New Year’s Eve decoration ideas: Close-up of colourful New Year’s Eve table decorations.

New Year’s Eve decoration: Inspiration for unique New Year’s Eve table decoration

To end the New Year in style, the right New Year’s Eve decorations are indispensable. Golden or silver garlands, shiny disco balls, colourful confetti, and glittering tableware: anything that glitters, shines, and sparkles will fit well with the New Year’s Eve table decorations. You can also decorate in your own style that can be simpler and more sustainable – let your creativity run free.

Clas­sic New Year’s Eve dec­o­ra­tions: Gold and glit­ter for eye-catch­ing New Year’s Eve table dec­o­ra­tions

If you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve party for the first time or like to keep it traditional, there are plenty of tried-and-tested design ideas you can fall back on for your New Year’s Eve decorations. Your guests will soon be in the mood for a New Year’s Eve party.

Classic New Year’s Eve decorations include the following:

  • Colourful or shiny metallic balloons and streamers

  • Glittering garlands

  • Confetti

  • Small disco balls

  • Colourful party hats and party horns

  • Champagne bowls or flutes

How you use and combine these New Year’s Eve decoration ideas is entirely up to you. You can even give typical New Year’s Eve decorations an individual touch in no time at all. Below we show you some inspiration for classic New Year’s Eve table decorations with a modern twist.

Classic New Year’s Eve table decoration in gold and silver.

New Year’s Eve table decoration: Glittering tablecloth

To give your party or buffet table a simple but stylish New Year’s Eve look, you can create a tablecloth yourself quickly and easily. Since glitter and shiny metals are timeless classics that have their place in (almost) every New Year’s Eve decoration, this DIY table decoration will stay with you for a long time.

All you need is:

  • 1 plain tablecloth, black or white

  • Textile dyes, e.g. in a gold, silver or copper metallic look

  • A sponge

  • Masking tape

  • A stencil (optional)

Attach the stencils with a few pieces of masking tape to the desired spot on your tablecloth, e.g. in the middle or along the edge. Then dab the fabric paint onto the stencil using the sponge. Do not use too much paint – it’s best to apply several thin layers.

No time for crafts? Then you can enhance your New Year’s Eve table decoration in a simple but effective way: buy a narrow table runner made of sequined or shiny fabric and combine it with a plain, single-coloured tablecloth.

Tip: If your tablecloth is in a darker colour, your shiny New Year’s Eve table decoration will look more elegant.


Did you know that...

If you don’t want to forgo classic New Year’s Eve decorations with glittering garlands and streamers, try to reuse as much of your decorating materials as possible. Sparkling Christmas-tree garlands or shiny Christmas baubles also make wonderful New Year’s Eve decorations. When it’s time to tidy up in the New Year, you can carefully repack many glittery decorations and use them next time around.


Make New Year’s dec­o­ra­tions: DIY gar­land

If you’re looking for a simple DIY idea between Christmas and New Year’s Eve that you can make with children, homemade garlands are a great option. Your homemade New Year’s Eve decoration garlands also make a great backdrop for unique New Year’s Eve photos.

All you need is:

  • Coloured cardboard, with optional glitter and shiny finish

  • A piece of string or cord

  • Glue

  • Stencils for letters and shapes (optional)

Cut out the letters for your festive garland from the craft cardboard. If you don’t have a steady hand or are crafting with children, print out letters and shapes (e.g. stars or shamrocks) in the appropriate size and use them to pre-draw your lettering on the craft card or cardboard. Then glue your letters to the cord with a small drop of glue.

Alternatively, you can draw the lettering for the New Year’s Eve decoration on plain cardboard and then decorate the finished letters with paint, glitter pens or stickers.

Tip: New Year’s Eve decorations are even more worthwhile if you can enjoy them for longer. If you choose more generic expressions like ‘Happy New Year!’ rather than ‘Happy 2022’, you can reuse the decoration for many years to come.

Small gifts make great New Year’s Eve table decorations.

Make small gifts into New Year’s Eve table decorations

If you want to get your guests in the party mood and send them your good wishes for the new year, you can make small gifts that also function as themed table decorations for New Year’s Eve:

  • Put together small good-luck bags with sweets or biscuits that you can decorate and personalise with a four-leaved clover or other lucky symbols.

  • Tie some sparklers together with some ribbon. Write your New Year’s wishes on a gift tag. If you want to get creative, you can make little origami figures (e.g. dress and suit) as tags.

  • An unusual alternative to traditional fortune cookies are painted ‘lucky nuts’. Carefully crack a few walnuts so that you can open them in the middle. Inside you can hide a small note with New Year’s wishes. Then paint the nut and tie it together with a thin piece of string.


Did you know that...

If you don’t want to miss confetti at your New Year’s Eve party, why not make your own confetti balloons? You can be creative when designing the balloons and best of all, there is no cleaning up the mess after the party. For DIY confetti balloons, you need transparent balloons, confetti of your choice and a funnel. Fill the balloon with some confetti and then carefully blow it up. If you like, you can also fill it with helium to make it float to the ceiling.


Cupcakes with Happy New Year lettering make great edible New Year’s Eve table decorations.

For the buffet table: Sparkling New Year’s Eve table decorations

Shimmering baked goods and sparkling cocktails are currently in fashion: although the special food glitter is edible, many consumer protection experts still consider it not to be safe. However, if you don’t want to miss out on great glitter effects for your snack or cocktail bar, there are some safer alternatives:

  • Sugar rim: Moisten the rim of your glasses with syrup or lemon juice and then dip it in coloured sugar, coconut flakes, or similar.

  • Glitter glasses: Spray the outside of your glasses, champagne bottles, or dessert bowls with spray glue and then apply glitter dust.

Zero Waste New Year’s Eve: Tips for more sus­tain­able New Year’s Eve dec­o­ra­tions

Chic New Year’s Eve decorations also work best without a lot of plastic waste and disposable products. To make your New Year’s Eve decorations as environmentally friendly as possible, here are the best tips for zero-waste New Year’s Eve decorations.

1. Use natural materials such as wood, pinecones, twigs, or dried leaves as table decorations. If you still want something more festive, paint them with gold or silver paint beforehand.

2. With a little time and patience, you can make compostable confetti that you can throw outside: All you have to do is punch out dried leaves and flowers with a hole punch or star- or heart-shaped punch pliers. If you collect autumn leaves in advance, the eco-confetti will also be beautifully coloured.

3. A natural New Year’s Eve decoration idea is four-leaved clover in a pot. With the right care, you can plant it in a window box or the garden after the holidays.

4. Create festive biscuit cutters or cupcakes: Decorated with icing and sugar pearls, they make great edible decorations on the dessert table.

5. Use reusable products: Do not use disposable tableware, use reusable straws made of glass or metal and perhaps cloth napkins too – this will make the New Year’s Eve table look much more elegant.


Make sure that...

Table fireworks and sparklers create a great party atmosphere but remember that safety is the most important thing. When planning the party, make sure that no garlands hang near candles or warm light bulbs, and have a fireproof base ready for table fireworks. It’s also better to light sparklers outdoors and make sure people watch out for flying sparks.


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