Step-by-step instructions and inspirations for home-made Christmas cards.

Christmas card ideas: Send Christmas greetings with DIY Christmas cards

Even if we may not be able to visit friends and family for Christmas, a lovingly homemade Christmas card shows that we are still thinking of them. Here, we introduce three easy DIY ideas for Christmas cards that you can quickly make at home. We have also added suggestions for beautiful Christmas messages, and how to mail Christmas gifts safely.

Home­made Christ­mas cards – 3 ideas for your DIY Christ­mas card

In the modern world with new and faster communication methods, the classic homemade Christmas card is becoming more and more forgotten. However, the Christmas card still remains an absolute classic at Christmas time. Every year when putting up the beautifully crafted DIY Christmas cards you are easily reminded of your loved ones who may live far away. To revive this beautiful Christmas tradition, we are providing you with three simple Christmas card ideas with which you can easily make your own homemade Christmas card.

DIY Christ­mas cards: How to make the ver­sa­tile Christ­mas card

One Christmas card – lots of ideas. You use the basic principles of this card and then let your imagination run wild. It doesn’t matter if you decorate the DIY Christmas card with a felt star as shown here, use fir sprigs for decoration, or decide on a completely different design – this homemade Christmas card will be a real eye-catcher.

Materials for homemade Christmas cards with a felt star or fir sprig.


  • a craft cardboard in a colour of your choice

  • felt

  • transparent (design) paper

  • ruler and pencil

  • scissors and glue stick

Instructions for the homemade Christmas card:

1. Fold your cardboard in half once. Then take the front of your card and determine the center point horizontally and vertically.

2. From the center measure about half a centimeter up and down.

3. Place your ruler at the top point and draw a line four centimeters to the right and left from the point.

4. Repeat this step at the bottom point so that you have 2 lines that are the same length and run parallel.

5. Now cut the card along these lines to make a small slit.

6. Take your design paper or alternatively, you can  use our cut-out sheet and print our designs on transparent or coloured paper to easily create your own design paper. If you want the print to be smaller, select the A5 format in the printer settings. You can now paint your Christmas message, such as ‘Merry Christmas’, on the design paper. You can use one of the templates in our cut-out sheet.

7. In the next step, measure the width of your card and then add about four centimeters to it. Now draw a straight line on your design paper at the same width as you have just measured. Measure one centimeter down from the line and draw second line parallel to the first.

Simple and versatile homemade Christmas card with a felt star or a fir sprig.

8. Cut out the strip and place it over the slit in your card. Now fold over the protruding ends and glue them to the inside of the card and the back.

9. Finally, slide the star that you have cut out of felt or a fir-green sprig through the slit and your Christmas card is finished!


Did you know that..

If you punch a hole in your felt star and thread a little ribbon through it, the Christmas star can be used as a sustainable Christmas tree decoration.


DIY Christ­mas cards – How to make 3D Christ­mas cards

This modern DIY Christmas card brings some dimension to the otherwise rather simple world of Christmas cards. Not only does it look fantastic, it is also super fast and very easy to make.

DIY Christmas card – Materials for homemade Christmas cards with 3D designs.


  • colourful craft cardboard – choose your favourite colours

  • (design) paper

  • scissors and hot glue

Instructions for the 3D Christmas card:

  1. Choose a design from our cut-out sheet. Cut out the pattern from the cut-out sheet and place it on your design paper. (You can easily make this yourself, as described in the first idea.)

  2. Outline the cut portion and cut out your design three times.

Handmade Christmas cards with Christmas balls or Christmas tree as a 3D design.

3. Take your craft cardboard and fold it once in half.

4. Now place the first part of your design on the card and glue it securely to the front of the card.

5. Now take the second piece of your design and fold it very slightly in the middle so that the margins of the sheet only protrude a little from the work surface. Coat the fold with some hot glue and glue it exactly in the middle of your first design.

6. Next comes the third piece. Fold this once in the middle and then gently unfold it again so that the margins of the sheet are further away from the work surface than with the second design. Just like with the part before, put some hot glue on the fold and stick it in the middle of the second part.

