Eco-friendly holidays: a family hiking in the mountains.

Sustainable tourism: tips on eco-friendly holidays

Those that like to travel can discover new places, different cultures and gain unique experiences. Sustainable tourism is becoming increasingly important and more popular. It aims to treat the local people, resources and nature with respect. This should be taken into consideration when planning your travels, modes of transport and researching a bit on local customs and traditions before going on holiday. In this guide, we will give some key information and tips, plus an insight into everything on the topic of sustainable tourism. In addition, we will also give you some information on travelling with your family.  

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What is sustainable tourism?

Sustainable tourism describes a particular type of tourism, which is future-oriented. The specific term focuses on these three main goals: environmental protection, supporting the growth of the local economy and valuing the needs and traditions of the local people. Following these three goals will help to protect popular holiday destinations through sustainable tourism instead of damaging them. If the three goals aren’t correctly implemented, for example the value and respect of the local culture, then the sustainable tourism model will not be equally balanced out. This can then have an impact on the environment or local cultures and traditions in the local region.

An overview of the main sustainable tourism goals

Ecological goal: sustainable tourism supports environmental and climate protection. The focus is to have little to no impact on nature: Natural resources need to be used more sparingly, such as water. Not only do we need to protect the earth’s natural resources, but we also need to protect the agriculture and safeguard our animals and plants. Therefore, reducing plastic waste and rubbish are very important factors for this goal.

Economic goal: the profits made from sustainable tourism are distributed as fairly as possible so that local businesses can profit from them. Doing so can help to secure jobs and improve the infrastructure in the local region. Fair financing is a good approach to help support the prosperity of the local population as it also ensures a new way of thinking in the long-term.

Socio-cultural goal: sustainable tourism strives not to put the tourist’s needs above the needs of the local population. It is important to be respectful of the local culture and traditions, such as wearing appropriate clothing and supporting fair living conditions. Fair wages and working hours are good examples of how this can lead to a better standard of living for the local population.


To follow the concept of sustainable tourism, your choice of holiday destination and time of year both play an important role. A good example would be booking your holiday outside the high season. This way you avoid having too many tourists in the same place at once and this concept also helps to support the local population outside of the high season.

Eco-friendly travel: holidaymakers getting on a coach.

Shaping future generations through sustainable tourism

Eco-friendly travel doesn’t need to be complicated, therefore we just need to change our way of thinking. You are already on the right track if you value the importance of sustainability whilst planning your holiday and are respectful of the local culture and traditions. You can help others to strive to be more environmentally friendly by having the right mindset on holiday. This will help to shape future generations to get them into the right mindset on how to protect the environment and respect local cultures. If you want to read more about sustainable travel and protecting the environment, you can find more information in the other related articles.

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Eco-friendly travel: environmentally friendly travel and accommodation

Informing holidaymakers about environmentally friendly alternatives will help them to make the right decisions to protect the environment before going on holiday. The best way to help protect the environment is to choose an environmentally friendly mode of transport and accommodation, which is sustainable and values environmental protection. These are the first steps, which you can decide to take when planning your sustainable holiday. In the following article, you will find tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint whilst travelling.

Eco-travel: tips on environmentally friendly travel

If you would like to have a guided tour whilst on holiday, we recommend booking a local tour guide. A local tour guide will know the local area very well and they can also show you some exceptional places, which are off the beaten track.

A mother and son taking a small break from walking around the city.

Responsible tourism: tips on how to be environmentally friendly whilst on holiday

From travelling around the local area to purchasing souvenirs: on holiday there are a lot of opportunities where you can make environmentally friendly decisions. If you follow the basic rules of responsible tourism whilst on holiday, you will not damage or harm the local environment in any way nor the local population and their traditions and culture. Even small changes to your everyday routine whilst on holiday can make a big difference. In the following article, you will find out about how to enjoy and get the most out of your holiday, whilst still being environmentally friendly.   

How to make your holiday eco-friendlier
A father and his children on a farm looking at the cows in a field.

Tips and ideas on eco-friendly holidays for families

The yearly summer holiday is a highlight for most families as it offers the perfect opportunity to spend lots of time together. It is easy to be environmentally friendly, whilst still enjoying your holiday. There are a lot of different types of eco-friendly holidays, such as a farm stay holiday or a camping holiday in the countryside. These types of holidays are a great experience and fun for children. In the following article you will find tips and ideas on planning a sustainable holiday with children and how to get the most out of your family holiday. The article also highlights how important it is to show children the importance of being environmentally friendly.

Eco-friendly family holidays

Fireworks are great to watch, but they are very bad for the environment. If you would like to make a statement and help to inspire others, then you could avoid attending any firework shows whilst on holiday.

Minimalist travel: packing your suitcase for a zero-waste holiday

Almost everyone at some point has had plastic bottles and souvenirs in small plastic bags in their suitcase. However, even these common everyday items have an impact on the environment. If you use sustainable or plastic-free alternatives, which also save space, this can help make your holiday more sustainable. At the same time, many eco-friendly travel products are better value and last longer, which helps you to save money. In this article, we will show you how you can be environmentally conscious whilst packing your suitcase. 

Minimalist travel tips for a zero-waste holiday



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