Men's and women's New Year's Eve outfits: a festively dressed couple.

Stylish New Year’s Eve outfits for a glamorous new year

The end of the year is the perfect opportunity to pull out your most elegant and exciting outfits from your wardrobe and to get dressed up. These outfits will ensure you welcome in the new year in style, whether you're looking to dazzle with the fireworks in an elegantly sparkly dress or a chic, but casual New Year's Eve outfit for a party with your family.

Time­less New Year's Eve out­fits for ladies: the lit­tle black dress

The little black dress is an undisputed fashion classic and a true all-rounder that can be combined in many ways and a must-have for any wardrobe. It is classy, elegant, stylish and it always looks great. - The little black dress can be worn with different styles and it serves as a wonderful basis for individual and timeless New Year's Eve outfits that will suit you perfectly.

Women’s New Year’s Eve outfits: the little black dress is a timeless classic for New Year's Eve.
  • If you are looking for an elegant but simple little black dress, an etui dress in midi length is the perfect choice.

  • If you prefer something more exciting, you can of course go for the shortest form of the little black dress - a mini dress.

  • You can also style the little black dress nicely with a lace dress or an A-line dress with a square neckline or puff sleeves, which will create a stylish New Year's Eve outfit.

  • For a cool and casual style, combine the little black dress with a (faux) leather jacket or a denim jacket.

  • If you would like to wear a little black dress on New Year's Eve, but you still want to be comfortable at the same time then why not try a black knitted dress combined with woollen tights, which are guaranteed to create an elegant style for wintery conditions.


Don't forget…

a perfect New Year's Eve outfit for women includes matching make-up that perfectly underlines your look. Glitter, metallic eyeshadow and glossy lipstick can add that certain something to a rather simple and casual New Year's Eve outfit. Get inspired by our tutorial on elegant make-up for New Year's Eve!


Women’s New Year's Eve outfits: a woman wearing a jumpsuit with sparkling sequins.

Sparkling New Year's Eve outfits: glitter, sequins and metallic

Glitter is not only in demand for New Year's Eve decorations, but also for New Year's Eve outfits. Sparkly dresses and sequin dresses are absolute classics for New Year's Eve and are guaranteed to get you in the party mood. New Year's Eve outfits with sparkly elements can either make your outfit stand out or they can be combined with plainer items of clothing to create a balanced look.

  • With a shiny sequin dress, you're guaranteed to be the centre of attention at your New Year's Eve party. Especially shiny metallic sequin dresses in gold or silver are absolute party classics.

  • A sparklydress with rhinestones, sequins or metallic yarn can be combined in many ways as a New Year's Eve outfit and can easily be adapted to your personal style. This dress goes with with pumps, but also with boots if you are looking to have a more punk look. A sparkly dress is always a good choice for a New Year's Eve outfit.

  • You don't necessarily have to wear a sparkly dress to add a sparkle to New Year's Eve. A jumpsuit or a combination of a sequin skirt and a plain top will also make you stand out from the crowd.

  • If sparkly clothes aren't your style, you can also accessorise with some glitter or jewellery to complete your look. Sequined handbags, shiny metallic belts or sparkly jewellery can create a party-ready New Year's Eve outfit in no time at all.

Women’s New Year's Eve outfits: sparkly dresses or velvet dresses are perfect for a New Year's Eve party.

Glamorous New Year's Eve outfits: get a velvety and silky New Year's Eve look

To make sure you enter the new year in style, New Year's Eve outfits for women can be made to look more glamorous. Soft clothes with a velvety or silky look are perfect for this occasion. A particularly elegant variant is a velvet dress for New Year's Eve, which you can put together to create a glamorous look.

  • Velvet dresses in black or in bold jewel colours like red, dark blue, dark green, purple or petrol look particularly glamorous. If you would like your New Year's Eve outfit to look a little lighter, then pastel colours such as pink, lilac or pale yellow are a good alternative.

  • Combine a silk blouse or velvet jumper with simple skirts and trousers so that your shiny top stands out. (Faux) leather and suede complement each other in combination with supple materials.

  • Soft, flowing skirts made of velvet or silk can also be wonderfully combined with coarsely knitted jumpers to create an exciting contrast between the two materials.

  • With a velvet blazer or, alternatively, a handbag or pumps made out of a fine material, you can transform even simple outfits into a fabulous New Year's Eve outfit in no time at all.



to inform your guests in advance if you are thinking of having a certain dress code at your New Year's Eve party. The best way to do this is to include a note on the (digital) invitation. Especially if you are planning a theme party, you should give your party guests enough time to put together a perfect outfit for New Year's Eve.


