Garden party outfits: materials to help keep you cool and summery patterns.

How to put the perfect garden party outfit together

In spring and summer there are numerous events that take place outside and where you can enjoy the sun such as pool parties, barbecues or work summer events. The most important question is what should you wear to a garden party or a summer party? Get inspired by our stylish outfit ideas and we will also give you some summer styling tips on how to look fabulous this summer.

Garden party outfits: casual looks and materials to help keep you cool.


Garden party outfits: loose-fitting and breathable materials will help to protect you from the sun.

5 tips for garden party outfits

Garden parties are great fun in spring and summer. Here are the most important outfit tips for your summer garden party outfit to help keep you cool even on hot summer days:

  1. Choose bright colours and patterns: light colours, floral patterns or botanical prints are perfect for getting a summer look as they look very bright and cheerful. Most people associate these colours and types of patterns with garden parties and summer festivals. Pastel colours and floral prints also represent spring very well.

  2. Choose lighter materials and loose-fitting clothes: to avoid feeling sweaty especially during the hot summer months, you should choose light and breathable materials for your garden party outfit. Materials such as linen, lightweight cottons or viscose are more breathable, which helps to regulate your body temperature. Loose-fitting clothes also circulate the air more effectively which as a result will help you to stay cool.

  3. Be prepared for cool evenings: a lot of garden parties start in the late afternoon and will last until the late evening. When putting your summer party outfit together make sure to plan ahead as after the sun has set it can get a bit chilly. A light jacket, a thin cardigan or a scarf that you can drape over your shoulders will help you to stay warm.

  4. Make sure to apply enough suncream: you are going to be spending a lot of time outdoors in the sun at a summer party so it is therefore important that you protect your skin from the sun's rays. A sun hat (e.g. a classic straw hat) and sunglasses are timeless and casual accessories that you can combine with almost any garden party outfit. Also make sure to apply a suncream with a sufficiently high sun protection factor.

  5. Wearing the right shoes: a lot of women consider high heels an important part of a chic party outfit. However, some shoes may not be the best choice for a garden party. Thin stilettos can be quite difficult to walk in on grass or garden paths. It is a good idea to either have a change of shoes with you or choose a different type of footwear. For example, wedges or sandals with block heels are an elegant alternative. Depending on the occasion, you could wear something more casual such as flat sandals, flip-flops, espadrilles or ballerinas.

Discover more of our garden party outfits below:
Garden party dresses: floral dresses and blouses are timeless classics as outfits for garden parties.

Women’s garden party outfits

Floral prints are a timeless classic for spring and summer and therefore are always a good choice for stylish summer garden party outfits. Floral dresses in particular are always popular and trendy in spring. You will definitely find something to suit your style as there is a wide range of dresses, skirts and blouses with floral prints.

Below you will find some helpful tips on how to put together a floral print outfit:

  • To get a colourful or classy look, we recommend wearing dresses with a small floral print or with additional details such as lace or embroidery.

  • Floral dresses in soft materials such as satin or chiffon are a great choice for outdoor weddings and they will make you look great.

  • Loose-fitting maxi dresses and swing skirts will help you to stay cool on hot summery days. Sleeveless dresses or dresses with a carmen neckline are also good outfits for garden parties on hot summer days.

  • For a more casual look with a real summer holiday flair go for a dress or a jumpsuit with bright colours and a tropical print.

  • If you prefer something a bit plainer wear a plain blouse with some loose-fitting, patterned palazzo trousers.

  • If you are not a big fan of bright colours there are also floral prints available in more subdued colours such as black and white, blue and white or red and white.


Items of clothing with striking patterns can be wonderfully combined with subtle jewellery and accessories made out of natural materials such as raffia bags, straw hats or shoes with cork soles. Pieces of jewellery that make a statement and colourful patterns are not a great combination because they can make your outfit look too busy.

Garden party dresses: bright summery colours are perfect for garden party outfits.

