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Music festivals, literature festivals, & more – Festivals to suit everyone’s taste

When people think of festivals, they immediately think of summer music festivals with an impressive line-up of artists. There aren’t just open-air music events, but there are also all different kinds of other events such as cultural events or events that take place over a couple of days. These types of events aren’t like a typical festival for example as they all have different themes. In this guide, you'll learn more about the different types of festivals and you will also get practical tips on planning your first trip to a festival.

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A group of friends sitting near the stage at a festival.

What type of festivals are there?

The term festival usually refers to large-scale cultural events lasting several days, but it also refers to religious festivals, regional folk festivals or harvest festivals.

Mu­sic fes­ti­vals

When you think about a festival, you tend to think about music festivals, where various solo artists and bands perform. Music festivals differ from regular concerts because of the size and duration of the event and the variety of artists performing. Very popular music festivals like Lollapalooza in the USA, Rock in Rio in Brazil, Tomorrowland in Belgium, or the Glastonbury Festival in the UK often attract many international festivalgoers. At smaller festivals, the variety of performances and types of music are quite often limited, which means only the fans who like a certain type of music enjoy the festival. There are different types of music festivals such as rock/punk, heavy metal, and pop.


Don't forget...

Try to make a small environmentally friendly contribution by choosing non-plastic and sustainable products.  You'll be able to enjoy and get more use out of the products for longer, which means you can take them with you on your next camping holiday or to a future festival.


The audience at a theatre festival.

Arts and culture festivals

Behind the different terms, there is usually a colourful mixture of different types of art. Art fairs or arts and culture festivals usually feature contemporary theatre performancesdance performances, and cabaret. Furthermore, films are shown, concerts are held, and exhibitions of visual art or performance art are organised so that every art lover gets their money's worth.

There are of course other cultural festivals that focus on a specific art form. The term "festival“ is more commonly used for opera and theatre.


Bear in mind that...

Most people like to take photos or videos at a festival as it is an exciting experience. Try not to focus too much on taking photos or videos and don’t worry about them being perfect. It's best to just live for the moment and to not worry about catching great shots of the crowd enjoying the high spirit atmosphere. You will rarely look back at old blurry pictures and videos.


Film fes­ti­vals and short film fes­ti­vals

During film festivals many films are shown and there are a lot of events where films are given an award by a jury and/or the audience. Many film festivals also have a catered programme with lectures, panel discussions and workshops, which evaluate, for example, current events and industry trends. Short film festivals usually have a similar concept, but they focus only on short films, which can’t exceed a given run time.

Lit­er­a­ture fes­ti­vals

Literature festivals are all about books, poems, and other forms of literature. A typical literature festival programme includes book readings, interviews and discussions with authors and there are also workshops and literature competitions such as a poetry slam.  The programmes have a lot to offer and there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

Child-friend­ly fes­ti­vals

Child-friendly festivals are also called children’s festivals.  These types of festivals last for several days and they have a lot of events, which are geared around children and families. Children's festivals usually have a music and dance child-friendly stage programme, playground equipment, arts and crafts activities and other hands-on activities that are usually entertaining and educational at the same time.

Festival checklist: festival visitors with luggage on the way to their campsite.

A festival guide for beginners: checklist and tips on preparing for a festival

You're probably looking forward to your first festival, but you're also thinking about what to take with you and what’s the best way to get everything done. You are also maybe thinking about planning on which performances to see or which workshops to attend.  There is a lot to consider such as the perfect tent, meals and practising good hygiene at a festival. We have put together a useful festival checklist and the most important tips on preparing for a festival so that is it easy and stress-free.

Festival guide & checklist
Protection against the sun: a group of festivalgoers resting in the shade

Festival tips: a survival guide on staying safe

Whether it’s raining or the sun is shining, you are going to certainly remember your very first festival for a long time. From heat to long periods of rain, you should come prepared for all weather conditions so that you can enjoy your time at the festival. There are also some safety tips on hearing protection and protecting your valuables from being stolen.  These tips will help you to prepare for going to a festival. Here you will find a clear summary of the most important survival tips for a stress-free festival visit.

Festival tips on health & safety
A group of friends wearing summer festival outfits as they walk across the festival grounds.

The perfect festival outfit: tips on getting the perfect festival look

Whether it’s the heat, rain showers, stains, or tears, your clothes will often go through a lot at festivals. The perfect festival outfit should not only be practical and hard-wearing, but it should also represent your personality. In this article, we tell you how to dress at festivals for all weather conditions, but also how to look trendy and good at the same time without having to worry about any fashion faux pas. There are also tips on easy and practical hairstyles so that you can go dancing without your hair getting in the way.

The perfect festival outfit
Family-friendly festivals: little boy wearing ear defenders and sitting on his father’s shoulders.

Family-festivals: festivals for the whole family

It’s a dream come true for a lot of festival-loving parents when they can attend a festival with their children and see their favourite artists performing live. However, the focus is on the child’s well-being and safety. Therefore, a lot of parents ask themselves: what type of festivals are suitable for families? From what age can my child attend a festival with me? In this article, we will discuss how you can tell if a festival is child-friendly and the policies of attending a festival with a child.

Family-friendly festivals


Did you know that...

There are often a lot of plastic bottles and disposable tableware at a festival, which produces a lot of rubbish. Despite the party festival atmosphere, all festivalgoers should not produce any unnecessary rubbish or leave the event and camping area in an untidy way. Disposing of your rubbish at festivals is usually very easy as there are several large rubbish collection points.




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