The best winter coats: quilted winter coats will help to keep you warm in the winter.

The best winter coats for men and women

How to find the warmest winter coat

When it starts to get colder make sure that you have a winter coat that will keep you warm. Whether a winter coat will keep you warm depends on the materials. Puffer jackets, for example, have a thick lining that works like a thermal insulation. They store your body heat and keep the cold air out. That's why they are also among the warmest winter coats and a stylish everyday companion that will give your outfit a casual look.

Which winter coat will suit me the best?

The good news is: there are winter coats for every age, size and body shape that will make you feel stylish. Our questions below will help you to find the perfect winter coat:

  • What are you looking for in a winter coat?

  • Should your winter coat be more fashionable or more practical?

  • Where are you going to be wearing it?

Below we will show you the different types of winter coats for men and women and their individual advantages.

Men’s coats: woollen coats are an elegant choice for winter.

Woollen coat – an elegant coat for winter

A woollen coat is a great choice if you are going for an elegant look. It's a timeless classic that instantly makes your outfit look very chic, even during the winter months. Depending on your preference, you can choose between single and double-breasted, short or long wool coats. The classic winter coat is not only stylish, but also keeps you warm thanks to its high wool content. Woollen coats are very versatile and can be combined with lots of different outfits. You can wear it with a hoodie and jeans or over a smart suit. Look stylish this winter with a woollen coat.

Wool coats for winter

Men’s and women’s quilted coats: trendy winter coats with thermal insulation.

Puffer jackets – warm and cosy winter coats

Are you looking for a stylish and warm winter coat that is also wind and water-repellent? A Puffer jacket is just the thing for you. The quilted look is very trendy and is also very insulating at the same time. Puffer jackets are usually lined with natural or synthetic fibres that will keep you nice and warm. Another advantage is that the jacket is very light and therefore comfortable to wear. This means that you have a flexible winter jacket at your side, which leaves you feeling prepared for any weather.

Puffer jackets as winter coats

Wearing a parka as a winter coat: parkas are great because they are very practical for winter.

Parka – a very practical coat for winter

A parka is a great choice for autumn and winter. This popular winter coat usually has a longer cut that goes down to your hips. Parkas are made out of down or synthetic fibres, which are great for keeping you warm on a cold day. The outer layer will help to keep you dry and protect you from the wind. It also has a hood and adjustable drawstrings, which makes it a practical choice and allows you to adjust the jacket perfectly to suit your style.

Women’s parkas

Men’s parkas

Men's functional jackets: this type of jacket is ideal for outdoor activities in the winter.

Functional jackets – a hard-wearing winter coat

A functional jacket is a great choice for anybody that enjoys spending time outside in the winter. As the name suggests, a functional jacket is designed for being practical. A good functional jacket needs to be weatherproof, durable and breathable. This means that you are well protected from wind, rain and snow. A functional jacket is the ideal choice for outdoor activities in the winter and its light weight makes it comfortable to wear and will stop you from feeling too hot.

Women’s functional jackets

Men’s functional jackets

Men's ski jackets: breathable and warm ski jackets for winter sports fans.

Ski jackets – waterproof winter coats

Are you looking for a winter coat for cold and frosty conditions that will keep you warm? Then how about a sporty ski jacket? It will keep you nice and warm and it is also waterproof and breathable. This is especially beneficial if you like winter sports or spending time outside. A ski jacket will make sure that you are prepared for wind and snow. This is the perfect jacket for anyone that enjoys skiing, snowboarding or hiking. When buying a ski jacket make sure to check how waterproof it is. We would recommend getting a ski jacket with a waterproof rating between 5,000 and 10,000 mm.

Women’s ski jackets

Men’s ski jackets

Women’s gilets: gilets are a practical winter coat and they will help to keep you warm.

Gilets – a comfortable choice for winter

Are you looking for a practical winter coat that is very comfortable and can be combined with almost anything? A quilted gilet maybe the perfect thing for you. It can be worn comfortably over a jumper and depending on the style you can create a sporty or elegant look. Similar to a puffer jacket a quilted gilet also has a special lining filled with down or synthetic fibres to keep you warm. This will help to store your body heat. Some gilets have a longer cut and a hood, which will help to keep you warm and dry.

Women’s gilets

Men’s gilets

Men's bomber jackets: bomber jackets are a great choice as they are stylish and great for mild winters.

Bomber jackets – for a snazzy winter look

Bomber jackets are ideal for milder days during winter. The bomber jacket's elasticated hem and cuffs and stand up collar will make your outfit look snazzy and protect you from the cold. The loose cut also means you can comfortably wear a warm jumper underneath it. When buying a bomber jacket it is important to pay attention to the materials it is made out of. If you would like to wear a bomber jacket as a winter coat it will need to be made out of weatherproof materials such as polyester or nylon.

Bomber jackets

Women’s leather jackets: you can wear a leather jacket on a mild day during winter.

Leather jackets – for a more casual look

Leather jackets can be worn almost all year round combined with a couple of layers and they are the ideal choice for a mild winter. They will give your outfit a casual look and they can be combined with almost anything. Winter coats made out of fake fur are also wind and water-repellent making them a practical choice. When it gets colder it is a good idea to wear different layers and your favourite leather jacket is perfect for finishing off your layered winter look. For example, a warm wool or cashmere jumper can be worn underneath your leather jacket.

