Father's Day cards: two homemade Father's Day cards to make.

Father's Day card making: great DIY ideas & beautiful Father's Day sayings

With a homemade Father's Day card, you can say thank you to your dad in a unique way and make him very happy. Whether you want to say a few words to your father along with a small gift or whether you want to make a sweet little thing together with your child, here you will find various craft ideas for Father's Day cards that are very easy to make.

Mak­ing Fa­ther's Day cards with young chil­dren: im­mor­talise their hand­prints

This Father's Day card is not just cute, it also captures your child's handprint forever so that you can reminisce about this time in a few years. Here are two variations that you can make in no time at all.


Don't forget...

If you have a younger child, you can do all the preparation work this card and then just add the handprint together with your child. With older children, you can make the Father's Day card together from scratch.


Craft materials for the Father's Day card that you can make with toddlers.

This is what you need for the handprint Father's Day card:

  • Craft cardboard in different colours of your choice (e.g.volcano version: dark blue, light blue, brown and beige craft cardboard; bear version: grey, dark brown and light brown craft cardboard)

  • Watercolours or finger paints

  • Scissors and glue

  • Pencil

  • Cut-out sheet for the cute bear version

Happy Father's Day: Father's Day card with your child's handprint.

How to make this Father's Day card with your child:

1. First, prepare the background of the card. Measure about 2 cm from the edge on all sides. Then use scissors to cut off the marked edge all around so that the background is slightly smaller than your card blank.

Tip: If you want to make the version with the volcano, paint some fine white clouds onto the light blue background with a brush.

Father's Day card: cute bear made from a handprint.

2. It’s time for the handprint.

  • For the bear card, paint your child's hand with black or dark brown watercolour or finger paint. Then your child presses their handprint onto the card. The fingers should point downwards and represent the legs of the bear. You can either leave the thumb out or glue the bear's head onto the thumb later.

  • For the volcano, apply yellow, red, or orange paint to the hand and place the handprint in the upper third of the background. The fingers should point upwards.

3. Draw the individual parts for the Father's Day card and cut them out. Make sure that the individual parts fit proportionally to the handprint.

  • For the bear version, you will need a head made of dark brown cardboard and the inside of the ears, the fur around the eyes and the snout made of light brown cardboard. You can use our handy cut-out sheet for the individual parts.

  • If you want to make the version with the volcano, cut out the volcano from dark brown cardboard and the lava that is already coming out from beige paper.

4. Glue the individual parts onto the background.

5. Finally, add some cute lettering and details to complete your Father's Day card.


Did you know that...

The small shapes are best cut out with small (nail) scissors. This way you have more control and can work more precisely.


Fun and quick DIY Fa­ther's Day card for young and old

You can make this unusual Father's Day card with your child or make it yourself as a gift. You probably already have the materials at home, so you can get started right away.

Fun Father's Day card to make yourself.


  • Cardboard paper

  • Craft paper

  • Uncooked butterfly pasta (farfalle)

  • Acrylic paint in colours of your choice

  • Hot glue

  • Scissors and glue

  • Pencil and black felt-tip pen

  • Cut-out sheet

Fun Father's Day cards with painted pasta in two different variations.

Instructions for the charming Father's Day card:

1. First fold the kraft paper once in the middle to make the card blank.

2. Cut out the template for the shirt from our cut-out sheet and outline the shape on cardboard paper or craft card. Then you can cut out the shirt.

3. Paint three uncooked farfalle pieces of pasta in the colours of your choice and let them dry.

4. Glue the shirt on first with hot glue or superglue and then the painted pasta as decoration. Your homemade Father's Day card is ready.

Hap­py Fa­ther's Day: make an im­pres­sive 3D card

These 3D Father's Day cards are unusual and unique, and you can make them without much effort and with a little skill. Here are two great 3D designs to inspire you to make your own.

Materials for the homemade Father's Day card with 3D effect.

