Let's wear the change
we want to see in the world

Almost half of the raw materials used in our collections are already sourced more sustainably. Our goal: by 2020 all our cotton will be more sustainable.

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Cradle to Cradle

Cradle to Cradle™ Certified

Our Cradle to Cradle™ Certified products are produced with care for the environment – without creating unnecessary waste and using only non-hazardous chemicals and dyes. During the design process, we always think about how products can be reused, recycled or safely composted.



Look good, feel good, do good

Our organic cotton is certified according to either the Organic Content Standard (OCS) or the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Not only is it better for the environment than conventional cotton, it is also safer for cotton farmers and the environment they live in.


Recycelte Materialien
Recycelte Materialien

Old is the new New

In recent years, we have started to use an increasing amount of recycled materials for our products. We use recycled nylon, manufacture clothing from recycled polyester and use recycled cotton in selected denim styles. By doing this, we save resources and reduce waste.


Oeko Tex Standard 100
Oeko Tex Standard 100

No harmful chemicals

Our products are carefully checked for harmful substances. Many of them are certified according to the OEKO-TEX Standard 100. This standard guarantees that certified items of clothing are checked for harmful substances by an independent organisation.


Chromfreies Leder
Chromfreies Leder

The beauty is in the process

We enable you to wear leather clothing that has been tanned without chromium. We use alternative tanning processes to avoid harmful influences on the environment, workers and your skin*.

*Valid for all products bearing the C&A trademark



Natural and warm – our down products

We make sure all down & feathers in our products are responsibly sourced according to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS).

Our Vision 2020

Our vision for 2020

C&A has been committed to sustainability for many years. So we have set ourselves the goal of producing as many of our clothing items as possible in an ecological and socially responsible manner. We take care of it, so you don’t have to worry!

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Milestones accomplished by now

Cradle to Cradle

We have brought two global innovations to the market in the Cradle 2 Cradle sector

Bio Cotton

of the cotton we buy is either certified organic cotton or cotton produced according to the Better Cotton Standard System.

More sustainable fashion

More sustainable fashion

We want to make sustainable fashion acceptable. So, not only do we want to manufacture our clothing in a responsible and sustainable manner, we also want to showcase it in our collections. We are committed to using sustainable and recycled fibre sources and are leading the way in creating new recycled fashion products.

Animal welfare

C&A has a long-standing commitment to high standards of animal welfare. We have banned fur and angora many years ago and today sell only RDS-certified down. Our animal welfare policy brings our work together and underlines our strong commitment to how animals are cared for in our supply chain. 

More sustainable supply chain

We are committed to provide high-quality fashion in a sustainable way, with respect for people and the environment, while adhering to high standards of business integrity. C&A expects suppliers to conduct their operations in a responsible manner, and make every effort to protect people and the environment. All of our suppliers need to strictly comply with the provisions of C&A's Supplier Code of Conduct. We regularly audit all of our suppliers’ production units.