Ideas for a garden party: a group of friends at a barbecue.

Tips and ideas on how to organise the perfect garden party

We all enjoy spending time outside when it’s warm and sunny. Summer parties in the garden are therefore a popular way to celebrate with family and friends whilst enjoying the great weather. We will show you various garden party ideas and give you some helpful tips on how to organise an unforgettable summer party. To make sure you and your guests don't miss out on anything we have summarised the most important tips in a helpful garden party checklist.

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Ideas for a garden party: a family sitting round a table at a garden party.

Step-by-step guide on how to organise the perfect garden party

Depending on the occasion will determine how much planning you will need to do for your garden party. Celebrating a wedding in the garden requires a lot more planning and involves more costs than a barbecue with family and friends. Nevertheless, there are some general tips you can follow if you would like to organise a garden party.

  1. Date and time: think about what day and time you would like to have your garden party. This is especially important on hot summer days, as it is advisable not to be out in the midday sun, therefore, organising your garden party for the late afternoon would be a good idea.

  2. Guest list: as with any special occasion you should think about who you would like to invite as early as possible. The number of guests will then determine how many seats you will need and how much food and drink you will need to prepare.

  3. Invitations: it is a good idea to send your party invitations well in advance, as a lot of your family members and friends will be planning their summer holidays.

  4. Food and drink: make sure to prepare enough food and drink depending on how many guests will be attending your garden party. This is especially important on hot days as you will need to have enough water and non-alcoholic drinks.

  5. Theme: if you are planning to have a certain theme for your garden party it is a good idea to make sure that your decorations and outfit match the theme. Remember to let your guests know in good time if there is going to be a dress code.

  6. Decorations and lighting: make sure that your party decorations match the party theme or special occasion. If your garden party is going to last well into the night you will need some suitable lighting for outdoors. You can create atmospheric light with fairy lights, outdoor lights or lanterns.

  7. Location: don’t forget to tidy up your garden well in advance of the party. If necessary, mow the lawn or trim any bushes that look a bit overgrown. It is also a good idea to tidy up the patio or garden shed.

  8. Entertainment: make sure your guests don't get bored. Put together a summer playlist and make sure there is enough entertainment. It is a good idea to organise some party games and activities such as ‘’Guess Who’’, charades or karaoke, which are great fun for young and old alike. This is especially important if children are going to be attending your garden party.

To make the planning even easier for you, we have summarised the most important points in our garden party checklist. You will be able to follow the steps and tick everything off one by one.

Click here to download our free helpful garden party checklist


Inform your neighbours that you are planning a garden party and let them know especially if your party is expected to last until late in the evening. However, keep in mind that even if you are having a party in your garden or on your balcony, you will still need to abide by any noise laws in your local area that state between certain hours of the day noise levels are not allowed to go above a permitted level. If the party is getting a bit loud then it is a good idea to move the party inside.

Additional useful weather tips

When organising a party outside you need to be prepared for hot summer days but also for changeable weather. Make sure to check the weather forecast in advance and think about alternative ideas in case the weather isn’t going to be very good.

Organising a garden party on a hot summer’s day

If it is going to be very hot and sunny you should think about protecting your skin from the sun’s rays and also offering your guests somewhere to cool down:

  • Make sure to provide enough water and non-alcoholic drinks. If your summer party is going to last for several hours, then you will need around two to three litres of drinks per guest on very hot days.

  • Provide a shady area for your guests and it is also a good idea to put your tables and chairs in the shade.

  • If there are not enough shady areas in your garden then it is a good idea to put up a canopy or a parasol.

  • A paddling pool is a lot of fun and a great way to help children keep cool.

  • It’s recommended to have a bottle of sun cream in case someone has forgotten to apply it or needs a top up.

Organising a garden party on a cool day

Even in spring and summer in the evenings it can become chilly quite quicklyor if the weather changes. You can help stop your guests from feeling chilly with our helpful tips below:

  • Put out a few light blankets and add some cosy seat cushions to make it more comfortable.

  • If necessary, to help keep your guests warm you can light a fire bowl or make a campfire. However, keep an eye on the fire at all times and follow the basic safety rules below:

    • Keep a safe distance of at least 5 metres from nearby objects.

