Dresses for a big bust: the right cut flatters a big bust.

Flattering styles for a large bust: Emphasize or conceal your cleavage

A curvaceous figure with large breasts is a symbol of femininity. What some women crave is a challenge for others: Poorly fitting bras and unflattering tops are a problem for many women. In order to enhance the female silhouette and make everyday styling easier, we have put together a style guide for the large bust. We also give you valuable tips on choosing the right bra for large busts.

Fashion for the big bust: Flattering cuts

“Emphasize or conceal?” This is a common question for women with large breasts. After all, you want to show off your curvy figure with flattering clothes. But there is no need to hide your large bust under layers of unflattering clothing to look your best. With a few styling tips you can create the perfect silhouette.

Flattering dresses for bigger busts: Choose the right neckline.

Tip 1: Balance proportions

If you want to “balance out” your proportions a little, you should emphasize the waist. Tops or dresses that hug your waist will distract the gaze a little from your bust. If the attention is more on your waist, your silhouette will appear more balanced.

If you have thick thighs or wide hips, it also helps to focus on the waist. Wrap dresses and tops are particularly flattering. Whether you wear a shirt dress, shift dress or wrap dress, the shape of the garment should hug your figure.

Tip 2: The right neckline

Instead of hiding your breasts, high-necked tops often make them appear larger by shortening the upper body. We recommend a V-neck, for example, which visually lengthens the neckline for more balanced proportions. The same effect can be achieved by opening the top button of a blouse. Of course, make sure that the neckline is not deeper than you are comfortable with. A heart-shaped neckline, with its curved lines, is also ideal for accentuating large breasts. The feminine, playful shape also hides a more than a V-neck.

Tops for big busts: choose the right neckline.

Tip 3: Flowing fabrics

If you feel more comfortable in a wider top, you can always use loose, flowing fabrics. These can also have a stretching effect, especially with vertical lines in the pattern. Casually cut trousers (wide leg trousers, boyfriend-style jeans or culottes) and A-line skirts can also help to balance your figure.


If you want to spice up your outfit with statement jewellery, go for statement bracelets or earrings. Necklaces with large pendants can often appear overwhelming. The same goes for patterns: Boldly patterned tops can also make the upper body look more voluminous.

Finding the right bra for larger sizes

A well-fitting bra with great support is essential for most women. In order to prevent tension or back problems, choosing the right size is particularly important for women with a big bust. Don't let the markings fool you: a bra in a D-cup doesn't have to be bigger than a C-cup. The cup of a bra in size 85D is, for example, the same size as the cup of the size 80E. Only the size of the underbust measurement changed.


80 % of women wear the wrong size bra. If the bra does not fit properly or does not provide enough support for larger breasts, this can lead to tension, back pain or even poor posture. If you are not sure how to find the right bra size, ask a specialist retailer for advice.

Bras for large sizes: Determining band size and cup size

To find the right bra size, you need two measurements: the underbust measurement and the bust measurement. To measure your underbust, place the measuring tape just under the base of your breasts. Pull the tape taut, but not so tight that it cuts into your skin. To measure your bust, place the measuring tape loosely over the widest part of your bust (at the level of your nipples). You can then refer to a sizing chart to see what circumference and cup size the values correspond to.

Fashion for bigger bursts: for optimal support the bra must fit well in big sizes.

Bras for larger sizes: The right fit

The band size, cup size and width of the straps should fit your body perfectly. A properly fitted bra supports your breasts, relieves pressure on your shoulders and flatters your cleavage.

Therefore, always pay attention to a good fit:

  • The band runs horizontally down the back and sides.

  • The bridge (centre gore) is close to the body. A wider bridge gives more shape and support.

  • The cup should completely surround your bust. It should not be so small that your bust bulges out, nor so large that the cups are not filled.

  • The bra should fit snugly under the bust to provide adequate support.

  • The straps should not cut into your shoulders or back. The bra can only relieve pressure on your back if the straps sit comfortably on your shoulders. Wide, seamless straps provide the best comfort.

Special support bras often have other benefits, such as padded straps and wider bands, backs and sides. If you also want to conceal a larger bust, minimizer bras are worth a try. They have a special cut that shapes the bust and can visually reduce the size of your breasts.

Tip: If you are active and enjoy sports, a protective sports bra should be part of your wardrobe. A sports bra provides greater support to prevent back pain and unnecessary stress on the connective tissue.

Fashion for bigger busts: Styling tips at a glance


  • Dresses with belts or wrap dresses

  • Voluminous skirts or trousers

  • Dresses and tops with heart-shaped neckline or V-neck


  • High-neck tops, turtlenecks and stand-up collars

  • Flounces and ruffles along the neckline

  • Tops and dresses with spaghetti or neck holder straps

Conclusion: Styling tips for bigger busts

Whether you want to emphasise your cleavage or conceal your bust, with the right cut and a well-fitting bra you can dress large breasts well. A large bust is an asset that many women will envy you for, so show off your feminine figure with confidence!

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