Gifts for teenagers: teenagers celebrating a birthday with friends and presents.

Gifts for teenagers: cool gifts for 12- to 17-year-olds

Teenagers are not easy to buy gifts for as they have very specific ideas about what is in and what isn’t. To make sure you get your gift right, we've put together small and big gift ideas for teenagers between 12 and 17. We also tell you which trends teenagers are excited about now.

Gifts for teenagers: tips

When children become teenagers, they enter a new phase of life. They develop more body awareness and pay more attention to their appearance, fashion and styling. They need to express their personality through their clothes or their taste in music. Young people's way of thinking is also changing as they question more things, deal more with social issues, and express their opinions more courageously. At the same time, they are developing stronger connections with their peers, and they are becoming more influenced by people outside their family.

No two teenagers are alike. Some love to do sports, some prefer to relax at home while others like to be out and about with friends. That's why you should choose your gift carefully. If the person that you are buying a gift for has a strong interest or hobby, this is a good place to start. If you are unsure, you can also ask the parents.

The best gifts for 12- to 13-year-olds

Many teenagers like to spend time with their friends. What could be better than a games night? It creates a team spirit, trains cognitive skills and, above all, usually ends up being a fun night. Card games, strategy games or guessing games, for example, provide a great base for the evening.

Gift ideas for relaxing

Young people should also be encouraged to relax. Gift sets with massage or self-care items are ideal to help make a cosy afternoon. Teenagers can also switch off and relax with the right reading material. From magazine subscriptions to exciting novels. It's best to always base your reading on the teenager's interests.


Many 12-year-olds also use e-readers or read books on their smartphones. You can give a voucher for online libraries or bookstores.

Tech gift ideas

Teenagers spend a lot of time on their devices and many like to listen to music. If you want to give their music experience a whole new sound, you could give headphones or Bluetooth speakers. Another favourite pastime for many teenagers is playing games on their devices. Surprise them with a new video game and you're guaranteed to be the hero of the day. 12-year-old boys tend to like Minecraft and 12-year-old girls like Sims.

Another trend among teenagers is Polaroid cameras. They provide the perfect retro vibe and directly print out small photos. Alternatively, there are little printers for mobile phones that are practical when on the go and can be connected to any smartphone.

Active gift ideas

Teenagers can really let off steam with throwing games (e.g. kanjam) and ball games such as football, basketball or table tennis. Slacklines are also popular gifts. They can be set up in your own garden or in the park, they are a lot of fun and help develop balance.

Gift for 12-year-olds: a young girl on a slackline in the park.

Adventure gifts

12-year-olds love to experience new adventures. Get creative and give them a great experience, for example, a visit to a fun pool, a climbing hall or an amusement park. A few days at a holiday camp can also provide unforgettable experiences.


Always remember to talk with parents before giving larger gifts. This way you can clarify possible questions about space, costs or safety.

Gifts for 14- to 15-year-olds: surprise girls & boys aged 14 and over

At 14, most teenagers think of themselves as grown up and independent. At the same time, they are searching for their own identity and are influenced by the people around them. What are girls and boys over 14 interested in? We have put together various gift ideas for you.

Gifts for indoors

Spending time with friends is important to teenagers. A mini table football or table billiards are ideal for a fun afternoon of games. Also, a round of poker or Monopoly together can be a lot of fun too. If young people prefer to play a round on their games console, you could buy them a new game. To make sure you hit the bull's eye, it's best to ask if the game is suitable in advance.


Many young people are concerned about the environment, so planting a tree would be a fantastic gift. You can find them in a nursery or tree nursery, for example. Alternatively, you could support an environmental project online. They will plant a tree in the name of the recipient and then issue a certificate.

Practical gifts for teenagers

You can give your teen's room a stylish update with cool decorative objects like neon lights, a lightbox or a WiFi smart bulb. Items can also be personalised, such as a photo cushion or smartphone case.

Other useful gift ideas:

  • Drink bottle, sports bag or fitness tracker

  • Eau de toilette or perfume

  • Shopping voucher for the hottest clothing items

Gifts for the outdoors

Ball games like football and basketball are very popular with young people. Frisbees are also great for playing with friends on the go. The Aerobie throwing ring, for example, is easy to throw and catch. Spiderball, in which a trampoline is integrated as the impact surface, is a big trend now. This also helps train reaction speed and dexterity.

Gifts for teenagers: teenagers ride a bumper car at an amusement park.

More gift ideas for outdoor fun:

  • Equipment for swimming: Water pistols, snorkel set, inflatable boat

  • Voucher for stand-up paddling or other water sports

  • Vehicles, for example, longboards or e-scooters

  • Mini drones

  • Adventure gifts, for example, 3D black light mini golf, or a visit to the Oktoberfest

Gifts for 16- to 17-year-olds: surprise boys & girls aged 16 and over

The older teenagers get, the more demanding they become. They usually know exactly what they like and what they want to surround themselves with. That's why many like styling tools, for example, a curling iron for girls and a razor for boys. Combined with some cool accessories, they can get the perfect look. When it comes to sports, teenagers like to pay attention to their appearance and like to dress in fashionable workout outfits. A gym membership or online fitness training are also great gift ideas that sports-loving teenagers would enjoy.

Exciting board games such as Trivial Pursuit or Cluedo are a great way for them to spend time with their friends. EXIT games are very popular, either as a board games, digitally or in escape rooms. In the game, the players must solve tricky puzzles to be able to leave a room. This provides a good dose of thrills and teamwork.

Those who prefer to chill out at an open-air swimming pool will love an annual ticket for the leisure pool. A picnic blanket and an exciting book make a visit to the open-air pool perfect. To keep the smartphone with enough battery, a solar charger can be worth its weight in gold.

Gifts for teenage boys and girls: cool accessories as gift ideas

If your teenager is planning a trip, you could also give him an action cam. They can capture the best moments of their trip. A stylish holiday look can round off the travel gift perfectly.

More gifts for teenagers:

  • Audiobook subscription

  • Animal sponsorship

  • A trip to an amusement park or a canoe trip together

  • Voucher for a photo shoot, a dance class or driving lessons

  • Concert tickets

Conclusion: how to find the perfect gift for teenagers

Finding the right gift for teenage girls and boys requires good intuition and an attentive eye. Some questions to ask are: what are their interests? How does he or she organise their free time? In the second step, you can get creative and choose a gift to help relaxation, play or styling. Experience gifts are a nice idea, with which teenagers can gain valuable experiences.

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