Children's Day Gifts: a mum giving her daughter a gift on Children's Day.

Children's Day gift ideas for Babies, children & teenagers

Children's Day is a great opportunity for you to bring joy to your children by giving them a gift. On this special day a lot of families, friends and relatives usually surprise children with a small gift. You don’t need to get a large gift as the day is more about spending time with your children. In this article you will find some great gift ideas and tips on Children's Day gifts for all ages. This guide will help you to get inspired and to find the perfect gift as there is a gift for everyone whether it's for a baby, a younger child, an older child or a teenager.

Children’s Day gift ideas for babies

A small gift for Children's Day is not only a lovely surprise a baby, but it is also a nice surprise for any new parents. If you would like to get the perfect Children's Day gift for a baby, you can either choose something that would be suited to their age or you could ask their parents.


If the baby was born only a couple of weeks ago you could choose a suitable gift for a newborn. You can find some gift ideas for a newborn baby in the following article: Gifts for newborns.

A personalised gift for a baby is a great idea for Children's Day. Get creative and create a personalised dummy chain or an imprint set for hands and feet with an individually designed photo frame. Personalised baby clothes are also great gifts for Children's Day.

Below you will find further Children’s Day gift ideas for babies:

Gifts for Children’s Day: a young girl playing with colourful modelling clay on a table.

Children’s Day gift ideas for younger children aged 2 and upwards

Toddlers and young children love to play and try new things. Choosing the perfect gift will depend on the child’s interests and individual stage of development. You should ask their parents if you are still not sure what to get them as a gift for Children’s Day.

If you would like to get a gift which would promote the child's motor skills then a ball, a colouring book or a musical instrument would be great gift choices. A book is also a popular choice and a classic, which can be great fun and educational.

Below you will find further Children’s Day gift ideas for young children aged 2 and over:

  • Outdoor chalk

  • A playset for a sandpit

  • Arts and crafts set

  • Colourful modelling clay

  • A toy chalkboard or white board

  • Marble run

  • Playmat

  • Board games to help improve fine motor skills such as a fishing game

  • A memory game to help improve their memory

  • Baking set or doctor kit set

  • A bag or backpack for nursery

  • Some clothes with colourful designs or with their favourite cartoon characters such as Elsa or Paw Patrol

Children’s Day gift ideas for older children

Older children enjoy trying new things and they have also started to develop their own interests. It is a good idea to get children from the age of 6to enjoy a gift that matches their interests and personality.

You can surprise children who enjoy doing sport with a ball, a hula hoop or a badminton set. Books are a great gift idea for children who enjoy reading. For children who enjoy getting creative, you could get them an arts and craft set or a paint set.

A voucher for gymnastics or dance classes or even for musical instrument lessons are fantastic gifts for Children's Day. Remember, to always speak to their parents first before buying any expensive or larger gifts.

Older children also enjoy receiving practical gifts for Children’s Day. You could think about getting them something that they could use at school such as a new schoolbag, wristwatch or a reusable water bottle with their favourite Marvel or Disney character on it.

Below you will find further Children’s Day gift ideas for older children:

  • A children’s magazine subscription

  • Money box for pocket money

  • Toy detective set

  • Arts and crafts set

  • Science experiment kit

  • Card or board games such as UNO, Catan Junior, Fruit Punch Halli Galli

  • A musical instrument

  • Sportswear for school

  • A lunchbox for school

  • Pens and pencils for school

  • Notebook with a lock which could be used as a diary


If you would prefer to get a more educational gift for Children's Day, you could get a voucher to visit a castle or a garden. This is a great opportunity for children to spend time outdoors in the fresh air and to learn about history or different plants. You could also go for a walk in the countryside where you could collect natural materials to build a dreamcatcher.

Children’s Day gift ideas for teenagers: two friends trying on sunglasses in a shop.

Children’s Day gift ideas for teenagers

Choosing a suitable Children's Day gift for teenagers can be a challenge. What is trendy today may be out tomorrow. So how do you find a great Children's Day gift for teenagers? The main thing is to choose a gift that they would be interested in. This way you can be certain that they will be very happy with their gift.

A new bag or some trendy new clothes are great gift ideas for teenagers who are really into fashion. Alternatively, you could get them a voucher and they could pick out a new bag or outfit themselves. The advantage of a voucher is that you give the person a choice and they can choose exactly what they would like. If they enjoy making and customising their own clothes you could get them a voucher for a sewing course.

Teenagers who enjoy doing sports will be more than delighted to receive new sportswear, a sports bag or a reusable water bottle as a gift for Children's Day. You can surprise teenagers who are interested in technology or enjoy building models with a Lego Technic set or a voucher for a computer course.

Sponsoring an animal is a great gift idea for teenagers who enjoy doing volunteer work for environmental protection. A lot of animal organisations such as WWF offer sponsorships. This is a great way to sponsor an animal and to protect an endangered species such as elephants, gorillas, tigers and sea creatures such as whales and dolphins.

Below you will find further Children’s Day gift ideas for teenagers:

  • Beauty products such as face masks, massage sponge, face cream, body lotion

  • Notebook

  • Books for teenagers and young adults

  • Decorations for their room such as an individually designed cushion cover

  • Some new clothes to relax in at home

  • Bluetooth speakers or headphones

  • A sleeping bag

  • Cards and board games such as Codenames, Phase 10, Taboo

  • Voucher for an online streaming service

  • A new computer game

Conclusion: how to find the ideal gift for Children's Day

Whether it's a baby, a young child, an older child or a teenager everyone enjoys receiving gifts. If you are not sure what to get them as a gift for Children’s Day, you can get them something that they are interested in or enjoy doing as a pastime. Some children enjoy getting creative, some prefer to play some kind of sport and others enjoy being outside and spending time in the countryside. By following the tips in this gift guide you will be able to find a great gift for Children's Day!


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