New Year's Eve outfits for women: a woman wearing a jumper and a skirt for a casual, but elegant look for exciting New Year's Eve.

Casual New Year's Eve outfits: stylish but casual party outfits for winter

Going through your wardrobe and putting on something smart doesn’t mean that you have to freeze in those bitter winter temperatures or you can’t feel comfortable. By following a few tips and tricks you can wear casual clothes that will still make you look stylish for New Year's Eve. Thesuggested outfits below not only look good, but they are also very comfortable and stylish for New Year's Eve.

  • Combine comfortable, loose-fitting and close fitting garments such as a a cosy jumper combined with a close fitting skirt or trousers that are a good fit. This will make your outfit look particularly chic and it will keep you warm at the same time.

  • To be neither overdressed nor underdressed, you can combine a garment made of a fine material with an everyday garment. You could put together: a festive silk, lace or chiffon blouse with a simple maxi skirt or jeans for a fantastic outfit.

  • Instead of high heels, wear pumps with a slight heel or go for casual boots or ankle-high boots.

Tip: If you're looking for fabrics that will help you to keep warm, but look classy at the same time then try going for clothes made out of cashmere, wool, chenille or velour. These are the perfect choices for an outfit to keep you warm on New Year’s Eve.

Women’s New Year's Eve outfits: a woman wearing a long-sleeved shirt with a cutout for New Year's Eve.

Cool New Year's Eve outfits: bright colours and exciting cuts for New Year

Not in the mood for classics? A New Year's Eve party is the perfect opportunity to try out extravagant and unique styles to stand out from the crowd with eye-catching colours, exciting cuts and one-of-a-kind details.

  • Go for tops or dresses in bold colours or go for colourful patterns, metallic looks, neon colours or colour blocking.

  • Tops with cutouts on the shoulders, hem or décolleté are the best choice. Dresses and skirts with high leg slits can achieve a similar effect.

  • Colourful and unusual details such as large sparkly stones, pearls or feathers are suitable for a vibrant New Year's Eve outfit. If you prefer a more rock-‘n-roll kind of look, then you could go for clothes made of out (faux) leather, suede or denim.

  • You don’t have to wear a dress on New Year's Eve, instead you could wear a blazer and suit trousers for a retro look or sophisticated jumpsuits are also wonderful outfits for this special occasion.


Did you know that…

red underwear on New Year's Eve is supposed to bring good luck? This tradition is especially widespread in Italy and other southern European countries, but also in Chile, Mexico and China. There is a small catch: according to the tradition, you have to be given the red underwear as a gift and then you need to wear it for the first time on New Year's Eve and then throw it away. However, most people quite often disregard this t part of the tradition to be more environmentally friendly.


Men’s New Year's Eve outfits: smart and casual New Year's Eve outfits.

Casual to elegant: different New Year's Eve outfits for men

Depending on what type of New Year’s Eve party you are going to will determine what type of outfit you should wear. Below you will find some tips on finding the perfect New Year's Eve outfit for men. Are you putting an outfit together f for a casual New Year's Eve party with your immediate family or are you celebrating it with your friends or are you going to be welcoming in the new year in a restaurant? Make sure to choose your clothes carefully depending on the type of New Year's Eve party you are going to be attending, so that you don't appear too casual, but at the same time you don’t look too overdressed.

  • If you would like your New Year's Eve outfit to be smart and festive, then a suit is the perfect choice. Combining a smart shirt, some suit trousers and a jacket as well as a pair of smart shoes will make you look very smart for the occasion. Complete your look with a tie or bow tie and a matching leather belt.

  • If you would like to spruce up this classic outfit a little or make it more modern, you can create an elegant style by choosing unconventional suit colours or brightly patterned shirts.

  • When putting a festive look together it is important to not appear ‘’overdressed’’ – as the important thing is that you feel comfortable. At a party with friends, a bow tie, pocket square or cufflinks may seem a bit too much. An exception to this rule is theme parties, where you can overdo outfits.

  • For casual New Year's Eve outfits for men, leave the suit at home. Instead, combine an elegant shirt or a causal knitted pullover with a pair of trousers or some smart jeans. By wearing some smart leather shoes instead of trainers will help your New Year's Eve outfit to not appear too casual.

Con­clu­sion: styl­ish New Year's Eve out­fits for every taste

There are different New Year’s Eve outfits to suit every taste from a sparkly glamorous look to a punk rock look or a smart causal look. End the year in style with a personalised New Year's Eve outfit and stay true to your own style. This way you can start the new year perfectly styled in your personal feel-good look.

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