Clothes to help keep you warm at home.

Warm clothes for indoors - how to layer winter clothes at home

As the days become shorter and it is getting cold outside this is the perfect time to snuggle up and stay warm by getting your warm winter clothes out of your wardrobe. Layered winter outfits are good way to stay warm at home and to avoid feeling cold. In this article, we'll show you how to get a stylish layered look. We will also explain which materials will help to keep you warm and in addition, we will also give you some useful tips on warm clothing for at home.

Which ma­te­ri­als in­su­late the best? – Ma­te­ri­als for warm cloth­ing at home

Every material has its own special properties, which is why some fabrics keep you warmer than others. In general, fibres that can trap a lot of air will retain body heat the best. If you want to dress to keep warm during winter, then try wearing some of the materials listed below:

A man wearing a cashmere jumper.

Cashmere– both warm and luxurious

Cashmere is a fine type of wool that comes from the cashmere goat. The rippled fibres form many small air chambers that retain your body heat and help to shield you from the cold air. The luxuriously soft material is very light and feels almost silky on your skin. The natural fibres of cashmere also repel dirt and odours, which means you don't need to wash cashmere clothes as often. Just leave your cashmere clothes out overnight to air and they will be fresh again.

Luxurious cashmere
Wool - a woman wearing a knitted wool jumper.

Wool or wool blends - natural fabrics for warm clothing

Woollen clothes are well known to keep you warm as the material consists of approx. 85 percent air, which is why this natural material stores heat so well. This is why it is such a popular clothing material for the winter months. The soft fibres not only retain your body heat, but they also absorb moisture well without making your clothes feel damp. Lots of clothes made out of wool are mixed with other fabrics to combine the positive properties of several fibres.

Warm woollen clothing
Fleece - a man zipping up his fleece.

Fleece – insulating and hard-wearing

Fleece insulates well and helps to protect you from the cold whilst keeping you nice and warm. The fabric's warming properties are comparable to wool, but it feels even softer on your skin. The material is made from synthetic polyester fibres, which is why fleece clothing is usually inexpensive and lightweight. In addition, warm clothing made out of fleece is hard-wearing and also easy to care for and it dries quickly. This makes it an ideal material for everyday wear as it is easy to clean.

Insulating fleece clothing
Teddy fleece - a woman wrapping herself up in her teddy fleece.

Teddy Fleece – unbelievably soft and light

Those who enjoy wrapping up and feeling cosy should try teddy fleece. The long fine fibres make this material particularly soft and ideal for warm clothing at home. The plush look will remind you of your favourite teddy bear. Clothing made from teddy fleece is very light and easy to clean. Teddy fleece is ideal for a cosy evening on the settee.

Cosy teddy fleece
Thermal - man wearing thermal long johns.

Thermals- warm clothes even in sub-zero temperatures

It is recommended to wear clothes made out of a thermal fabric in winter to keep warm. The material is a blended fabric and combines the best properties of natural and synthetic fibres. In addition, some thermal fabrics are treated with additives such as Teflon, which further increase the thermal insulation function so that you won't freeze even in sub-zero temperatures. Clothes made out of thermal fabric are particularly breathable, but at the same time they help to keep your body heat in. This material is especially popular for underwear, but you can also buy trousers, shirts and jackets made out of thermal for the winter, which will keep you nice and warm.

Warm thermal clothing
Velour - a woman wearing pyjamas.

Velours – a cosy and velvety fabric

This material has a very similar look to velvet. Velour consists of many long fibres that give the material a surprising softness and hold the warmth well. The fluffy fabric is mainly made from cotton, blended fibres and polyester, which is why it is very affordable. Nevertheless, velour clothing looks luxurious and keeps you warm on cold winter days. Thanks to its amazing robustness and durability velour clothes will last you a very long time.

Velvet clothing
Chenille - a woman wearing a blue chenille jumper.

Chenille – a soft material for warm clothes

Chenille is known for its velvety surface and it not only looks high-quality, but it is even softer than velvet. The cosy material is often made from cotton, but also from viscose, polyacrylic or polypropylene fibres. Chenille feels pleasantly soft on your skin, which is why it is often used for warm clothing. The fabric is thick, insulating and long lasting, which makes it a great all-rounder for chilly days.

Cosy clothing


...clothes made out of cotton or polyester do not retain heat well in cold temperatures. To stay warm during winter and to also look stylish it is really good to invest in some warm clothes, which are ideally made out of cashmere and wool or even thermal. These types of materials will keep you warm and they are also long lasting.

Here is how to stay warm and get a styl­ish lay­ered look

A layered look is a handy little tip to stay warm during the winter months. By wearing different layers you can help yourself to stay warm during winter and this is also ideal for when you are going on a winter walk or staying at home and snuggling up on the settee. We'll show you how to create a fabulous layered look so you're always nice and warm at home.

