E.L.V. Den­im x C&A

Out of our love for den­im and the en­vi­ron­ment.

Our next step on the path to sustainability: we have taken old denim fabrics and given them new life in collaboration with East London Vintage Denim. Under the direction of Creative Director Anna Foster, we have created unique, gender-neutral styles with high attention to detail – a clear statement for more upcycling and diversity in the fashion industry.

Discover a very special collection to accentuate your style and stand out from the crowd.

Six styles, un­lim­it­ed pos­si­bil­i­ties

Anna Foster: Finest upcycling

Stylist, fashion editor, founder of E.L.V. Denim, creative director and a role model for sustainability: Anna Foster is a true expert in her field.

With her talent and a lot of attention to detail, she transforms vintage denim into sophisticated modern styles. Now she is lending us her know-how and creativity to help us reshape our upcycling processes.

Anna Foster’s approach of producing less waste and working with gender-neutral designs is right in line with our values – that’s why we are very happy that this collection is finally available to you.

Our up­cy­cling process in de­tail

In the course of our collaboration E.L.V., the vintage denim went through a multiple-stage upcycle process.

Here we reveal the individual steps of the process.


Step 1: Sort

At the end of the season, we sorted unsold denim collections and checked if they were suitable for the collaboration based on various criteria.


Step 2: Collect

We were able to collect a lot of vintage denim in our branches via our “We take it back” scheme.

We were also supported by Texaid – with old denim in good condition, which was collected in old clothes containers across Germany and subsequently passed on to us.


Step 3: Thoroughly clean

To prepare the old denim for its new life, it was carefully and thoroughly cleaned. Good to know: only seven litres of water were used per cycle, whereas the production of a new pair of jeans consumes around 10,000 litres of water.


Step 4: Make old into new

The freshly processed denim was delivered to Amsterdam, or to our United Repair Centre, to be precise, where our team set about producing the new styles.

Producing our denim in Europe keeps transport distances short – and reduces CO2 emissions.


Step 5: Ready, set, shop!

Back to the present: the collection is in the starting gate and ready to be discovered.

Do you want to wear something special while helping the environment? Then you’re in the right place – don’t wait a moment longer to find your new favourites!