Fashion tips for women with a bigger belly: the right tops and dresses can hide your belly.

How to find outfits that flatter your belly

A rounder tummy is just another part of a feminine, curvy figure. However, many women are unhappy with the shape of their bodies. If you sometimes feel your tummy is too big, a few styling tricks can help you put your worries to rest. In no time at all, you can turn the spotlight away from your tummy and onto the rest of your curves.

How to find outfits that flatter your belly: Tops and dresses with a “tummy-control” effect

When searching for the perfect outfit, always look for a loose (but not oversized) fit. Clothes that fit poorly or are too tight tend to draw attention to the middle of your body. As with thick legs or chubby upper arms, you can draw attention to the parts of your body you want to emphasise: If you have slim legs, tight-fitting trousers will give you a harmonious figure. Focusing on your beautiful cleavage will also balance your proportions.

You can also use patterns and colours to cover your tummy: Well-placed patterns distract the eye and draw attention away from a rounder belly. Vertical lines, whether a pattern or a strip of buttons, also visually lengthen the upper body. Dark colours can be very slimming, but the overall effect of the outfit should not be too dark. Feminine pastel or nude shades are also flattering.

Tip: Matte fabrics are particularly flattering if you have a larger tummy. Shiny fabrics draw attention to the parts of your body you may want to hide.

Fashion tips for women with a larger tummy: Tops and dresses that hide your belly.

Styling tips for women with a bigger belly

“Dark clothes make you look slimmer”- there may be some truth to this advice, but your options don't end there. Slimming clothes are no longer dark, dull and shapeless. There are plenty of styling options for women who want to draw attention away from their tummy.

Tip 1: Pick flattering tops to conceal your belly

Tops that fall slightly below the waist have a lengthening effect on the torso. Shorter tops can make you look more heavyset. The eye usually falls on the end of the hem, so tops and blouses should not end at the widest part of your body. If they do, your figure can look stocky and a rounder tummy will be more noticeable.

Combine longer tops with trousers and skirts that suit your body type: Loose cuts and high-waisted trousers are comfortable and flattering because they hug your curves. If you have slender legs, you can wear trousers that are a little tighter to show off your long legs and draw attention away from your tummy. If your legs are on the thicker side, try a wider cut.


Shaping underwear can also give you a flatter tummy when you want to wear tight clothing. However, you should never feel obliged to wear shapewear. It is entirely up to you which parts of your body, and how much, you want to hide or show off.

Dresses to hide belly: A-line and empire waist dresses are especially flattering.

Tip 2: Find cuts and styles that flatter your belly

In addition to longer, loose-fitting tops, there are other styles that give women with a bigger tummy a stunning silhouette. Dresses that hide your belly come in a variety of styles - for short and tall women alike.

Again, the length has to be right: Shorter women should opt for shorter dresses that visually stretch the torso. Tall women with long legs will find maxi dresses to be slimming. In general, the best cuts for women with a tummy are A-line and empire. In both cases, the narrowest part of the dress is below the bust, and then both shapes will gently hug your figure.

  • A-line: The bodice is tighter and emphasises the cleavage. The skirt is designed to fall wide and flowing. This flatters the typical problem areas of the tummy and hips.

  • Empire: The fitted body ends just below the bust. The cleavage and shoulders are accentuated.

Dresses that hide your belly can also tastefully show off your cleavage. The classic V-neck, a boat neckline and off-the-shoulder styles accentuate your neck, shoulders and cleavage and are ideal for drawing attention away from a larger tummy.

Tip: Many ways to hide your tummy also draw attention to your cleavage. If you have a bigger bust, make sure your upper body does not look too “voluminous”.

Styles to hide your belly: The right swimwear can flatter your belly.

Tip 3: Flattering swimwear

Flattering swimwear also relies on clever design choices: Ruffles, flounces and appliqués can draw attention away from your tummy. Even a figure-hugging swimsuit can be a real eye-catcher.

If you want to cover up a bit more, tankinis are a good option, as they sit tight around the bust and fall loosely around the tummy. The classic two-piece is not out of the question either: bikinis with striking and cleverly designed tops and high-waisted bottoms show off your curves.

Outfits for women with a small belly: Dos and Don’ts


  • Long, loose-fitting tops that end below the widest part of your belly

  • High-waisted trousers

  • A-line or empire dresses

  • Vertical lines


  • Short, tight-fitting tops

  • Low-waisted skirts and trousers

  • Shiny fabrics for tops

Conclusion: Conceal a bigger tummy in no time

A round tummy is a thorn in the side of many women, even if they feel good about themselves otherwise. Accepting and loving your body the way it is, however, does not prevent you from showing off your figure with flattering outfits. Long tops and flowy silhouettes such as A-line or empire can easily hide your belly. Skirts and trousers with a higher waistline are more comfortable and always a fashionable choice. The important thing is to feel comfortable in your own body - and the right outfit will definitely help.

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