How to get a stylish layered look - the best way to dress to keep warm.

How to create a layered look?

You can put on several thin layers of clothing on top of each other. This creates air spaces between the different layers, which will prevent your body heat from escaping and it will keep you nice and warm. In addition, you can also combine the different items of clothing, which have different materials so that you have a stylish cosy look at home.

You can combine a stylish look at home by wearing layers as described below:

  • First layer: the first thin layer of clothing consists of breathable underwear. The best choices for staying warm are long johns or thermal underwear with a vest. To finish off the look put on some long thick socks.

  • Second layer - the insulating layer: now add a thin layer to keep the warmth in. Depending on how cold it is a t-shirt or long-sleeved top would be suitable. If you would like to be a bit more stylish, you can also wear a shirt or a blouse. To keep your legs warm you can also wear tights or leggings.

  • Third layer: next you need to choose items of clothing and materials, which will help to keep you warm. You can wear jumpers, cardigans or slipovers to keep your upper body warm. Then add a pair of trousers such as some corduroys to keep the lower part of your body warm. Finish your outfit off with a pair of thick socks, which will stop your feet from getting cold.

  • Accessories: to complete your stylish cosy outfit put on a scarf, a beanie, some warm slippers and then wrap yourself in a blanket on the settee to feel extra cosy whilst at home.

The best part of having a layered look is if you feel too warm you can just take off one of the layers of clothing. Whilst putting your stylish layered look together you can try out different clothes, which have different lengths to accentuate the layers in a stylish way. You can also create a contrast look by combining closer fitting clothing such as leggings with looser fitting clothing such as an oversized jumper, a winter dress or a winter skirt. The mix of different materials, colours and patterns can make your outfit look very unique.

Did you know….

one of the best ways to keep warm is to create a layered look, which will also keep your feet warm. Combine some (thermal) or thick socks with a pair of cosy slippers and your feet will be nice and warm in no time at all.

Women’s win­ter es­sen­tials – the best clothes to wear to help you keep warm

You can dress to stay warm but still be stylish at the same time. The best materials to go for are natural materials such as wool, wool blends and cashmere. These fine fabrics will help to keep you warm, and they don't need to be washed as often because you can usually just leave them out to air. Another helpful tip is to opt for trousers instead of jeans as they will help to keep the heat in. They are also very comfy for snuggling up in on the settee and having a film night. If you are still feeling a bit chilly then you can wear tights or thermal leggings under your trousers. If you prefer a more chic look you can then go for a winter dress or a winter skirt made out of cashmere. For a great night's sleep, you can get yourself some fleece and thermal pyjamas, which will help to keep you warm. Thick socks or ankle warmers will help to keep your feet warm. Another helpful tip for keeping your feet warm is to buy some slippers in a larger size than what you would normally buy. This will help your feet to feel comfortable when wearing thick socks. Once you have completed your outfit you can grab a blanket and wrap yourself in it on the settee.

Dressing to keep warm - outfit example for women.
you do the energy saving, we do the cosy

Men’s win­ter es­sen­tials – the best clothes to wear to help you keep warm

If you would like to have a bit more choice of clothes that you can wear, then it is best to choose thermal underwear, thick socks and trousers or clothes which are made out of an insulating material. By wearing thermal underwear, you have more choice of clothes to wear including thin items of clothing that you can use to layer up. On a cold day jumpers and cardigans, made out of cashmere or wool are a great choice because they look very smart and the materials are breathable and they will also help to keep you warm. If you would like to add a lighter layer of clothing to your outfit, then a flannel shirt is a good choice. To finish off your winter look add a soft cashmere scarf and some thick socks. A timeless combination for a fantastic look is a crew-neck jumper or a slipover with a shirt as this combination will help to keep you warm at home and in the office. At night fleece, flannel or thermal pyjamas are the best choice for a good night’s sleep on a cold night.

The best clothes to help keep you warm at home - outfit example for men.
you do the energy saving, we do the cosy

Chil­dren’s win­ter es­sen­tials – the best clothes to wear to stay warm dur­ing win­ter

Warm winter clothes should fit your child properly so that they can still run around and play at home without having any problems. That's why it's recommended, especially for children to follow the method as described above for layering up by using thin clothes. They should be easy to put on and take off. You could start by combining a vest or a long-sleeved t-shirt, a top and a cardigan. To keep the lower body warm they should wear tights or thick trousers. Layered look outfits are ideal for children as they can remove a layer of clothing if they become too warm. Thermal underwear and thermal clothes can help to keep your child warm on a cold day and this is also suitable for toddlers and young children. Finish off their look with a hat, which will help to keep their head warm. At night, thick or thermal pyjamas can ensure that they get a good night’s rest.

Dressing to keep warm - children's outfit example.
you do the energy saving, we do the cosy