Festival checklist: festival visitors with luggage on the way to their campsite.

A festival guide for beginners: checklist and tips on preparing for a festival

You're probably looking forward to your first festival, but you're also thinking about what to take with you and what’s the best way to get everything done.  There is a lot to consider such as the perfect tent, meals and practising good cleanliness and hygiene at a festival. We have put together a useful festival checklist and the most important tips on preparing for a festival so that is it easy and stress-free.

Festival guide: friends sitting and eating together on a field at a festival.


  • Festival guide: General information on preparing for a festival

  • Festival packing list: Basics

  • Festival packing list: Tent & camping equipment

  • Festival packing list: Personal hygiene

  • Festival packing list: Meals

  • Festival packing list: Clothes

  • How to find the perfect tent

  • Simple tips on festival hygiene

Fes­ti­val pack­ing list: a handy list of es­sen­tial fes­ti­val equip­ment

Whilst packing for a festival, it can be sometimes difficult to keep track of all the items you need. That's why we've summarised the most important things you should remember in our festival guide, and we have listed them below in our handy festival packing list.

Fes­ti­val-check­list: im­por­tant ba­sics

  • Festival tickets or enough money to purchase the tickets there

  • Wallet or purse with enough cash

  • ID

  • Mobile phone and charger, if possible, a power bank

  • Bring enough water

  • Earplugs

  • Phone bag

    s for valuables

Fes­ti­val check­list: camp­ing equip­ment and use­ful gad­gets

  • Tent and a pavilion if necessary

  • Sleeping bag

  • Camping mat and or an air mattress

  • Pillows

  • A yoga mat as an additional mat for sleeping

  • Camping chairs and a foldable table if necessary

  • Battery-powered torch with batteries

  • Armour Tape

  • Pocket knife

  • Camping mallet for putting up a tent

  • Bin bags

Fes­ti­val check­list: toi­letries and med­ica­tion

  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste

  • Shower gel and shampoo

  • (Organic) dry shampoo

  • Comb

  • Towel

  • Flipflops

  • Deodorant

  • Tissues

  • Disinfectants

  • Environmentally friendly wet wipes

  • First aid kit and plasters

  • Painkillers or tablets for medication for headaches, diarrhoea, etc or any emergency medication

  • Sun cream

  • Personal medication

  • Compact mirror if needed

  • Insect repellent if needed

  • Any women’s toiletries if needed

Fes­ti­val-check­list: food and drink

  • Water and non-alcoholic drinks

  • Camping stove

  • Lighter or matches

  • Tin opener, bottle opener

  • Cooler box

  • Food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner: tinned stew/pasta dishes, bread, salads, preserved fruit, or if needed any pre-grilled food

  • Reusable crockery and cutlery

  • Sponge and tea towels

Fes­ti­val-check­list: clothes


Don't forget...

Arriving earlier can be a great way to find the perfect spot to set up your tent. Generally speaking, the campsites are quieter the further they are away from the entrance to the festival grounds. Make sure you set up your tent near the entrance if you would prefer to party around the clock. There are some spots, where you should avoid setting up your tent, such as near the porta-loos due to the bad smells.


Festival-preparation: how to find the right tent for a festival?

During a festival, your tent is often the only place of retreat, whether you're looking for shelter from the bad weather or to recharge your batteries at the end of a long day. Choosing the right festival tent is a key part of preparing for the festival so that you can enjoy the event stress-free. You should keep the following features listed below in mind whilst choosing a tent:

Festival-checklist: festivalgoers setting up their tents.
  • Your tent should be easy to put up and take down. It is a good idea to practice setting up a new tent before going to the festival.

  • You need to choose the right tent size depending on how many people will be sharing it, as everyone needs to be able to store their luggage in the tent. If you are at a festival with a few friends, a small awning or a pavilion can provide extra space to relax, eat and be together. You need always need to keep the weight of any additional camping gear in mind, which you may want to bring.

  • The tent needs to be waterproof to be prepared for all weather conditions. A water column between 2.000 and 3.000 millimetres is recommended to keep you dry during any showers. A water column of approx. 4.000 to 5.000 millimetres is advisable if heavy rain is forecast.

  • People quite often have a barbecue at festivals, or they use a gas cooker, therefore your tent should also be made from flame-retardant material.

  • Ideally for festivals in midsummer your tent should have a special silicone coating to offer

     strong UV protection. However, tents made from high-quality materials and with special coatings are more expensive.

  • To make sure you can quickly find your tent even in a crowded field it's best to choose one in a bright colour. You could also make your own flag to help your tent stand out so that it is easier to find.


Bear in mind that...

If you're looking to save and you’re opting for a cheaper option when it comes to tents, then we have a couple of useful tips for you: pack a few of your spare clothes in a bin liner or a sealable freezer bag to protect them from getting wet. Simply by using a tent tarp you can stop your tent from becoming too wet. When it comes to the cheaper models, you do need to make sure that the zips and seams are of good quality, as these are the weak points where moisture can get into the tent.


Fes­ti­val hy­giene: sim­ple tips on how to stay clean

Things rarely stay clean at a festival in comparison to being at home, for example muddy shoes, sweaty clothes or stains from drinks are a part of the whole festival experience. Most festivalgoers are therefore less fussy than they usually would be when it comes to staying clean, but with a few simple tips you will feel better as you can ensure a little more cleanliness:

Festival hygiene: a young woman brushing her teeth at a sink at a festival.
  • To avoid any awkward moments in the toilets such as being out of toilet paper, make sure to always take your own toilet paper with you.

  • Hand and surface disinfectant help to keep your hands clean, as it is practical for public toilets when there is nowhere you can wash your hands. Disposable toilet seat covers made from paper can help to reduce any worry about using a porta-loo.

  • If you’re planning on taking a shower during the festival then you should take the following items with you: shampoo, shower gel, towels and flipflops, which are very important.

  • Wet wipes are often recommended if there are no showers available or if you just want to freshen up. It's best to use environmentally friendly, biodegradable wet wipes.

  • Using dry shampoo can help to make your hair feel cleaner. This also helps to stop your hairline from feeling greasy. The more environmentally friendly alternative to the aerosol can is dry shampoo in a powder form, which you can find in any natural and organic cosmetic department.

  • If you want to check your make-up and hair, then you should pack a small pocket mirror.

When it comes to staying clean at a festival, you may either need to make a few compromises or you may need to brace yourself before using the toilets and washrooms.  However, using a couple of the above tips will help you to feel better and refreshed.


Don't forget...

Staying up late and partying all night long are normal at festivals. To feel energised and fresh for the rest of your stay you should try and get some rest. A sleeping mask or foam earplugs can help you to sleep better at a festival.


Sum­ma­ry: fes­ti­val guide on prepar­ing for your first fes­ti­val stress-free

The most important part of the planning is having the right equipment, as your tent will be your home for the next couple of days. In addition to having the right tent, you should also think about non-perishable foods, toiletries and good weatherproof clothing or outdoor wear.  Depending on the time of year, you should be prepared for all weather conditions as well as hot days and cold nights.  Having a checklist can help keep everything stress-free, as it will help to keep track of everything so that you won’t forget anything.

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