Concealing big thighs: Find the right outfits for thick thighs.

Styling tips for women with thick thighs

Curvy women with thick thighs often share the same problems. Buying trousers can seem like an obstacle course, shorts season is an annual headache and the latest fashion trends often seem to ignore curves. As a result, women with big thighs often steer clear of skinny jeans and tight skirts. Here, we show you how to find outfits that are stylish and also flatter your thighs. We also give you tips on how to find the right trousers for thick thighs and calves.

Flattering outfits for women with thick thighs

Outfits that flatter larger thighs should focus on the upper body. Appliques, bright colours and bold patterns on shirts and dresses can draw attention to your face, cleavage and shoulders, creating an overall harmonious look. Of course, you can spice up your outfits with other details to balance your proportions: A modern, fashionable haircut or an elegant makeup look will also keep the focus on your best features.


High heels can make your legs look longer. For everyday styles, consider block heels or short platform heels, which look elegant and are more comfortable to wear. If you're not used to wearing high heels, wedges are also a good option.

Dresses that flatter thick thighs: Find the best cuts and styles for big thighs.

These basic fashion tips will help you create outfits that flatter your thighs:

  • Emphasise your upper body, shoulders and face. V-neck and boat neck blouses and dresses show off your cleavage and shoulders and are always eye-catching. Statement jewellery is also a great way to accentuate your upper body.

  • Choose bright colours and bold patterns for tops and blouses. When buying trousers and skirts, avoid large, colourful patterns or shiny fabrics. Darker colours flatter larger legs.

  • Jeans for big thighs should always contain some elastane. The increased elasticity of the stretch material gives greater freedom of movement and is comfortable to wear.

  • Accentuate your waist with A-line or empire waist skirts and dresses. Fit & flare dresses also flatter your figure and hides big thighs, as they fit tightly around the torso and fall loosely below the waist.

  • The length of each garment is important: Loose tops should fall over the thighs to show off the curves. Midi-length dresses and skirts are best for creating slimmer-looking thighs.


Around 80 to 90% of women have cellulite, regardless of their body type or fitness level. The little bumps on your thighs and bottom can be annoying, but they're perfectly normal - so there's no need to hide them! However, shapewear or shaping tights can help to smooth your silhouette if you want to hide these little imperfections.

How to dress big thighs: Comfortable jeans and trousers for women with big thighs.

Find the best trousers for big thighs

The ideal trousers for large thighs and calves can flatter your curves without pinching. After all, you don't just want to look good, you also want to feel comfortable in your clothes. The fit of a pair of trousers is crucial to effectively concealing large thighs.

Here are some of the best trousers for big thighs:

  • Straight trousers: A straight cut flatters big thighs by balancing the proportions of the legs.

  • Trousers with a relaxed fit: Boyfriend jeans or mom jeans are comfortable and flattering.

  • Bootcut jeans: A slightly flared cut hides thick calves.

  • Wide trousers: Palazzo trousers or culottes flatter large legs with their relaxed fit. Combined with a well-fitting top, the silhouette becomes more harmonious.

Best trousers for big thighs and calves: Wide leg trousers are very flattering.

Tight trousers or shorts make it harder to hide thick thighs. This is why curvy women with large thighs are often discouraged from wearing tight trousers. But this is a very personal decision. If you have bigger thighs but slim calves, you can still accentuate them with tight trousers. Wearing a looser, longer top cleverly covers your thighs and draws attention to your slimmer calves at the same time.

Summer outfits for women with big thighs: wide trousers or shorts?

Are shorts automatically taboo for women with strong legs? Not at all! Loose-fitting shorts with wide, flared legs are ideal for hot summer days and a perfect choice for women with big thighs. Because they're A-shaped, they flatter thicker legs and don't look bulky at the widest part of your leg.

If you are not a fan of shorts, or are looking for an alternative for balmy summer nights, you can also choose wide trousers in lightweight fabrics. Palazzo style trousers in airy, flowing fabrics are particularly comfortable and flatter your legs.

How to dress big thighs: Dos and Don’ts


  • Loose-fitting, longer tops

  • Wide or straight-cut trousers

  • A-line dresses and skirts

  • Tops with bright colours and bold patterns


  • Tight trousers and skinny jeans

  • Tight mini skirts

  • Trousers made from shiny fabrics

Conclusion: Flattering outfits for women with big thighs

Shopping for trousers can be a challenge for women with big thighs. But if you know which cuts and styles work best for your body, you can create perfect outfits in no time. Wide or straight trousers flatter your curves and balance your proportions. Meanwhile, A-line dresses and skirts or empire dresses can accentuate your waist and create a striking hourglass silhouette.

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