Beach outfits – finish off your beach outfit with some accessories.

Beach outfit ideas

Your swimwear such as a bikini or swimsuit is the base of your beach outfit, but you can turn your swimwear into a stylish outfit for the beach in no time at all with some accessories. If you have been thinking about what you should wear to the beach then you will find some great outfit ideas and inspiration in this article. We'll show you how to put a beach outfit together that will suit you perfectly. We will also give you some tips on what accessories you should wear to complete your beach look.

Trendy outfits for the beach

Completing your beach outfit with the right accessories will give you a great look which you can wear for sunbathing at the beach, taking a stroll along the promenade or heading to the beach bar.

There are different beach outfits to suit different tastes. You can decide whether you would prefer something classier or more causal.

Find your perfect beach outfit

One-piece outfits

One-piece outfits are quick, stylish and practical. You can combine it with a few small accessories to complete your outfit. Below you will find some one-piece outfit ideas.

Beach dress – a woman wearing a beach dress over her bikini.

Beach dress: the classic beach outfit

You can quickly slip a beach dress over your bikini and you're ready for a walk or a dinner at a beach restaurant. You can choose between a short beach dress or an elegant maxi dress. When it comes to neckline, a bandeau dress will give you a seamless tan, while sleeved styles will protect your torso from the sun. You can also choose between elegant or casual styles to find the perfect beach dress.

Find your beach dress
Kaftan – a woman wearing a Kaftan.

Kaftan: loose-fitting beach dress for a casual style

A kaftan is a loose-fitting and airy beach dress that is comfortable to wear and helps to protect you from the sun’s rays. You can choose whether you would like to wear a short, knee length or full length kaftan. You can choose between different colours or patterns, which will make it easy for you to find one that matches your swimwear. Tip: add a belt to your kaftan to add a bit of style to your outfit.

Kaftans for a casual beach look
Jumpsuit – a woman wearing a jumpsuit with sandals.

Jumpsuits are perfect for a striking look

If you like wearing jumpsuits, then you can wear them on holiday and at the beach. Jumpsuits have a great cut and they are perfect as one-piece outfits. Depending on your taste, you can opt for short jumpsuits that look quite sporty or you could choose a long jumpsuit that looks elegant. Just slip into your jumpsuit after a day at the beach and you'll have the perfect outfit for your next activity.

Jumpsuits for your beach outfit

You can choose anything that you feel comfortable in and has bright colours, patterns or lace for your beach outfit. If you're still not sure which beach outfit would suit you the most, you could also opt for items of clothing with a nautical style. This type of style is perfect for your next beach holiday.

Cover ups for the beach

Wearing a beach cover up to protect your skin from any harmful sun rays is a good idea when spending time at the beach. If you feel more comfortable covering up then it is also a good idea to add a stylish pareo or kimono to your beach outfit. There is a wide range to choose from, which will make it easy to find something that will match your look.

Kimono – a woman wearing a kimono to complete her beach look.

Kimono: a stylish beach cover up

Kimonos for the beach have a wide fit and they are tied with a ribbon above the waist and often have half-length sleeves. It’s a great choice if you would like to cover up and protect your skin from the sun. In addition, a kimono always looks very elegant and makes you look great thanks to the good fit. There is a wide range of kimonos to choose from such as long, short as well as transparent and opaque ones.

Kimonos for your beach look
Tunics – a woman wearing a tunic to complete her beach look.

Tunics: a classic choice for beachwear

A tunic is a blouse with a wide neckline that is easy to put on and take off in case it gets too hot. Unlike a kimono, a tunic falls loosely and looks more casual. In neutral colours like white or beige, it goes well with any bikini. If you prefer something more striking, you can go for tunics with bold prints or bright colours. On the other hand, tunics with flounces and lace look very feminine.

Pareos – a woman wearing a pareo.

Pareo: a practical choice for the beach

A pareo is a large scarf that you can drape over your shoulders at the beach, knot into a top or wear around your hips as a skirt. You can also decide whether you prefer a transparent fabric or an opaque fabric that protects you from the sun or a cool breeze. When it comes to colours and prints there is a wide range to choose from, so you can choose a pareo that perfectly matches your bikini.

Pareo to complement your beach look

Even if a beach cover up protects you from the sun's rays, you should still apply additional suncream. Make sure you use a suncream with a high SPF and also make sure to reapply it regularly.

