Outfits for women with an H body shape: choosing the right outfits will show off your curves.

How to dress if you have an H body shape

Plus sized women with a straight body shape often think about how they could add more curves to their figure. The H body shape is usuallyknown for its wide shoulders, waist and hips. Feminine curves are slightly less pronounced, which tends to flatten the chest and buttocks. By choosing the right outfits you can create a curvy look in no time at all. Alternatively, you could wear outfits that perfectly emphasise your athletic physique. In the end, the most important thing to remember is that you feel comfortable in your clothes and you don’t have to feel like you are dressing up. In this article you will find some useful outfit tips for curvy women with an H body shape.

Outfits with a tapered fit for an H body shape

Every woman’s body shape is unique and everybody has things they do and don’t like about their body. For plus sized women with an H shaped body you should choose a tapered fit to show off your best sides. This means that you can conceal any problem areas with outfits that are loose around the hips and bust and close-fitting around the waist. By focusing on the middle of your body this will create additional curves in the hip area and the bust.


Would you like to have a stunning look for a special occasion? Then follow our great insider's tip and give shapewear underwear a go. Make sure that it has a good fit, as this will accentuates your curves and you will still be able to move about comfortably. Shapewear is not designed to hide your body, but to flatter your figure and give you more confidence. If you have a classic H body shape, a shaping dress combined with a push up bra can create an elegant curvy look.

Accessories for an H body shape

You can make your body shape stand out by combining different accessories together. For example, why not spice up your outfit with a waist belt, which will then accentuate your waist in no time at all and this can easily be done even if you have a classic H body shape. If the rest of your outfit is loose-fitting, then the fabric will gather at the waist and create a feminine hourglass shape. This effect works just as well with any items of clothing which have an integrated drawstring. Patterns and designs around your waist such as sequins or embroidery can also make your waist look smaller.

Tip: Make sure you always wear any accessories at waist level. The closer they are to your hips, the curvier your midriff will look.

Skirts and dresses for an H shaped body: create feminine curves with shapewear.

Dresses for an H body shape

If you're looking for the perfect dress for an H shaped body, you can go for fit and flare dresses, Empire dresses or A line dresses. These types of dresses are close-fitting around the torso, but they are loose-fitting around the hips. This will give your sporty H shaped body more feminine curves.

In addition, you can visually deceive the human eye with colours or certain fits. Dresses which have very light or dark colours down the sides can flatter your figure as they create the illusion of an hourglass figure. This type of dress is ideal for women with an athletic build or an H body shape because it will make your waist appear narrower by creating an optical illusion.

Dresses with cut outs such as small symmetrical cut outs around the waist or leg slits distract the attention away from your straight body shape and emphasise your feminine body shape. This effect works particularly well with dark dresses with cut outs as from a distance only the parts covered by the dress are visible.

The so-called princess seam creates a similar optical illusion. The seam starts at the shoulders and runs vertically in an arc across the bust to the waist or hem. The special shape of the seam optimally emphasises the curves of the bust and waist.

If you would like to make your waist stand out but at the same time conceal a slightly wider midriff, you can opt for dresses with knot details or wrap dresses. These types of dresses will give make you look great and give you a great shape. The fabric is knotted or wrapped just below the bust and flows smoothly over the hips. This balances out the proportions of an H shaped body, which allows you to create a completely different body shape through an optical illusion.

If you’re not a big fan of dresses or you’re looking for a simple look, then why not try a jumpsuit? Stylish jumpsuits can be styled both casually and elegantly. Jumpsuits with a waist belt in particular suit women with an H body shape.


Don’t just wear loose-fitting items of clothing, instead you should combine a baggy or oversized shirt with slim fit trousers or wide leg trousers with a slim fit shirt to avoid completely hiding your natural body shape.

Tops for women with an H body shape: the best tops that will flatter an H shaped body.

Tops for an H body shape

If you have an H shaped body and you wear ruching, draped necklines or tops and dresses with a chest pocket this will make your bust appear lager. A large neckline suits women with an H body shape as it will gently balance your proportions. Alternatively, seams and patterns on your tops can create a deep V and make your waist look smaller and your bust look larger.

If you wear long-sleeved tops, you can roll them up to three-quarter length. This way they will end at midriff level and make your waist look more defined. You should be mindful if you are thinking about wearing a polo neck as this type of style will put the focus on your upper body and emphasise broad shoulders.

If you are looking for a particularly feminine look you can wear dresses and tops with an optical illusion. These include colour blocking, but also patterns or prints that give you an hourglass shaped body. Tops, dresses or jackets with a peplum are also excellent for concealing a wide waist. The protruding fabric around the hips and the close-fitting waist work wonders on your lower body as it will give you a pear shaped body.

Wearing crop tops with high waisted trousers or skirts are also a great way to add a bit of shape to your figure. This combination will make you waist appear slimmer thanks to the high waisted fit of the trousers or skirt.

Trousers for women with an H body shape: combine tops with high waisted jeans.

Trousers for an H body shape

Women who have an H shaped body generally have no problems when it comes to buying trousers as they can wear most styles. However, the high waisted trousers are recommended for plus sized women with an H body shape because low waisted trousers can make your midriff appear larger. High waisted carrot trousers or mom jeans, on the other hand, visually stretch the leg and make the waist look narrower due to the loose fit around the thighs. The trousers are close-fitting on your hips and they will create a shapely curve.

The same works with wide leg trousers. Styles such as Palazzo or Marlene trousers create volume around the calves and ankles, which then provides a strong counterbalance to a slimmer waist. Bootcut jeans or culottes that have a wider fit at the bottom also will make your midriff appear slimmer, as long as they have a tighter fit around your waist.

Try and choose trousers with striking patterns as they can give your waist more definition. For example, lines that are narrower at the waist and run vertically wider and wider will create a pear shape.

Combining a pair of slim fit jeans with a loose-fitting blouse will give you a more balanced look. For an even more stylish look you can tuck your top into your trousers and pull it out a little bit to make it look loose and casual. This will give your upper body more shape and you can enhance this with a belt, which will give you a great body shape.

Dos and don’ts: Style tips for an H body shape


  • Tops with feminine designs like ruffles or peplum are a great choice as they won’t make you appear shapeless.

  • Embellishments, patterns or cut outs around the waist area will give you an hourglass body shape.

  • Flared or curve skirts and dresses will give you a very feminine look.


  • Very wide, long or loose-fitting tops and dresses can quickly look shapeless.

  • Polo necks can make your upper body appear quite round.

  • Low waisted trousers will often make your waist look wider.

Conclusion: stylish and flattering outfits for women with an H body shape

Whether you would like to conceal a slightly wider waist or add some curves to your H shaped body by choosing the right outfits you can show off your H body shape perfectly. Women who have a straight body shape should focus on fitted tops and dresses, high waisted trousers or skirts or items of clothing with embellishments or accessories around the waist. This will give your body more shape and make any problem areas disappear. However, the most important thing to remember is that you should always feel confident in your outfit!

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