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Cute baby in mama’s arms wears a C&A body with a bear on it

Enjoy your first days with your baby

The start of a very special

What do I need to know when changing my baby? How do I bathe my newborn? Let go of the pressure for you and your baby to hit it off right away. Especially in the early days, many mothers feel uncertain. However, you will notice that you become a pro at parenting in no time. Changing will become part of your daily routine, as will regular bathing. Some babies love to be in the water. As soon as their navel has healed over, newborns are ready to enter the water. Babies can be bathed for five to ten minutes, once or twice a week. The room temperature should be at least 23°C, and the water should be around 36–37°C when measured with a bathwater thermometer. (Source: German Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA), 2021)

Baby bath products that are free from fragrances and preservatives can be used, but are not necessary. After bathing, it’s time to dry your baby with a soft baby towel. Thanks to the hoods on baby towels from C&A, your baby’s head and wet hair are protected from the cold. After drying, a cotton hat will keep your baby cosy and warm.

Changing, baby care & bathing: How to take care of your baby

As well as the right changing and bathing methods in day-to-day care, you will also need the right equipment for your baby. Here are a few valuable tips on taking care of your baby.

Two C&A bath towels with bear and bunny motif Go to baby towels
Go to bathing
  • 2 soft bath towels, with cosy hood (if available)
  • 1 baby bathtub
  • Mild bath product made of natural ingredients, if necessary
  • 1 bathwater thermometer
Go to baby care
  • 1 baby fever thermometer
  • 1 pair of nail scissors for babies
  • 1 mild baby cream for your baby’s bottom & moisturising, if necessary
  • 1 pack of safety cotton buds
  • Baby oil made of natural ingredients, if necessary
  • 1 baby brush
Go to changing
  • Nappies
  • 8 washcloths or baby wipes, suitable for cleaning & drying baby’s bottom
  • 5 towels for use as a changing surface
  • If using cloth nappies: Covers made of wool or microfibre, safety pins or clips
  • Nappy pail & storage box
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The right clothing for your baby

In the beginning, mothers are often unsure how to dress their baby. It’s not easy, because your baby’s heat regulation is still developing. The back of the neck is a good place to test your baby’s temperature. If it feels damp and sweaty, your baby is probably too warm. We recommend following the "onion principle", so you can respond flexibly to your baby’s needs. That way, you can simply take a layer off when your baby gets too hot, or put a layer on when it gets chilly.

Clothing should not fit too tightly. Wrap-around bodysuits with snaps and a stretchy collar and cuffs are a very practical choice. Slip-on collars, wide-opening round necklines and piped snap button plackets are also practical for everyday wear, so you can dress and undress your baby quicker. Baby onesie sets from C&A are not only practical, but look cute too.

Dressing and undressing is definitely not one of a newborn’s favourite activities. However, there are many situations when a baby’s clothes need changing, e.g. after waking up or after a nappy change. With onesie sets from C&A, you are always on the safe side. These cosy all-rounders are comfortable for your baby and practical for you, as you can dress and undress your newborn in only a few steps.

Baby wearing a onesie looks to the side
The first days with your baby:  Baby in a green body eats an orange with a grimacing face

Baby size chart: Find the perfect clothing for your baby

Body size, age and weight are the basic parameters that determine the right clothing size for your baby. Except for baby sleeping bags – then you only need to know your baby’s body size to pick the right size.

Tops & bottoms
Body size (in cm) 42 46 50 56 62 68 74 80 86 92 98
Age Newborn Newborn Newborn 0-1 months 2-3 months 3-6 months 6-9 months 9-12 months 12-18 months 18-24 months 24-36 months
Weight up to 3 kg up to 3 kg up to 3 kg 4,5 kg 6,5 kg 8 kg 9 kg 10 kg 11 kg 12,5 kg 16 kg
Baby sleeping bags
Size 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120
Body size (in cm) 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120
Shoes & socks
Shoe size 12/13 14/15 15/17 18/20 21/23
Age Preemie 0-3 months 3-9 months 9-18 months 1,5-2 years
Body size (in cm) 44/50 56/62 68/74 80/86 92/98
Foot length (in cm) 7,5-10 10,5-11 11,5-12 12,5-13,5 14-14,5

Your baby grows and grows

Every day, your bundle of joy gets a little bigger. If you’re looking for comfy and cute outfit ideas for your baby, you’re in the right place. Get inspired by our large selection of baby clothing.

Baby clothing: blue T-shirt and striped dungarees Outfits
White baby pyjamas with cute animal print Pyjamas
Early days with your baby – Baby trousers in a denim look with dots Trousers
Blue baby T-shirt with cute zebra print Tops

Your first trip with your baby

As your holiday approaches, you will be thinking about everything your family will need. To help you prepare, we have compiled a handy list below. Don’t worry, it’s simple.

Baby sunglasses, hat, shoes and other baby accessories

Checklist for going on
holiday with your little one

Whether it’s a short break or a longer holiday by the sea: you can prepare everything your family needs for a holiday. You will soon find how relaxing and memorable a holiday can be, when you plan ahead.

  • Passports
  • Essentials for daily care & cleaning
  • Pharmacy products, incl. sunscreen if needed We advise you not to expose your baby to direct sun in their first year
  • Food & drink
  • Toys
  • Clothes for your baby: bodysuits, socks, trousers, tops, jackets, pyjamas, hat & bibs, shoes
  • For a holiday in the sun: sun hat, swimwear & sunglasses
  • Important for travelling: child seat, baby blanket, travel bed with sleeping bag, baby monitor, changing bag, baby carrier or baby wrap, pram
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Baby clothes for crawling, playing and cuddles

From basics to cute prints to practical sets: thanks to our many years’ experience, we know exactly what babies and parents need. You will quickly notice that good baby clothes adapt to your child’s needs. Find some inspiration here!

Infant wears baby outfit with cute Mickey Mouse print Cute prints
Infant with cute C&A cat body sits on a bed Basics
Infant wears a colourful bodysuit with floral print Colourful bodysuits