Bright summery coloured garden party outfits for women

Summer is all about relaxing and enjoying everything this colourful season has to offer. You can also adopt this approach when it comes to choosing the colours for your garden party outfit. If you find colourful prints a bit over the top, you could wear soft and natural colours as an alternative and then opt for a piece of jewellery that will make your outfit stand out.

Below you will find some helpful tips on how to put together a colourful summery outfit:.

  • Soft white and cream tones look light and airy. This works well with loose-fitting items of clothing and these shades will give your outfit a classy summer look.

  • Pastel colours look lovely and they will also remind you of blossoming flowers. These types of colours are a stylish choice for an outfit for a garden party. To make them stand out you can combine them with earth tones and accessories made out of natural materials.

  • Striking colours such as sunshine yellow, cherry red or turquoise are also suitable for a summer party outfit. However, if you would like to stick to a natural colour scheme you should avoid neon or garish colours.

  • A combination of plain and patterned items of clothing are a good choice if you would like to create a simple yet stylish outfit for your garden party. Pastel colours and natural colours in particular can be harmoniously combined with floral patterns.


Light colours with subtle patterns definitely make you feel summery, but they are not suitable for every garden party. For a casual barbecue or picnic you should choose darker coloured clothes or clothes with patterns to avoid any stains being too visible. It is also recommended to choose a material that does not easily crease.

Summer party outfits: get that summer holiday feeling with a nautical look.

Nautical style garden party outfits for women

A nautical look is a great choice for an everyday yet elegant outfit for a garden party. Classic and muted colours and patterns are perfect for a timeless style that can be styled casually or elegantly and these types of outfits will definitely give you that summer holiday feeling.

Below you will find some helpful tips on how to put together a nautical style outfit:

  • Nautical styles are mainly in white, light blue and dark blue. Shades of red will round off your look, which you can keep in mind when choosing accessories and make-up.

  • Striped dresses, tops and blouses are typical nautical styles and can be wonderfully combined with any style and occasion thanks to their versatility.

  • Nautical prints with anchors or small ships also make this style stand out. However, when putting your nautical outfit together make sure it doesn’t appear too busy.

  • It is quite often windy near the coast so it’s best to go for a braided or loose updo hairstyle, which will compliment your nautical look and you can finish off your look with a hat or loosely tied casual scarf or hat. This way you will also be prepared in case it is windy or if the weather isn’t great.

Men's garden party outfits: light and airy materials are a perfect choice for your summer party outfit.

Garden party outfits for men

For men there is a wide range of choice when it comes to creating a casual look for a summer garden party. Loose-fitting clothes with summery colours are also a good choice. Below you will find some helpful tips on how to put the perfect outfit together for a summer party:

  • For garden parties with family and friends that don't have a strict dress code you can usually do without a jacket. However, it is a good idea to be prepared for chilly evenings or a sudden change of weather. You could wear light cardigans or summer jackets made out of cooling materials such as linen or seersucker.

  • Pastel colours like pale yellow, light blue or pink are ideal for a spring outfit. Jeans are a great choice for a garden party as they will give you a smart casual look. You could also opt for loose-fitting chinos, which will make your outfit look summery and elegant.

  • A smart garden party outfit is the perfect opportunity to experiment with colourful patterns. Make a statement by wearing a modern botanical print, patterned shirt or a Hawaiian shirt.

  • If you would like to still have an outfit with a bit colour, but nothing too over the top then go for a layered look with a plain T-shirt and a colourful patterned shirt. This look is also a reliable evergreen.

Conclusion: summer outfits for a garden party

In the summer it is popular to throw a garden party, have a barbecue with family and friends or to get married at an outdoor venue. For special occasions such as weddings or birthdays, there is often a dress code that you can follow. For informal celebrations, however, you are often left to your own devices to plan your outfit. It is a good idea to check the weather forecast and depending on thetype of garden party you will be attending will help you to determine what you should wear. Smart casual, light and airy materials and summery colours are essential for a summer party outfit, but also give you plenty of freedom to express your individual style.

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