2028 Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability is in our DNA. Already, over half of our collections are more sustainable, including bio cotton, recycled and recyclable materials, or Cradle to Cradle Certified® fabric. Building on the strength of our 180-year history and our belief that business plays an important role as a force for good, we achieved nearly all our 2020 sustainability goals. We are poised to continue that positive momentum into the future, continuing to lead in sustainable materials and circular innovation by setting and delivering on ambitious sustainability targets in C&A retail markets around the world.

We believe engaging locally is the most effective way to promote sustainable behaviour across C&A’s retail markets. That’s why our strategy guides the ‘why’ and ‘what’ through our global sustainability framework, with C&A retail markets delivering the ‘how’ locally. Informed by C&A’s retail market needs, materiality assessment, and the OECD Due Diligence Guidance, our strategy emphasizes those issues where we can make the biggest difference in addressing local challenges. The strategy, based on three key objectives — Unite & Inspire, Renew & Restore, Innovate & Lead — includes focus goals we will aim to reach faster, regional tactics we will revisit annually, and continued goals where we will advance our previous positive work. Together, they result in a powerful and flexible sustainability strategy that can evolve as the world changes.

At C&A Europe, our Sustainability Strategy 2028 is based on the 13 global goals where we will advance our positive work, with an extra focus on communicating about sustainable materials, circular fashion and reducing plastic pollution.

Note: Other markets will publish their focus goals in the coming months.

2028 Sustainability Strategy

2028 C&A Europe Sustainability Focus Goals