Happy Father's Day - Father's Day hugs.

Father's Day activities with kids: what can you do on Father's Day?

Father's Day is a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality family time together, sharing experiences and making new memories. As Father's Day is often celebrated in early summer, with a little luck you can enjoy beautiful weather - but even a few clouds in the sky shouldn't spoil the fun. If you're still looking for Father's Day ideas, we have various ideas for trips and outdoor activities that you can do as a family.

Plan­ning a nice Fa­ther's Day: cel­e­brat­ing Fa­ther's Day with chil­dren

What activities can you do on Father's Day? And what can you do to give your dad a special treat on his special? You can let your creativity run free when planning. Younger children often need mum's support in finding ideas and preparing for Father's Day. Making plans together is often a lot of fun. To make sure everything runs smoothly, here are a few tips for planning a great Father's Day:

  • Preparing for Father's Day can begin a few weeks before the actual holiday and are a good pastime, especially for young children. Of course, you can also help the little ones make small gifts or cute Father's Day cards.

  • Older children can be more involved in the planning and have their own ideas for suitable Father's Day gifts. Maybe they have a bright idea for a new activity you could try out.

  • Should Father's Day be an adventure day full of activities or more of a wellness day for dad? When planning your Father's Day, think about what the dad would like best.


Don't forget...

If you are planning Father's Day with children, you should consider what your children are capable of. After all, hikes, cycling tours or other sporting activities should be manageable and fun for the whole family. Tourism websites often give recommendations for family-friendly and child-friendly destinations in the region.


Idea for a nice Father's Day activity: picnic with the family.

Outdoor Father's Day activities: Father's Day in nature

Children enjoy every opportunity to do something with their parents and are easily inspired to go on day trips, especially holidays. Here are a few ideas on how you can make the most of the day together:

  • A hike followed by a picnic is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors. It's best to choose a route that's easy to follow, as you'll be carrying more food than usual

  • Why not go on a long bike ride? A Father's Day bike ride can either be a day trip or a longer route followed by an overnight stay in a tent. You can camp in the garden, for example, if you prefer to stay closer to home, or of course at a campsite

If your children are a bit older, you can also choose more challenging sports activities for Father's Day:

  • Why not go on an excursion to a high ropes course or a climbing park, for example? It is a good idea if you also have a bad-weather variant ready for this Father's Day idea by simply moving your excursion to an indoor climbing hall

  • Are you drawn to the water as soon as the weather is nice? Then plan a canoe trip with the family for Father's Day. If you are already familiar with canoeing and are looking for a new challenge, try stand-up paddling


Bear in mind that...

The first Father's Day is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the first weeks and months as parents. If you're more focused on relaxation than experiences, you can use the holiday in the first years of your children's lives to spend uninterrupted time together with the little ones.


Father's Day activity: racing your family at the go-kart track.

Action-packed Father's Day: go on an adventure together

For children, there is little better than discovering something new with the family, exploring the unknown and experiencing adventures together. If you want to use Father's Day with children for joint activities, the activities should be manageable for the little ones - but it must also be fun for the dad. Consider these exciting activities that you can plan for Father's Day, especially with older children:

  • Why not take a trip to an Escape Room? Your task is to find clues, solve puzzles and thus "escape" from the chosen location. The most important thing is that you work together as a group and support each other. Fun and excitement are guaranteed!

  • If you like to drive fast as a family, a visit to a go-kart track is a good idea. The children are sure to enjoy having someone other than mum and dad at the wheel. At most go-kart tracks, children over the age of 8 can drive on their own - and there's plenty of fun for the adults, too. The dad receiving the gift will certainly be particularly happy to explore driving again in a playful way.

  • If you are looking for an activity with a bit more thrill, you can also try out a game in a laser tag arena. Note that laser tag is more suitable for teenagers. Although there are numerous settings suitable for children that have more of a science fiction setting and are already approved for children under 14 or 16, the regulations differ greatly depending on the region.


Did you know that...

Since Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June in a lot of countries around the world, it offers the ideal opportunity for an action-packed day or even a weekend trip.


Father's Day trip with multiple generations.

Family activities: Father's Day with multiple generations

Father's Day is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen family bonds and spend quality time together. It can be especially nice to celebrate dad’s day of honour with several generations. If you invite the grandfather to your Father's Day activity, not only will the grandchildren be happy, but also the grandfather himself will enjoy it.

Various Father's Day activities are of course the most fun in a larger group and really bond you as a family. For example, you can barbecue together, go bowling or take a tour on a rowing boat.


Just like Mother's Day, Father's Day is an important holiday that brings you together, strengthens family bonds and, of course, celebrates being a father. No matter what you want to do on Father's Day or whether you prefer to plan a day to relax and just unwind with dad, the most important thing is that you spend quality time together. So don't put pressure on yourself to plan an adventure day when dad might be much happier with an undisturbed day with the kids.

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