Now you can decorate your DIY Christmas card as you wish. Glitter, bows, Christmas greetings – you are only limited by your imagination and creativity. You can also add an individual look to your handmade Christmas card by decorating the background.


Did you know that..

You can use this craft idea to make your own gift tags in no time. Simply make the DIY Christmas card and the design a bit smaller. This adds a more creative feel to the decoration of your Christmas presents.


Christmas Card Carfts – Winter Wonderland Christmas card with a snowy landscape and decorative elements made of wood.

Crafting Christmas cards: How to make the Winter Wonderland Christmas card

The Winter Wonderland card is sure to win everyone’s heart this Christmas. This special 3D style card is impressive with its enchanting charm and is also very easy to make yourself. Your Christmas greetings will be sent out in good style!

We have created step-by-step instructions with photos of the individual crafting steps and patterns in a downloadable PDF.

You can really let loose and let your creative juices flow when designing the landscape on this impressive DIY Christmas card! You are free to add a flying reindeer sleigh or use another Christmas greeting. In any case, your homemade Christmas card will be a real eye-catcher.

Beau­ti­ful Christ­mas mes­sages and greet­ings for your DIY Christ­mas card

When your homemade Christmas card is done, the next question is: What is the best thing to write? It’s best to write a Christmas card by hand and send personal wishes to the recipient. For example, you can write what you have planned for Christmas or what you are particularly looking forward to. You can also use the card to simply send a few words of thanks to the recipient as saying ‘thanks’ is often forgotten about in busy daily life. To give your Christmas card a nice start, use these beautiful Christmas messages, for example:

From home to home, and heart to heart, from one place to another. The warmth and joy of Christmas, brings us closer to each other. (Emily Matthews)

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. (Burton Hillis)

May the Christmas season fill your home with joy, your heart with love, and your life with laughter.

May the peace and joy of Christmas live in your heart all year long.

How to best pack pack­ages for Christ­mas – Tips for mail­ing gifts

During the Christmas season we want to show our friends and family members how much we love them and that we think of them. Often it is not possible to visit everyone before Christmas and give them presents, instead we pack small Christmas packages for our loved ones. We don’t just send a Christmas card, but also Christmas presents and small thoughtful gifts such as home-baked cookies.

When you pack a Christmas package, please consider these tips to ensure that everything will arrive safely:

  • After you have all the presents together, choose a box that fits all of the items without too much free space. This helps prevent everything in the package from sliding back and forth.

  • When you pack the package, it is best to stick to this rule: Heavy items on the bottom, light items on the top and fragile items safely packed in the middle.

  • Wrap each item individually in paper. You should pack fragile glass objects with extra care, e.g. with bubble wrap.

  • Gifts that may leak, such as homemade mulled wine or liquid items, should be packed in an old plastic bag.

  • When all items are in the box, it would be wise to fill the hollow spaces with crumpled paper or other filling material.

To help prevent your homemade cookies from breaking or crumbling during transport, use these tricks:

  • It is best to pack your cookies in a sturdy box. Again, the packaging should be just big enough that all cookies are safely stowed in it and not have too much space.

  • To send the cookies safely, put a folded napkin on the bottom of your box and then layer your cookies on top. Lay the cookies next to each other, rather than on top. Now alternate a layer of napkins (or cling film if they are sticky) with a layer of cookies.

  • When your box is full, close it with a layer of napkins or cling film. You can also crumple these up a bit to fill any hollow spaces.

  • Make sure that your box has a secure closure. To be on the safe side, seal it with tape as well.


Bear in mind that...

It is advisable to plan everything well in advance during the Christmas season. Many mail-order companies work at full speed to deliver a large number of packages and parcels quickly. To make sure that your package arrives on time for Christmas, it is best to send it off one week in advance.



Sending wishes and greetings at Christmas is a nice way to show your loved ones that you have thought of them. With the help of our DIY instructions, you can make your own Christmas card in no time. If you want to send small presents and thoughtful gifts along with a Christmas card, you should safely pack each item in the package so that everything arrives safely. Doing this, you will surely put a smile on your family members and friends.

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