Baby bouquet tutorial - male, female and neutral.

Baby Bouquet: Fancy Last-Minute Gift for Newborns

A baby usually gives about 9 months warning that it’s on its way, but that time can fly by in an instant and before you know it, it’s time to get a gift. If you would rather make something that is special and quick rather than buying something from a shop, the baby bouquet is just the thing.

This colourful bouquet made from useful baby items is quick and easy to make. Of course, you will need to do a bit of preparation work so that you can enjoy making this special gift.

Think about how you want to design your bouquet and get all the necessary materials before you start the assembly. The following list will help you plan:

Materials needed for your baby bouquet.

What you need for a baby bouquet:

  • 1 Flowerpot (13 - 15 cm diameter)

  • 7 to 10 planting sticks (45 - 55 cm long)

  • 1 brick of floral foam

  • Construction paper in different shades of green

  • Rubber bands, pins, and adhesive tape

  • About 1.5 meters of coloured ribbons

Time required: approx. 15 minutes

Difficulty: easy

Costs: 20-30 €

The real gift for the new parents is the clothes that are used to make the flowers. The flowers look best if you use plain coloured or basic patterned baby clothes. Depending on how lush you want your bouquet to be, you'll need enough baby clothes for 7 to 10 blooms.

The ideal clothes for this last-minute baby gift:

Step-by-step in­struc­tions to make to a fan­tas­tic baby gift

Step 1: Pre­pare the flow­er­pot

First, prepare the flowerpot for the base of your bouquet. Do not choose a flowerpot that is too big, it’s best to use a pot that is about 13 to 15 cm in diameter. Cut the floral foam to fit and press it into the pot. Don’t forget to fill in all the gaps with small pieces of foam.

Step 2: Make flower stalks

Next, prepare the planting sticks. Give them a quick wipe to keep the baby clothes clean if needed. You may need to shorten the sticks a little, choose a length that is in proportion to your flowerpot. For example:

A 9 cm high pot would need about a 30 cm flower stalk.

It looks more natural if the flowers are all different heights, so feel free to vary the length of the sticks.

Next, we need to add some leaves to the bouquet! Cut out different sized leaves from the green paper. You don't need to be overly precise here: imperfections will look more natural. Choose several shades of green to add more variety to your baby bouquet. Now use a black felt-tip pen to draw on the leaf veins. Now its’s time to attach the leaves to the planting sticks with a thin piece of tape. Alternate between attaching one or two leaves, and some you can leave without any.

Rolling baby bodysuits to make a gift for first time parents.

Step 3: Making the flower heads

Now it’s time to attach your gifts to the flowers. Spread out the baby clothes on a clean surface and remove all the tags. Fold the clothes so that they are about 8-10 centimetres wide. For an infant bodysuit, simply fold over the arms and an extra 1 centimetre on each side of the bodysuit. Now place a planting stick at one end and roll the bodysuit tightly around the stick. Once it is in the correct place, fasten it with a small rubber band. Then cover the rubber band with a colourful fabric ribbon. Make sure that the stick does not poke over the edge of the flower head. If the edges of the bodysuit curl outward, pin them in place with matching coloured pins. Ensure that the pointed end of the pin is deep in the clothing so that no one can accidentally hurt themselves. Pins with plastic heads are recommended to prevent the pins from disappearing into the fabric. In any case, it’s best to let the parents know that there are pins in the bouquet.


Did you know, that...

If you use a mix of items such as bodysuits and cloth nappies for your bouquet, this makes the flower head different sizes. It looks more harmonious if you choose one or the other.


Flowers made from rolled-up clothes in a plant pot.

Place the finished flowers into the pot. Pop them in at different angles and lengths to make it look a bit more natural. Be careful not to reposition the flowers too often: the planting sticks leave large holes in the foam and it will become harder to secure them.

Attach leaves to decorate the last-minute baby gift.

Step 4: Decorate your baby gift

In theory, your gift is finished but we can make it a little prettier. Cover the foam with any extra leaves you had made. Attach them with green or black pins. Depending on the size of your flower pot, you may need about 15 to 20 paper leaves to cover the entire pot. To hide the centre of the pot, pop a pretty bow around the stalk at the bottom.

To decorate the pot, add a wide decorative ribbon or stick some wooden decorations on the side. You can add something creative to make the gift extra special.


Don't forget...

Unicoloured baby items are best for making the rose heads. If you want to use bodysuits with patterns, choose a discreet and small pattern, preferably in delicate pastel shades.


Decorating baby bouquet for girls.

Decorate baby bouquet for boys and girls

You can decorate this unique gift for either a boy or a girl. The instructions for this quick baby gift are the same, you just need to choose different baby clothes and decorative ribbons.

For a unique bouquet for little girls, our soft organic cotton baby bodysuits in practical 3 or 5 packs are a great choice. These are available plain or subtly patterned. Cute bibs or pyjamas can also be rolled into great-looking flowers for a girl’s baby bouquet.

There is a wide range of choice for baby clothes for this fantastic girl baby gift. All C&A baby clothes for girls are available in the online store or one of our stores.

You can show off a nice range of colours when making the baby bouquet. Matching pink ribbons with beautiful wooden decorations will top off the last-minute baby gift.

We also have inspiration for other DIY baby gifts for girls.

Decorate an unusual gift for the birth of a boy.

If you want to surprise the new parents of a boy, go for a beautiful green or blue flowerpot. You can find many beautiful baby items for a boy in our store.

In other articles, we show you more ideas on how to make unique gifts for baby boys.

As you can see, this original baby gift can be made quite quickly. Unlike other DIY baby gifts, you need relatively few materials, and the cost of this last-minute baby gift is relatively low at 20 to 30€.

Have fun making and giving this lovely gift!

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