Leather jackets


Lighter winter coats such as leather jackets, bomber jackets or quilted gilets can also be worn during the autumn. For more inspiration have a look at our guide on how to find the perfect light-weight jacket.

What is the best material for a winter coat?

Most winter coats have thermal insulation to retain your body heat. Other types of coats are also breathable, windproof and water-repellent. Depending on the material, each winter jacket has its own advantages. Below you will find some helpful information on the different materials used for winter coats. This will help you to find the perfect winter coat.

Wool – a natural fibre great at keeping you warm

Winter coats made out of wool are perfect for the winter months. They are usually made out of virgin wool or cashmere and contain a certain amount of synthetic fibres. The advantage of a wool coat is that wool is a breathable material, which makes it comfortable to wear. In addition, a wool coat is long-lasting due to the hard-wearing material, and you can wear it for a long time.

A close-up shot of a wool coat.

Synthetic fibres – an excellent insulation material

Synthetic fibres such as polyester or nylon are a fantastic all-rounder when it comes to materials. Mostly sportswear or outdoor clothing are made out of this material and the material is great at keeping you warm. The special outer layer, for example, BIONIC-FINISH®ECO is ideal for all weather conditions and is breathable at the same time. In addition, winter coats made out of synthetic fibres are usually light and therefore comfortable to wear.

A close-up shot of a synthetic material.

Down – very warm & fluffy

If you are looking for a very warm winter coat with a natural insulating material, then a down jacket may just be the perfect winter coat for you. It offers particularly good insulation and it is very good at retaining your body heat. Down also has the advantage that it wicks away moisture, which will stop you from feeling too hot. A down jacket is very light and comfortable to wear.

Winter coat size guide

Once you have found the perfect winter coat you will need to find the right size. How to get the right size and what is the best fit? Finding the right size depends on your dress size, body shape and personal preferences. Some people prefer a closer fit, whereas others prefer a more looser fit.

If you would prefer a winter coat this is close-fitting you should have a look at the shoulder seams, for example, the seams should sit where your shoulder ends. The coat is too small if they are too tight. If they go past the end of your shoulders then it is too big, however, this does not count when trying on an oversize fit. It is important to check if there is enough room to wear a thick jumper underneath. You can find more information about C&A's sizes in our size guide.

Which winter coat will make you look slimmer?

The aim of a winter coat is to keep you warm during the winter. However, which types of coats will make you look slimmer? Below you will find three helpful tips on how to look great in a winter coat.

  • Tip 1: Choosing the right colour: it's best to choose a colour that suits you and makes you feel confident. Besides timeless colours such as black, navy or brown, you can also be adventurous and go for bright colours. Winter coats in striking colours combined with the right fit and length can make you look fantastic.

  • Tip 2: Getting the right fit: depending on your body shape, there are different winter coats that will highlight your assets. Parkas with a drawstring or coats with a tie belt are ideal for making your waist stand out. A-line coats are great If you have broad shoulders as they will give you a balanced look. If you would like to make your upper body stand out, you should choose a winter coat with a short length, for example, quilted coats.

  • Tip 3: Finding the right length: the length of a winter coat depends on the style and how it shows off your body shape. Smaller men and women look great in coats with a shorter length and coats with quilting. Long winter coats are ideal for taller men and women.

Find your perfect winter coat

How to wash winter coats

To ensure that your winter coat doesn’t get damaged in the wash follow our useful tips below:

  • Check the care label: the first thing you should do is check the care label for the washing symbols on your winter coat. You will find this label on the inside of your coat. This will tell you whether you can wash your winter coat and at what temperature.
    Tip: it is recommended to get your winter coat dry cleaned if you cannot wash it in the washing machine or it is too big or heavy for the washing drum.

  • Removing stains: you can make washing easier by removing stains in advance. You can usually remove stains with simple home remedies.

  • Getting your winter coat ready to be washed: make sure to close all zips, fasten any Velcro and do up any buttons. This will prevent them from getting caught in the washing machine when on a spin cycle. You can also remove detachable parts of the coat, for example, a fake fur collar.

  • Choosing the correct wash program: a delicate wash program is recommended for winter coats. Follow the instructions on the care label. If your winter coat is washed at a temperature that is too high, you run the risk of damaging the delicate materials.

  • Washing your winter coat separately: it is advised to wash winter coats separately in order to avoid damaging the other clothes in the washing machine and to stop the colours from running.

  • Drying: double check the care label to find out more about how your winter coat should be dried. The care label will also indicate whether your winter coat can be tumble dried. If you can tumble dry it, then you could use tumble dryer balls or alternatively tennis balls to smoothen and fluff up the padding in your winter coat. Simply place the balls in the drum. If you can only air dry your coat it is best to hang it up on a hanger. This will help your coat to go back into its original shape.

  • Waterproofing: after washing, you can spray your winter jacket with a waterproofing spray. This will strengthen the waterproof layer on your coat, and it will be ready to use again.

Depending on the material of your winter coat, you will be able to determine how it needs to be washed and dried. Find out more about how to wash and dry wool, synthetic materials and delicate materials in the following guide: What is the best way to wash and take care of a light-weight jacket.

Find your perfect winter coat

There’s a winter coat to suit every style and taste such as soft, hard-wearing, very light or weatherproof. Get inspired now:

Find your perfect winter coat