Gift for 2-year-old: toddler sits on the floor and plays the xylophone.

Gifts for toddlers: An overview of the most popular gifts for 2- to 5-year-olds

Are you looking for a suitable gift for toddlers? In this article, we will give you an overview of which gifts are suitable for children between the ages of 2 and 5 and how they can promote development. In addition, we will introduce you to the most popular characters and stories for boys and girls from the age of 3, which can serve as inspiration.

Gifts for toddlers - what to look for

At the age of 2, babies become toddlers and with that, become more and more independent. At this age, they start to change their playing behaviour and develop new interests. If you want to surprise a toddler with a gift, it should be suitable for the child's age and stage of development. How well developed are their motor skills? How well is the sense of balance developed? Safety should also be a consideration. Your gift should not contain any sharp edges or anything that could injure them. You should also avoid small parts, as they can become choking hazards.


Your gift should be made of non-toxic materials as 2-year-olds tend to like putting things in their mouths.

Gifts for 2-year-olds: inspire boys and girls aged 2 and older

2-year-olds like to be on the move and learn new things every day. Gifts that stimulate creativity and promote their skills are ideal for this age group. For example, many 2-year-olds love to build things on their own. Building blocks that allow children to be creative are great for this. Making music is another way for children to express themselves. Beginner musical instruments (for example, a xylophone) allow 2-year-olds the opportunity to learn different sounds and tones.

A colouring book trains children's imagination and concentration. In the beginning, colouring pictures can be helpful to teach them how to colour more accurately and train their fine motor skills. In general, picture books are very valuable from an educational point of view, as children can train their powers of observation and imagination.

Puzzles are popular among children's toys. A suitable jigsaw puzzle would be great for children older than 2. Children get a feeling for different sizes and strengthen their ability to concentrate as they find the correct places for the puzzle pieces.

To encourage body movements, a running bike works well by gradually teaching balance while giving them some freedom to travel longer distances.

Other gift ideas:

  • Dolls and cuddly toys

  • Toys for outside (for example, a ball or sidewalk chalk).

  • Cosy pyjamas can be a great addition to a child's wardrobe. Make sure to always buy clothes after speaking with the parents to make sure you choose the best size clothes.


Running bikes can be fitted with a brake for extra safety. They can also be remotely operated by a parent.

Gift for 3-year-olds: a little boy plays with his mother in a play kitchen.

Gifts for 3-year-olds

Many toddlers begin a new phase of their lives when they turn 3. They may also start kindergarten, where they continue to develop social skills, make their first friends, and develop their own interests. At this age, children also begin to increasingly integrate role-playing games into their play.

If you want to encourage role-play with your gift, a play kitchen, for example, would be a great idea. Children can give free rein to their imagination and re-enact everyday situations. By the way, they will also train their motor skills as they play in the kitchen. Another idea is a play shop where children can take on the role of the shop assistant or the customer and develop their language skills. In addition, they get can learn the names of the different goods in the shop and learn how to count. A doctor's kit can also be a nice gift idea, as the child can pretend to be a doctor and examine their parents or favourite cuddly toy.

Other gift ideas:

  • Finger paints, wax crayons or craft materials, so they can get creative with painting, crafting or designing.

  • Books to read aloud

  • A backpack for kindergarten


Role-playing is an important part of a child’s development. They learn to put themselves in other people's shoes and develop empathy. In addition, it helps them understand the world of adults and processes in everyday life.

Gifts for children aged 2 and over. A granddaughter opens a present from her grandmother.

Gifts for 4-year-olds

The older toddlers get, the more they want to be independent and master everyday situations on their own, for example, dressing themselves each morning. Role-play is one of their favourite activities as they get to use their great imagination, which is why dolls are very popular among 4-year-olds. Children learn to construct a story independently and interact with the other characters. Even with basic building blocks, for example, Playmobil or Lego, entire worlds can be created that stimulate the child's creativity.

To satisfy a 4-year-olds' urge for independence, you can give them a vehicle. Tricycles, a pedal car or a scooter are perfect. A ball, a swing or a sandbox are a great way for them to have fun in the garden. Water games are very popular in summer and a sandpit stays pleasantly cool while they ‘bake’ sand cakes.

Gifts for 5-year-olds

At 5, children are developing their own ideas and interests. This is the perfect time for gifts that inspire new hobbies. Many 5-year-olds are about to start pre-school and gifts that train the child's cognitive skills will really help them.

One way of training cognitive skills is by giving age-appropriate board games or puzzles. They train strategic thinking and are a lot of fun at the same time. Another idea is to give a children's cookbook so that they can learn how to cook dishes in a fun way.

Audiobooks plays are great for stimulating the child's imagination as they can immerse them in completely new worlds. A garden is a great place for new adventures and gifts like a skipping rope, throwing games or a trampoline are great for 5-year-olds. When buying larger gifts, always consult with the parents and clarify possible questions. If the child likes to garden with their parents, age-appropriate gardening tools are also a nice gift idea.

The hottest gifts for toddlers: from Minnie Mouse to Paw Patrol

Many toddlers are fascinated by the heroes in their children's books, radio plays, animated series or films. The characters experience exciting adventures and solve challenges in creative ways. If you pick up on one of the popular themes for toddlers with your gift, it is sure to be well received. The following themes are currently very popular with girls and boys from around 3 years of age:

Gifts for toddlers: Minnie Mouse and Paw Patrol clothes and accessories.

Examples of popular themes for girls

Examples of popular theme worlds for boys

Conclusion: How to find the perfect present for 2- to 5-year-olds

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a toddler, it should be child-friendly and help with their development. Depending on the age group, children's needs and interests differ, while 2-year-olds are just discovering their abilities, older children are ready to experience adventures, play in the garden or solve exciting puzzles. Role-playing is a large part of development at this age, which can be consciously encouraged by suitable gifts. If you are up to date with the most popular theme worlds among boys and girls, your gift is guaranteed to be a hit

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