Outfits for an hourglass body shape: women with an hourglass body shape have a narrow waist, large bust and wide hips.

Outfit and styling tips for women with an hourglass body shape

This body type is known for wide hips, a narrow waist, which is often considered the ideal image for a female body shape. Larger women who have this body type can skilfully show off their harmonious figure with the right outfit. If you accentuate your curves elegantly and subtly, they will be shown off to their best advantage. We'll give you some simple tips to help you find the perfect outfits for your hourglass figure.

The perfect outfits for a woman with an hourglass shaped body

A woman with an hourglass shaped body will typically have a narrower waist but broader shoulders and hips, which gives the body shape an hourglass shape. When it comes to classic styling tips symmetrical proportions are considered desirable, which is why plus sized women naturally have a slight advantage from this point of view.

However, this doesn't necessarily mean that women with an hourglass figure don't face any challenges when it comes to trying to find the perfect outfit. Wearing the right outfit will not only show off your best side, but also ensure that you feel comfortable at all times. Some parts of your body should be accentuated, others concealed. In this article we will show you what to keep in mind:

  • Emphasise your slim waist with close-fitting dresses, jumpsuits, tops and jackets.

  • Clothes that are too tight can sometimes make you appear bigger instead of showing off your curves.

  • Avoid wearing cuts and motifs that draw attention to your stomach or hips such as flounces or ruffles.

For a lot of people, the curvy hourglass body shape symbolises pure femininity. Women with an hourglass shaped body will typically have a larger bust andround buttocks. Ideally, you should not wear something that shows too much leg or upper body as this can make your appear a bit too busy.


Soft, flowing fabrics flatter your curvy figure the most because they are not bulky. Wearing silk, chiffon, jersey or lace and light or medium weight fabrics that are not too baggy will give you a stylish relaxed look.

Hourglass shaped body: skinny jeans will show off your curves to their best advantage.

Tops for an hourglass body shape

Tops that are too loose will hide your curves, while tops and blouses that are too tight will make you look shapeless. To make sure that the top gives you a stunning look, you should opt for a close-fitting top that doesn’t appear or feel too tight.

Close-fitting shirts, jackets with waist belts and fitted blazers naturally accentuate an hourglass body shape. Square neck tops hide your waist and can make your torso look very straight. Tops with ruffles, bows and flounces also add volume to the torso and are therefore less recommended if you are plus sized with an hourglass body shape.

To emphasise your symmetrical shape, you should also go for necklines that make your torso look slimmer. A slight V-neckline will visually lengthen the line of your neck and support your balanced proportions. Patterns with vertical stripes or long scarves and necklaces have the same effect.

If you would like to conceal your bust a little, you could wear a turtleneck and or clothes with a stand-up collar. They will make your upper body appear shorter, which also as a result will make your bust look bigger. If you don’t want to attract too much attention to your bust then it is recommended to wear a round neckline for everyday wear. A sweetheart neckline is very feminine and it is suited to this body shape.


It is not only the shape of the neckline that is important if you would like to discreetly emphasise your bust. A matching bra that fits perfectly and offers you enough support is essential for women with a larger bust. This also helps to reduce the risk of having any back problems.

Dresses for an hourglass figure: A-line or wrap dresses with a slight neckline are a great choice for women with an hourglass shaped body.

Dresses for an hourglass body shape

There is a dress shape that is particularly flattering for every body shape. In a lot of cases, the dress will have a cut that is intended to mimic an hourglass body shape, which you already have and should skilfully accentuate it. Whether a dress shows your figure in the perfect light or makes your curves disappear under layers of fabric depends on the cut.

Close-fitting clothes and flowing fabrics that have a more snug fit will show off your curves, but at the same time they won’t appear or feel too tight. This fit is ideal for women with an hourglass body shape. Wrap dresses and A-line dresses, for example, will make your wide hips and larger bust stand out. These dress shapes are a great choice for plus sized women because they will show off your best side and make you look a bit slimmer.

A close-fitting sheath or bodycon dress will make you really stand out and they will highlight your curves to their best advantage. If you would like to emphasise your hourglass body shape, you can add a waist belt. However, it's best to choose a thinner waist belt, as a wide waist belt can make your torso appear shorter.

Dresses made out of stiff, heavy materials can quickly look bulky and shapeless on a curvy hourglass shaped body. Very wide or fluttering cuts, for example with batwing sleeves are also rather unsuitable as they are usually quite bulky. These types of clothes will make you look shapeless and they will not show off your curves to their best advantage.

Trousers for an hourglass shaped body: make your waist stand out with skirts and trousers with a high waist.

Skirts and trousers for an hourglass body shape

Style advice often states that women with an hourglass body shape can wear "just about anything" as long as it emphasises their curves and does not hide them. This has also been taken into account when it comes to recommendations on what type of skirts and trousers you should wear to suit your body shape. Close-fitting and wider cuts suit this body shape equally well.

However, when putting an outfit together you should make sure that you do not combine tight fitting clothes with other tight fitting clothes and this rule should also be followed when it comes to wide cuts and baggy fitting clothes. A classic rule to stick to for women with an hourglass shaped body is "less is more" so that you don’t appear too bulky or shapeless.

Skinny jeans or a close-fitting pencil skirt will flatter your curves. If you like to wear high heels, a slight heel can make your legs look longer. Tulip skirts or bell skirts, which tend to be voluminous or flared will give you a balanced look. Trousers with wide legs like Culottes or jeans with a slight bootcut have the same effect.

High waist trousers and skirts are recommended because they will flatter your slim waist. High waisted trousers are also a good choice for plus sized women with an hourglass shaped body, as they are comfortable and they will fit nicely around your curves. Trousers with a low waist will tend to draw the attention to your wide hips.


Beauty is often shaped by society and this is subject to constant changes, which do not represent any classic style rules. Style guides are all about finding the best outfit for your body shape and not about trying to fit your body to a certain ideal.

Dos and don’ts: Hourglass style tips


  • Waisted tops, jackets and dresses will accentuate your narrow waistline.

  • High waisted and tight fitting trousers and skirts will flatter your curves.

  • Wide trousers and flared skirts accentuate an hourglass shaped body.

  • Vertical stripes will make your body appear longer, e.g. tops with vertical stripes or long necklaces and scarves.


  • Items of clothing with wide cuts or oversized and layered looks will hide your curves.

  • Trousers and skirts at hip height will draw attention to your waistline.

  • Tops and dresses with a very high waist will make your upper body appear shorter.

  • Flounces and ruffles can make your outfit look too busy.

Conclusion: stylish outfits for women with an hourglass body shape

A lot of people perceive an hourglass body shape to be the perfect body shape for a woman. Plus sized women with an hour glass shaped body have a narrow waist and enviable curves that they can elegantly accentuate with different outfits. Style advice for women with this type of body shape often focuses on maintaining their great shape and curves, but at the same time a large bust or wide hips should not be overly emphasised. Wide and straight cut clothes hide your curves, while very tight clothes are often unflattering, especially if you are plus sized and have an hourglass body shape. Therefore, close-fitting clothes that are not too tight with an accentuated waist are recommended for the ideal outfit.

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