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Working in fashion management: professions, training & prospects

Do you want to work in fashion and are you interested in strategy and planning? Then the career field of fashion management is just right for you. In this article, we will give you an overview of the professions you can pursue in fashion management, what skills you need to bring with you and what prospects a career in this industry may bring. Among other things, we will introduce you to several professions such as textile manager, sales manager and textiles and clothing salesperson.

What is fash­ion man­age­ment?

Fashion management is involved with the business and commercial side of the fashion industry. In this branch, you will find many professions that are mostly concerned with business management activities. They supervise the organisational processes of production, distribution, promotion and sales. The various professions in fashion management ensure that the clothes reach the customer in the best possible way.

Tip: Are you unsure whether a commercial fashion profession would suit you? How about doing an internship during your holidays? This allows you to look at the different professions in the fashion industry.

Overview of com­mer­cial fash­ion jobs in fash­ion man­age­ment

In the following section, we will give you an overview of some commercial professions in fashion management. Depending on where you work, they may also have different job titles.

Fash­ion man­ag­er

Do you follow the latest trendshave an affinity with numbers and love communicating? Then the role of a fashion manager could be an exciting and fulfilling career. As an all-rounder, your tasks would be varied and may differ depending on the company. You are responsible for brand development and calculating costs, for example production. You would also work closely with the designers, research the latest market developments and develop ideas for marketing the collection. The mix of strategic and operational tasks keeps your working day exciting and varied.

Fashion management: two young women looking at white fabrics in a textile factory.

Textile Manager

If you have a passion for materials, a textile manager could be the perfect role for you. As a textile manager, you would have a wide range of tasks working for a clothing and textile manufacturer such as: development, purchasing, production and marketing of the products. As a materials expert, you would form an important interface between design and production. An important part of your work in textile management would also be to analyse your target group so that you know exactly what your customers want. If you would like to delve deeper into the subject matter and help develop materials further, you may also be interested in training in the field of textile and clothing technology.

Brand Man­ag­er

In brand management, you are responsible for the image of a company. The aim is to create a positive image in the public eye and thus build trust among consumers. The work areas of a brand manager are, for example, marketing, the development of the brand identity and market analyses. You may also help with the planning and implementation of events.


Do you have a knack for shopping and like to keep an eye on the big picture? Then the role as a buyer may be perfect for you. As a goods specialist, you would need to achieve an ideal price-performance ratio as you would be responsible for the procurement of goods such as: raw materials. You would work closely with other departments and keep a close eye on stock levels.

Sales Man­ag­er

If you love to travel and have a talent for sales, becoming a sales manager is a great option in fashion management. As a sales manager, you'll be responsible for a specific group of customers, such as a region or department. Your tasks include looking after existing customers and acquiring new customers. Your main goal is to sell products or services to your customer group. Among other things, you give tips on store presentation or on sales strategies. You work closely with the sales and marketing departments.

Spe­cial­ist sales­per­son for tex­tiles and cloth­ing

Do you enjoy dealing with people and have a flair for fashion? Then why not have a look at starting a career in fashion retail as a textiles and clothing sales assistant. You would work in retail and be reasonable for advising customers with your fashion knowledge. In addition to giving advice, there are other tasks to be done such as: checking and ordering goods, making sure the goods are well presented in the shop and taking care of sales   as well as the accounting after closing time.

Store Man­ag­er

As the name suggests, store managers keep the shop running. They are responsible for the profitability of a shop or a department in large department stores. As a store manager, you would be implementing sales strategies (for example, advertising campaigns), keeping an eye on the company's goals, checking sales and communicating with the main management. In addition, you would take care of orders, check in-store product presentation and talk to suppliers. You would also oversee members of staff. This would include drawing up duty rosters, and further training and recruiting of new staff.

Fash­ion man­age­ment oc­cu­pa­tions: Gen­er­al re­quire­ments

The most important prerequisite for a career in fashion management is your passion for the industry. It is also helpful to be good with numbers and statistics, as you would also be involved in the business side of the fashion industry. Being friendly and sociable would also be an advantage, as you will have a lot of contact with other people such as: customers, suppliers and other departments. For jobs in fashion management, you also need to be able to make decisions.

As fashion is an international industry, English would be the standard language. If you have a knack for languages, then having language skills in one of the following languages French, Italian or Chinese can very useful.

Tip: Another thing that can help you in the application process is practical work experience (for example, internships in the fashion industry). This shows commitment and stamina - qualities that your future employer will appreciate. In addition, practical knowledge can help you stand out from other applicants.

Fashion management professions: store managers and sales assistants having a look at new merchandise.

Fashion management: training and studies

If you want to pursue a career in fashion management, there are various options available to you: depending on your school-leaving certificate, you can start an apprenticeship (usually 3 years) or a course (usually 6 semesters for a Bachelor's degree). A dual study programme is also a popular training option, where you can gain practical experience in a company and receive a salary while studying at a university.

Educational pathways to careers in fashion management

  • Fashion manager: fashion management studies

  • Textile manager: textile management studies

  • Brand manager: commercial training in marketing, studies in corporate communications

  • Purchasing agent: purchasing specialist (basis: commercial training), business administration studies

  • Sales Manager: commercial training, studies in fashion management or fashion marketing, career changer with experience in business studies

  • Salesperson for textiles and clothing: either an apprenticeship as a retail salesperson or a degree in textile business administration

  • Store manager: further training in store-management (basis: retail salesperson) and completed study of fashion management or textile management

Ca­reer prospects in the field of fash­ion man­age­ment

Thanks to your knowledge of business administration and fashion, you have good career opportunities in the field of fashion management. Your potential employers may include fashion brands, fashion magazines and other textile manufacturers. Of course, your skills are transferable and they will open doors for you in other industries.  

Con­clu­sion: How to find a job in fash­ion man­age­ment

Finding the right job in the field of fashion management does not have to be difficult. If you enjoy fashion, have an affinity for numbers and like to communicate, the most important prerequisites are already in place. Practical work experience can also help you decide on an apprenticeship. Whether as a fashion manager or specialist salesperson for textiles and clothing: each of the professions in fashion management has an exciting range of tasks in-store and allows you to combine your passion for fashion with strategic concepts.

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