    • Do not light fires in enclosed spaces including pavilions.

    • Make sure you have a fire extinguisher to hand.

    • Extinguish any fires immediately in case of uncontrolled flying sparks or if there is a lot of smoke.

    • Do not light a fire if it’s very windy or if there has been a prolonged long dry spell.

Organising a garden party on a wet day

If it is raining or going to rain you don’t need to cancel or reorganise your party. We have put some helpful tips below on how to organise a garden party if the weather isn’t going to be great or if there is a sudden downpour:

  • If you have a pavilion you could use it in case it starts to rain. If you would like to have a bit more shelter from the rain or are celebrating a special occasion such as a wedding or an anniversary, you can also rent a marquee.

  • If you have a covered terrace or a summerhouse you can use these for your garden party in case the weather changes.

Organising a garden party on a windy day

It can still be quite windy even on a beautiful sunny day with pleasant temperatures. If you are organising a garden party on a windy day make sure that you are well organised. Follow our helpful tips below for organising a garden party on a windy day:

  • If possible secure your tablecloths to the tables using clips or put a heavy object on them so that they don’t blow away. In addition, it is also a good idea to not use any decorations that are too light so that they do not blow away.

  • Be mindful of the wind direction when setting up your barbecue or fire bowl. Make sure that the smoke is not blowing towards your guests or your neighbour’s garden.

  • It is a good idea to find a place in your garden that is sheltered from the wind. This can be next to a summerhouse, alternatively hedges, bushes or trees which have different heights are particularly good windbreaks.

Garden party ideas: children playing and having fun together in the garden.

Garden party ideas and themes for an unforgettable summer party

Not every party needs to have a theme, but for special occasions a theme is a good idea to make sure your party will be unforgettable. They are also particularly suitable for summer parties. Below we have put some themed party ideas together to help you get inspired:

Tropical themed party:

  • Colours - orange, flamingo pink, turquoise and palm green

  • Monstera, palm leaves or hibiscus

  • Exotic fruits as party food and as decorative elements

  • Exotic birds such as flamingos, toucans or parrots

  • Colourful cocktail umbrellas

  • Decorations made out of raffia and straw

Nautical themed party:

  • Colours - white, beige, grey, light blue and navy blue

  • Designs with anchors and sailing ships

  • Linen tablecloths

  • Shells

  • Lighthouse lanterns

  • Vases or bowls filled with sand and tea lights

  • Crockery with fish, seafood or seaweed designs

Vintage themed party:

  • Colours - white, beige, pastel colours and different shades of brown

  • Shabby chic furniture and decorations

  • Flowers such as roses, peonies and wildflower bouquets

  • Lace tablecloths

  • Porcelain tableware

Boho themed party:

  • Colours - white, cream, combination of earth tones and brighter colours such as ochre, turquoise and crimson

  • Decorations made out of natural materials such as raffia, rattan and bamboo

  • Macramé accessories

  • Lanterns and fairy lights

  • Flowers or dried flowers

  • Earthenware dishes and crystal glasses

You can also use specific themes to inspire your choice of decorations, outfits and even party food to help organise your garden party. Our article on garden party decorations is a must read for anybody who is thinking about organising a garden party and enjoys getting creative.

Garden party outfits: clothes made out of fabrics to help you keep cool with summery patterns are ideal for a summer garden party.

Garden party outfits

What should you wear to a garden party? Summer garden parties with family and friends quite often have no strict dress code. It’s a good idea to pick out an outfit that will match the occasion and is suitable for the weather conditions. Even on hot summer days you can still look stylish with a summery outfit that will help to keep you cool. Light and airy materials and loose-fitting clothes are ideal for summer. In this article you will find helpful styling tips and inspiration for your next garden party outfit.

Garden party outfits
Making your own garden party decorations with flowers and natural materials.

Garden party decorations

Garden party decorations made out of natural materials with flowers and summery colours are a fantastic choice and they will give your garden party a great summer look. The decorations are easy to make and they will match any party theme such as boho, Nordic or rustic. We will show you three fantastically summery decoration ideas for garden parties.

Garden party decorations
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