Trousers and skirts for the beach

Once you have chosen the right beach cover up, you can combine it with matching trousers or a skirt. This way, you can create the perfect beach outfit that you can also wear when going out for dinner or on an excursion after visiting the beach.

Shorts – a woman wearing a pair of shorts made out of linen.

Shorts are the perfect choice for a causal beach look

Shorts are always a good choice for hot summer days. When visiting the beach it is a good idea to wear a pair of shorts that are airy and are made out of breathable materials such as linen or cotton. This way you won’t feel too hot and you'll be able to move about in them comfortably. If you would prefer to cover your legs, you can also choose 3/4 or 7/8 trousers. Shorts that are made out of spandex are close-fitting and look very elegant.

Beach shorts in various styles
Trousers – a woman wearing a pair of wide leg trousers.

Trousers are a great choice for an elegant beach look

Make your beach outfit stand out by opting for a pair of loose-fitting trousers. Trousers with a wide leg are elegant and are particularly comfortable to wear. Long palazzo style trousers are a good choice for the beach. If you prefer a more casual look then harem trousers are the perfect choice. However, if you would prefer to conceal your stomach area then high waisted trousers are the perfect choice for your beach outfit.

Wide leg trousers for an elegant beach look
Beach skirt – a woman wearing a long skirt to the beach.

Complete your beach look with an elegant skirt

Create a classy look for the beach with a light, flowing beach skirt. A maxi skirt looks elegant, whereas a shorter skirt will show off your legs. A-line skirts are particularly flattering. Wrap skirts are also great if you would like to conceal your stomach area.

Beach skirts for your summer outfit

The most important accessories to complete your look

Once you've decided on your beach outfit, you can then add the finishing touches to it with some accessories. A protective but stylish headdress, matching shoes, a big beach bag and sunglasses are an absolute must.

Headwear for going to the beach – a woman wearing a straw hat.

Headwear for the beach

The right headwear not only completes your beach outfit, but it also protects you from the sun's rays. Below you will find some great pieces of headwear that you can wear to complete your beach look:

  • Straw hats: the straw hat is a real classic. It's light and airy, looks elegant and can make your outfit stand out.

  • Cap: if you prefer a more sporty look then a cap is a great choice. You can even wear your hair in a braid underneath it.

  • Bucket hat: bucket hats are very trendy and they are also the perfect headwear for going to the beach. Different colours and patterns allow you to find the perfect one for your beach look.

  • Floppy hat: floppy hats are another true classic, which protects you from the sun with its wide brim and looks simply elegant at the same time.

Sunglasses – sunglasses are great for completing your beach look.

Sunglasses: a stylish outfit accessory for the beach

Sunglasses that suit you and match your outfit are a must have for any beach outfit. Your sunglasses should ideally have UV protection in order to protect your eyes from the sun. In addition, any sunglasses that cover the whole eye will offer your more protection from the sun.

Find the perfect sunglasses
Beach bag – a woman carrying a beach bag made out of natural materials.

Beach bag – more than just a simple accessory

Make sure your beach bag is big and spacious so that you can pack everything you will need for the beach. Bags made out of natural materials such as raffia or rattan are great choice to go with your summer beach outfit. However, canvas or jute bags are also a good choice that you can easily fold and pack into your suitcase.

Bags for your beach outfit
The best shoes to wear to at the beach – a woman wearing a pair of strappy sandals.

The best shoes to wear when going to the beach

Below you will find a helpful list on which shoes you should wear if you are thinking about going to the beach. Here you'll also find styles that go perfectly with different beach outfits:

Find the right shoes for the beach
  • Beach sandals: these rubber sandals, which often have a wide strap will give your outfit a sporty look and they will also give you a good grip on the sand.

  • Flip flops: whether you are going for a more sporty, elegant or casual style flip flops come in a variety of styles, which makes them a great choice for any beach look.

  • Clogs: clogs have a thick sole that is particularly comfortable to walk on. Any that are made out of rubber and have straps over the heel are also great for walking through water.

  • Mules: mules with straps and a small heel are also perfect for the beach. Choose ones with a thick sole as they will offer the most comfort. Glittering stones, pearls or a mix of materials make any pair of mules really stand out.

Putting together the perfect beach outfit

When putting your beach outfit together choose clothes and shoes you are comfortable in. By wearing a beach cover up or a beach dress, you can protect yourself from the sun and be ready for a walk along the promenade or a drink at the beach bar. To complete your stylish individual beach look make sure to add some accessories.

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