Concealing wide hips: Flattering dresses for wide hips.

Styling tips for women with wide hips

Like large breasts, wide hips are a symbol of femininity. Wide hips aren't always easy to style, but once you know your body type, choosing the right outfits is a breeze. To create a silhouette that flatters your big hips and accentuates other parts of your body, you need to master a few basic styling tricks. Here are our top fashion tips for concealing wide hips.

How to dress wide hips: Styling tips for different body types

Of course, not every curvy woman can be easily assigned a certain figure type - silhouettes and body types are too individual and varied for that. However, if we focus on common conventions, curvy women with wide hips typically belong to one of two body types: hourglass body shape or pear body shape. The small waist and wider lower body are common to both silhouettes, but the shape of the upper body is different. Depending on which body type best describes you, the perfect styling for wide hips will require slight adjustments.


Gaining or losing weight doesn't usually change your predisposition to a particular type of figure. But if you know how to accentuate your best features, even small 'flaws' will soon fade into the background. In the long run, what matters is that you feel good about your body.

How to dress wide hips: Pear body shape

Curvy women with a pear body shape have an asymmetrical silhouette: the upper body or shoulders are smaller than the hips. It is not uncommon for women with a pear body shape to wear two different sizes - they often buy one or two sizes smaller for tops. For this body type, the main aim is to conceal the wider hips to balance out the proportions: the upper body is emphasised to achieve a symmetrical figure.

How to dress wide hips: Hourglass body shape

The classic hourglass silhouette is often considered the ideal of a feminine, curvy figure. The shoulders are about the same width as the hips, the waist is visibly smaller and the bust is large.

Small waist, big hips - classic hourglass figure.

Curvy women with an hourglass figure should make sure that neither their upper body nor their lower body appears too voluminous. On the contrary: Skilful styling will accentuate your harmonious proportions and any "problem areas" will be concealed in no time at all.


Loose fitting jumpsuits are great for flattering a variety of figure types. Wrap-around or belted jumpsuits can give you a well-proportioned hourglass figure, even if you have small shoulders.

Trousers for wide hips and long tops in an asymmetrical cut look flattering.

Concealing wide hips: Trousers and dresses for wide hips

Similar to styling large thighs, you should also focus on your upper body when you have wide hips. Tops and dresses in bright colours and exciting patterns are good eye-catchers.

If you have a large bust as well as wide hips, avoid flounces or ruffles to avoid making your upper body look overly 'fluffy'. After all, what you want to achieve with your outfit is to keep your proportions in balance.

Here are the top styling tips for wide hips:

  • Use tops to make a statement. Flounces, ruffles, crazy patterns and asymmetric cuts work well on the upper body.

  • Wearing statement jewellery such as gold necklaces and earrings, a trendy hairstyle or a great makeup look will draw attention to your face, shoulders and cleavage.

  • When it comes to skirts and trousers, choose darker colours and matte fabrics. Shiny materials or bright colours are unflattering on the lower body.

  • V-necks emphasise your cleavage. Off-the-shoulder necklines also draw attention to the upper body.

  • When it comes to the length of tops, make sure they don't end at your waist. If the hem ends at the widest part of your lower body, it will accentuate your wide hips.

  • Highlight your waist with wrap dresses, shirt dresses, a blazer or high-waisted trousers. Ruffles or belts at the waist can create a stunning silhouette.

  • Straight or wide trousers and light boot-cut jeans make the legs look slimmer. Combined with a high waistband, your legs will look longer and your figure will look elongated.

  • Flowy skirts or A-line dresses flatter your figure. They accentuate your waist and conceal your hips.

Skirts and dresses for wide hips - focus must be on the waist.

Tip: Perceived problem areas do not always have to be concealed and hidden. Simply turn them into an advantage: Women with wide hips can still show off their curves in flattering clothing: waist-length pencil skirts can flatter your curves without obscuring your silhouette. High-waist jeans and crop tops also emphasise your waist and show off your feminine curves.

How to dress wide hips: Dos und Don’ts


  • Loose and asymmetrical tops

  • Fitted tops, short jackets/blazers and trousers with high waistline

  • Flowy skirts and A-line dresses


  • Tops that end at the widest part of your hips

  • Fluffy balloon or pleated skirts

  • Shiny, supple fabrics (e.g. satin)

  • Skirts or trousers with a low waistline

Conclusion: Flattering outfits for women with wide hips

Asymmetrical proportions are part of a curvy figure, but they are not always easy to style. Draw attention to your waist and shoulders to create a balanced silhouette. If you like, you can also show off your legs to draw attention away from your hips. When choosing your outfits, think about what kind of figure you have: If you have a small upper body, you can add volume with ruffles and flounces. On the other hand, if you have large breasts, make sure that the details and patterns do not overwhelm your silhouette.

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