Materials for the 3D Father's Day card:

  • Craft paper in different colours (e.g. cup variant: white, red and black; superhero variant: light blue, yellow, red, white and black)

  • Scissors and possibly nail scissors

  • Glue and glue pads

  • Pencil

  • Cut-out sheet

Materials for a Father's Day card with superhero logo.

This is how you make the 3D Father's Day card:

  1. First fold the paper once in the middle. This will form your blank card.

  2. Work on your design by cutting out the individual outlines from our cut-out sheet PDF and placing them on your paper.

Materials for a Father's Day card with superhero logo.
  • For the Father's Day card with the cup, place the cup on the white craft card and cut it out. Now you need the red heart and the letters for the lettering.

  • For the superhero card, first measure your blank card and transfer the measurements to your blue craft card to create the background. Then you need clouds made of white paper, which you can also find in our cut-out sheet. For the superhero logo, first cut out the basic diamond shape from yellow paper and the details from red paper.

3. Assemble the individual parts to create your design with a 3D effect.

  • To create the mug in 3D, first stick your lettering onto the mug with glue stick. Then use an adhesive pad to attach the mug to your card blank.

  • For the superhero card, glue the blue background to the front of the card blank. Then stick the white clouds onto the blue background with glue stick. For the logo, add the red details to the yellow background with glue stick. Now take an adhesive pad and attach the logo to the blue background.

  • Tip: To enhance the 3D effect, you can also stick several adhesive pads on top of each other.

4. Add some lettering or a Father's Day saying. You can either write it directly on the card or cut it out and attach it with an adhesive pad.

Tip: pieces like lettering are easy to cut out with a craft knife on a scratch-resistant surface. If you like to do DIY projects often, you can also use a plotter (or curve cutter) for more delicate work.

Last-minute Fa­ther's Day card: quick DIY idea with few ma­te­ri­als

You're running out of time and still need a Father's Day card? No problem. For this card you only need craft paper, or you can draw your own patterns on paper with coloured pens. Here are two different designs that you can make in under 15 minutes.

Materials for the last-minute Father's Day card.

Materials for the last-minute card:

  • Craft paper or white paper

  • Blue craft card for the blank card

  • Scissors and glue

  • Black permanent marker

  • Coloured pens if necessary

  • Cut-out sheet

Materials for the last-minute Father's Day card.

Instructions for the last-minute Father's Day card:

1.Fold your blue cardboard in half once. If you don't have blue cardboard, you can also use a thicker, white sheet of paper.

  • For the tie card, you can use the template from our cut-out sheet PDF to cut out 4 different ties from craft paper. Alternatively, you can cut out 4 ties from white paper and then colour them with coloured pens.

  • For the Father's Day card with a moustache and bow tie, first transfer the bow tie from the cut-out sheet to your craft paper and the moustache to white paper and cut out both. If you don't have craft paper, you can also draw a pattern on the bow tie.

2. Now glue the cut-out parts onto the card and write Father's Day greetings on it. Your last-minute Father's Day card is ready.

Hap­py Fa­ther's Day: Fa­ther's Day say­ings and po­ems for your card

A wholesome Father's Day saying, or a little Father's Day poem can complete your card and accompany your personal wishes to your dad. Here you will find beautiful Father's Day sayings, poems, and greetings that you can use for your Father's Day card:

Who needs a superhero when I have you as my Dad?

Dad -

You are one who can do it all, you are the strongest man for me.

You can carry me on your shoulders and chase me across fields.

You can fix broken toys and tell the most wonderful stories.

As a thank you for everything a big kiss from me.

You are the hero of my childhood, the role model of my youth and a friend for life.

Thank you, Dad!

Simply wonderful and invincible.

You were my hero in childhood, and for that, I want to say to you today:

You are and will always be the best in the world and forever my personal hero.

You can use these Father's Day sayings as an introduction to your personal wishes and write a thank you message that is sure to please your dad. If you're looking for inspiration for DIY Father's Day gifts to go with your card, you can find suitable DIY ideas in our articles "Unusual and sustainable Father's Day gifts" and "Father's Day crafts".

We wish you lots of fun creating and giving gifts!

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