Baby gifts ideas for girls.

Gifts for Newborn Girls

The birth of a little girl in your or your friend’s family is always a joyous time.

We have put together some gift ideas that will delight the new parents! Our easy-to-follow step-by-step craft instructions guide you from the creative idea to the finished gift.

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Craft baby gifts for girls

If you do a lot of crafts, you probably already have most of the materials at home. To make the basic ‘cake’ for all girls’ diaper cakes, you will need:

  • Nappies

  • Elastics

  • Pins

  • Coloured ribbons

  • Coloured clay paper

  • Glue and scissors

From these, with a little skill, you can make any of the nappy cakes. The personalisation of the cake is the actual gift as you can add many little things as you tinker with your baby gift. For the decoration of your DIY baby gift, here are some example items:

Finally, there are no limits to what you can add as little gifts. You can keep it looking classic in delicate shades of pink and add some pure white and soft greys too. Make sure the products are of good quality. We recommend only buying girls’ baby clothes made of organic cotton.

When selecting sizes, get clothes a little bigger as the baby will soon grow into them. It’s likely that the new parents have already got the small clothes for the newborn and it would be a shame to dismantle the cake straight away rather than enjoying it for a few weeks while the baby grows.

The clothing sizes for babies are given in centimetres and correspond to the body size.

The following table will help you find the right size:

Clothing size / Age in months

50 / 0 - 1

56 / 0 - 1

62 / 2 - 3

68 / 3 - 6

74 / 6 - 9

80 / 9 - 12

86 / 12 - 18

92 / 18 - 24

Once you have chosen your baby gifts, you can start crafting. After all, you can use anything you like to decorate the gift. The instructions only give you help and some inspiration - be brave and create your very own individual baby gift.

Have fun crafting!

Homemade nappy cake with pink ribbons.

Diaper cake for girls

A girls’ diaper cake is cute and practical at the same time. The gift contains 70 nappies in the three-tiered nappy cake - and parents can put each one to good use. Plus, you can decorate the diaper cake with cute girls’ bodysuits, pink bonnets or bibs, and all sorts of little care products. With our step-by-step instructions, we'll show you how to easily create this popular gift.

Diaper cake
Owl diaper cake in pink and purple.

Owl diaper cake for girls

This owl looks great in soft pink and grey and makes the perfect gift for the birth of a baby girl. The owl is very cute and has space for lots of practical baby gifts for girls. Follow our step-by-step instructions to easily create your own owl diaper cake. There are lots of fantastic photos that will inspire you with decorating ideas for your own owl diaper cake for girls.

Owl diaper cake
Create a bear diaper cake for girls.

Girls’ bear diaper cake

Pink cheeks, long eyelashes, dreamy facial expression - the cute bear diaper cake will delight new parents. He is not only cute – but you can also stash all sorts of practical gifts in it: like a pink cap, a cute pacifier, and (of course) a soft bib.

Our craft tutorial shows you how to make this bear from nappies and how to give it a cute facial expression using construction paper.

Bear diaper cake
A finished girl’s nappy motorcycle in pink.

Girls’ motorcycle diaper cake tutorial

Motorcycles are a boy thing? Nonsense! You can easily turn this rockin' motorcycle diaper cake into an excellent welcome gift with a cute stuffed animal and pink bows. The motorcycle diaper cake is quite easy to make on your own - although of course, it's more fun to craft with another person.

Motorbike nappy cake
DIY pram nappy cake for newborn girls.

Pram nappy cake for girls

The pram nappy cake is quite simple to make because it consists of two thick packs of nappies stacked straight on top of each other. There is, of course, a little more to it than that - follow our illustrated step-by-step instructions to create this cute gift yourself. You can decorate the pram nappy cake in many ways – get inspired by our many cute photos.

Pram nappy cake
DIY bouquet for a girl.

Baby bouquets for girls

A beautiful bouquet is a classic gift. With this cute bouquet, the flowers are also useful items. You can roll a selection of pretty newborn clothes for girls into delicate rose flowers. For example, bodysuits, hats, or cloth nappies work well as flower heads.

Baby bodysuit bouquet