complete the look.

Gifts for Newborn Girls
DIY newborn gifts for boys in beautiful shades of blue.

To decorate for boys, use blue and grey colours. Boys’ baby clothes with cute animals or cheeky patterns are just as good as the classic bodysuits. Finish off the gift with a lush blue ribbon.

Gifts for Newborn Boys

If you don't know the baby's gender yet or don't want to stick to traditional colours, then you still have a wide range of colours to choose from.

White and grey baby clothes look very classy, while bodysuits and caps in beautiful shades of green and yellow will add some colour to your gift.

Finally, all babies love soft and cuddly things, and they are not interested in design and colours. But they play an important role for most parents. Which style they prefer is entirely up to the individual.


Don't forget...

Use diapers that are a few sizes too big for the nappy cake. Then the new parents can enjoy looking at the cake until the baby grows into the nappies.


Dec­o­rat­ing the baby gifts

To turn standard baby gifts into personalised gifts, you'll need baby clothes such as bodysuits, little hats, and scarves, as well as practical baby care products.

IIn the instructions, we give you tips on which products are best suited for decorating each new parents’ gift.

When buying baby clothes, however, you should always pay attention to the size: choose the clothes rather a little larger, so that the new parents can enjoy the cake as a decoration as the baby grows into the clothes you have bought.

Baby clothing sizes are given as body height in centimetres.

The following table will help you choose the right size:

Clothing size / Age in months

50 / 0 - 1

56 / 0 - 1

62 / 2 - 3

68 / 3 - 6

74 / 6 - 9

80 / 9 - 12

86 / 12 - 18

92 / 18 - 24

The table is only a guide as some babies are smaller and some larger. In any case, when choosing clothes, also consider the season. If you want to choose long-sleeved and warm baby clothes calculate how old the baby will be at the beginning of autumn and choose the correct size.

A DIY nappy cake with decorative materials.

Diaper cake - the classic baby gift

The nappy cake is probably the most popular DIY baby gift. The nappies are a practical and welcome gift for new parents, and you can decorate diaper cakes with all kinds of useful little gifts. In our step-by-step nappy cake tutorial, you will find all the information and tips on how to make this baby gift yourself.

Diaper cake
Neutral owl homemade diaper cake in neutral shades.

Owl diaper cake - cute gift for newborns

While this super cute baby gift is made of nappies, it is quite different from a standard diaper cake. With our illustrated step-by-step instructions for owl diaper cakes, you can easily recreate this cute gift. Of course, we'll give you all sorts of useful tips on how to decorate it for pregnant women or new moms and dads.

Owl diaper cake
Neutral designed bear diaper cake in neutral shades.

Bear diaper cake tutorial

This cute bear diaper cake is the perfect gift for newborns: it's cute, decorative, and can be given with all sorts of useful baby items. In our bear diaper cake tutorial, we give you some ideas on how to add the finishing touches to your bear with baby bodysuits and cute bibs. There are no limits to how you can decorate this baby gift: you can make the bear look unique with different baby clothes and by adding different facial expressions.

Bear diaper cake
Finished motorcycle diaper cake in neutral colours.

Motorcycle diaper cake – a cool baby gift

The unique nappy bike is a fantastic gift for hip parents and cool kids. With the homemade motorcycle made completely from nappies, you will attract some attention at the baby shower. With our practical step-by-step instructions, the motorcycle diaper cake is very easy to make yourself at home. The nappy bike is not only a super gift for new fathers and their sons – with a few simple steps, the bike becomes a great gift for girls too.

Motorbike nappy cake
Neutrally designed pram nappy cake.

Pram nappy cake craft

The pram nappy cake is easy and quick to make. With colourful bows and small baby gifts for decoration, you can turn the pram nappy cake into an individual gift in no time. It’s not complete without a doll or teddy sleeping in the pram - a cute cuddly toy or handkerchief works perfectly for this. In our craft instructions, we show you how you can make this sweet gift in easy-to-follow steps.

Pram nappy cake
A finished bodysuit bouquet.

Baby bodysuit bouquet - A quick gift for newborns

The baby bodysuit rose bouquet is not a diaper cake, but it is a super easy-to-make DIY gift. You can completely customise this last-minute baby gift how you like. Along with a flowerpot, floral foam, and planting sticks, you only need a few beautiful baby clothes to make the roses. We recommend you use bodysuits, socks, caps, or flannel cloths. In our step-by-step instructions, we show you how you can make this unusual baby gift.

Baby bodysuit bouquet